17 Top Sandbox MMORPG for Android in 2024

Sandbox MMORPG

Are you sick of playing linear games where the paths are predetermined and there is no way to go on unique adventures? Sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing games may be the answer if you’re looking for the flexibility to explore, engage and create your own experiences. With this fun alternative, users can go on thrilling virtual adventures full of mystery. So, if you’re ready for a much-needed change, check out this list of top sandbox MMORPG mobile games for Android.

The Best 17 Sandbox MMORPG for Android

Often, even the most loved games fail to satisfy the desire for exciting gaming experiences. In this situation, MMORPGs come to the rescue. Imagine it as a dynamic, infinitely explorable universe where you can play various in-game activities and engage in PvP combat. These are some of the most popular choices for you to consider.

1) Grow Stone Online

Some sandbox features are present in Growstone Online, a multiplayer MMORPG. The fact that the game is easy enough for beginners means that even young gamers can enjoy it. All you need to do is fight your way through dungeons to hunt stones, solve puzzles and craft deadly weapons. In addition, you can fish, hunt monsters and trade in the city. To put it another way, Grow Stone Online is an essential choice on this list.

2) MU Origin 3

You can explore a wonderful universe with MU Origin 3 on your Android smartphone, including mighty mountains and a watery city. To play with different powers and weapons, you can choose from classes, including Summoner, Swordsman, Archer, and Magus. In addition, MU Origin 3 gives users the option to combine several skills to engage in Guild vs. Guild or PvP combat. You get legendary weapons, armor and a wonderful trading system to earn money as you play the game.

3) Villagers & Heroes

Villagers and Heroes is a fascinating sandbox MMORPG where players must explore an amazing three-dimensional universe. Here, they can design their own armor and weaponry while completing entertaining side activities. Players can get more daring and discover their secret creative side with this game. You can also engage in other pursuits like fishing, woodworking, mining, and cooking.

4) Portal Knights

Given the union of two game genres, you may be surprised to hear that the best sandbox MMORPG Android multiplayer mobile game is Portal Knights. Gamers will have to embark on an epic adventure to craft powerful gear, which will enable them to take on hazardous animals from various realms in real-time. In order to excel as a portal knight, you can also acquire new tools and skills. You have the option to play multiplayer or alone as you start the journey.

5) Age of Wushu Dynasty

Another great choice from the Wushu family’s age-old list. It features eight different martial arts schools and various techniques to help you learn and experience the real-life experiences of Jianghu heroes. A universe full of battlefields, 3D animations, and rich graphics provides an exciting gaming experience. Still, this game doesn’t have many sandbox features.

6) RPG Toram Online

With fully customizable characters available at RPG Torme Online, you can use your imagination to create anything you can imagine. Gamers love this option as it allows them to fight in their own unique style and create deadly combos. Additionally, you can join forces with your friends to engage in real-time multiplayer combat, where you can find hidden treasures, develop new abilities, and embark on an amazing journey.

7) Eve Echoes

In the player-driven universe of Eve Echoes, players can explore the massive map or participate in PvP warfare. This game is different from others, and a must-try as it allows you to go on a sci-fi journey. In addition, you can form alliances and use your unique fighting style to take over the galaxy.

8) Sands of Salzaar

In the open-world game Sands of Salazar, users can collect and train their army to fight against other players. It offers fully customizable characters in a world full of skills, abilities, weapons and enemies. To be successful, you just need to prepare properly, execute them and take your strategy to the winning road.

9) Day R Survival: Last Survivor

In the radioactive wasteland of Day-R-Survival, humans struggle with hunger, disease, and violence. Moreover In this game, you play the role of one of the last people to survive this abominable disaster, fighting desperately to survive against all odds. In addition, you have the ability to find and create your own tools, such as guns and vehicles. You have over two thousand villages and towns to explore, hunt, craft and survive.

10) Roblox

Our list of the best multiplayer sandbox MMORPG Android mobile games starts with Roblox. Founded in 2007, this global network links game developers with the gaming enthusiast community. If you want to make your own games, discover new worlds, or go on thrilling gaming expeditions, Roblox is your one-stop shop. Roblox is a dynamic platform that can assist you in realizing your greatest potential. In this game, you can converse with pals, explore new areas, and fight opponents. Finally, Roblox receives extra credit for being a cross-platform game.

11) ChimeraLand

Another fantastic game that combines open-world gameplay with fantastic aspects of mythology is Chamberland. From creating amazing worlds to collecting pets, stepping into the wild, and personalizing your personality to make your dreams come true. In addition to legendary creatures like dragons and werewolves, the game offers an abundance of weapons for exciting combat.

12) Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Players are invited to an exciting adventure in the open world of Terminus in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, an immersive fantasy MMORPG from Visionary Realms. You make allies, fight powerful enemies, find rare treasures, explore hidden passages, and prepare for unexpected encounters as you traverse its fascinating universe. There’s plenty to explore on your adventure, from exciting missions to strategic group-based combat.


You may explore the enchanted world of Gielinor alone or with pals when you play RuneScape on your iPad. With more than 25 different skills to master and more than 200 quests, this ageless favorite delivers plenty of adventure. In an open-world game, you can also communicate with other players and never get bored. Hence, whether you decide to battle, acquire items, or develop something new, you’ll have the fun of your life.

14) Mystera Legacy

In the retro-inspired universe of Mystera Legacy, players embark on an exciting journey within the 2D sandbox MMORPG. To establish a new infrastructure in this game, you must use your creativity and construction skills. In addition, this open-world game includes other activities such as monster hunting, combat through dungeon exploration, and mystery solving.

15) Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Online is another appealing choice among the top sandbox MMORPG Android multiplayer mobile games. Black Desert immerses players in a stunning open-world setting with its realistic graphics, combat system, and abundance of customization possibilities. Add this game to your bucket list so you can experience exciting player vs player matches, travel through different environments and solve puzzles along the way.

16) Albion Online


Take a thrilling gaming adventure with Albion Online on your mobile. PVP combat can be exciting, and you can compete against some of the best fighters in Albion’s open world. You can build an unparalleled empire by expanding it through the collection of siphoned energy and other valuable resources that come with winning battles and capturing territory. Apart from brutal battles, you can engage in farming, harvesting resources, crafting deadly weapons, trading and exploring different types of biomes.

17) Terraria

All Android users can enjoy Terraria, an action-packed sandbox MMORPG. In this game, you can fight enemies, build your city from the ground up, and go deep into the struggle for survival. The game has over 20 NCPs to explore, along with 20 biomes and mini-biomes, 400 enemies to take down, and treasure to find, you should try Terraria.


We hope that after reading this blog, you will have a better understanding of the most loved and top sandbox MMORPGs on Android. So, why do you hesitate? Choose your favorite, download it now, and get lost in an exciting world of explorations. These games have everything you could possibly want, whether your preference is for the simple pleasure of discovery or the adrenaline of trying new things in games. Enjoy yourself while gaming!

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