13 Top Free Live TV Apps for Firestick

Live TV Apps for Firestick

Are you sick and tired of the same old cable TV shows? In that case, you can find some of the Top free live TV Apps for Firestick here. You can watch TV shows, movies and different types of TV channels for free with these apps.

13 Best Firestick Live TV Apps List for Free

A complete list of top live TV Apps for Firestick has been collected by us. Now, you can watch live sporting events and never miss an episode of your favorite show. Without further ado, let’s get into the list.

1) Pluto TV

Of course, Pluto TV is on that list. It’s an Internet television service owned and operated by Paramount, and it’s completely free. The app offers hundreds of live channels with content curated from partners and the internet. Much of Pluto TV’s programming consists of vintage sitcoms and reality series, such as Roseanne, Hell’s Kitchen, and The First 48, which are available for free elsewhere. Many platforms, such as web browsers, Smart TVs, smartphones, streaming boxes, and Fire Sticks, are compatible with this software.


  • You can sort your items into a list with this function and delete it later.
  • To save you the trouble of finding your favorite items again after you’ve turned them off for the first time, you can save them to your Favorites list.
  • To allow children to view specially created content, you can enable Kids Mode.

2) Crackle

Crackle is a totally free streaming service that was founded in 2004. The Service currently features a significant library of classic TV shows and films in addition to recent ones. While you can use the Service for free without an account, we recommend creating a free Crackle account to access more features like parental controls.


  • Mature themes are available in specific Crackle programming. It is possible that you would not want your children to see such content at all. In order to make sure that only you have access to the Service, you can set up parental controls in your Crackle account settings. These allow you to create a PIN code.
  • You can turn on subtitles for movies and TV shows by creating an account. All you have to do is enable captions in your profile settings.
  • If you find a show or movie on the Service that you want to watch but don’t have time to watch right now, don’t panic. Any Crackle content you choose to watch later is queued up to watch later.

3) YouTube TV

Without a cable connection, you can stream a wide range of episodes directly to your Firestick with YouTube TV. You can watch more than 100 popular networks with it, including NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and Disney channels. With this application, you may watch hundreds of free movies from virtually anywhere. Easily one of the top free live TV apps available for Firestick.


  • You can record your favorite media content with the app’s cloud-based DVR service, which offers unlimited storage, and watch it whenever you want.
  • You can easily watch YouTube original movies and television shows on your Firestick without paying much.
  • To find out which channels are accessible in your area, simply visit the website and input your zip code.
  • Samsung TV, Chromecast, PS4, PS5, Fire TV, VIZIO, XBOX, Roku, and Apple TV are all compatible with YouTube TV.

4) Local Now

One of the biggest apps on the Firestick App Store is LocalNow. It offers hundreds of free movies and television series from various genres, as well as over 200 news streaming stations. This is a great option to get free content through streaming. This is one of the most useful apps available for smart TVs. After you select a city, LocalNow offers you channel options based on your choice. Among the top live TV apps for Firestick, this one allows you to watch different channels simultaneously from six different locations.


  • This software is quite convenient as it offers a variety of news and weather forecast channels to the user.
  • Viewers’ constant desire is for high-quality streaming, which this software offers.

5) Plex

Plex lets you stream your favorite media from anywhere, including TV series and movies. You can use any device to connect to the platform. It offers more than 300 channels. Plex stands out from other media servers thanks to its compatibility feature. Your streaming media is available on Windows, MacBook, iOS, Android and Amazon Firestick. There is no cost associated with registering for the Service.


  • You can transfer all media from your Plex Media Server to other Plex applications that work with Plex Companion.
  • Remote control access is available for other Plex apps that are compatible with Plex Companion.
  • Browse individual or shared Plex Media Server libraries.

6) BBC iPlayer

You can watch the latest sports, documentaries and BBC TV shows with just one app: BBC iPlayer. Watch now, or download to watch later. Enjoy live TV with ease, from great comedies, gripping documentaries, and suspenseful dramas to live music, major sporting events, and news coverage.


  • Download the video before you want to watch it to access it even when you’re offline.
  • You can make a playlist and stream your favorite shows whenever you want.
  • The last thirty days of BBC programs are available to stream for free.

7) MX Player

MX Player is an Indian platform for streaming and video-on-demand content developed by MX Media. Around 280 million people worldwide use it. Its library has more than 150,000 hours of streaming video in 11 languages. MX Player, which comes highly recommended, is a video player that can be used by many streaming programs. It can be accessed with Firestick, iOS and Android.


  • You can fast-forward by scrolling back and forth through the subtitles.
  • With the Kids Lock function, you can keep your kids busy without disturbing them.
  • You can quickly zoom in and out of the screen by pinching and swiping.

8) Tubi TV

More than 40,000 movies and TV series are available for streaming on Tubi TV, a free, premium, on-demand video app. It offers the largest streaming technology, the largest content catalog, and a customization engine that recommends the ideal content for you. Additionally, Tubi TV gives you the best chance to discover new content as it is completely free. You can use the software on any OS system.


  • Tubi offers free content streaming.
  • This software often does not require you to register.

9) Nova TV

A good platform for on-demand video is Nova TV. You can easily stream a ton of TV series and movies using this app. It also has an extensive library of content. The app receives frequent software and content updates, which is the best part. Because NovaTV is small, it works flawlessly on Firestick and other budget TVs.


  • With this software, you can select content categories right from the home screen.
  • You always have the option to switch to high definition, although other free streaming applications may not offer this to you.

10) CyberFlix TV

One of the greatest Firestick apps for on-demand movie and TV show viewing is CyberFlix TV. The app provides high-quality streams by supporting many resolvers and sources. A vast library of your preferred TV shows and films is available for selection.


  • Whenever new movies or TV series are released, you get notifications from the app informing you about them.
  • To stay tuned for their addition to the app library, you can browse upcoming movies and TV series that are about to premiere.
  • The content will be available for you to watch in various resolutions up to 1080p.
  • More than 250 languages are supported for subtitles in this app.
  • Cyberflix TV releases updates regularly to guarantee the best user experience.

11) Kodi

An open-source, free media player app called Kodi. Since it is compatible with many operating systems, Firestick users support it. You can easily enjoy music tracks, podcasts and other media files with this free program. It is considered to be one of the greatest free live TV apps available for Firestick users.


  • Using this program, you can share your broadcasts to a compatible Smart TV, MacBook, or Apple TV.
  • For more comfortable viewing in low light, this app also supports dark mode.
  • Using a USB stick, this application can also be used without any previous installation.

12) Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a well-liked streaming service that lets customers watch movies and TV shows on Firesticks for free. This Service is one of the largest live TV applications for Fire Stick, offering thousands of programs in various genres. The app provides a ton of content for buffer-free streaming with an easy-to-use UI.


  • The application offers a buffer-free streaming experience.
  • There are many different genres to choose from, giving viewers many options to explore.
  • Simply download the app and start streaming to access content without necessarily signing in.

13) Bee TV

There are many entertainment options available on Bee TV. You can easily access popular TV shows, series and movies with the help of this free Firestick app. One of the greatest free live TV applications for Firestick is Bee TV if you’re looking for something to pass the time.


  • The wide selection of collections on this app will wow you every time.
  • Nvidia Shield, MI TV Box, and other smart TVs are compatible with Bee TV.


When used with the right apps, the Fire Stick offers a wealth of entertainment options. We hope our compilation of the top free live TV apps for Firestick helped you make the best decision. Kindly use the comments area to ask us questions or to share your ideas.

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