18 Top iPhone Karaoke Apps of 2024

iPhone Karaoke Apps

Get ready to unleash your inner singing superstar, whether you’re an extrovert who loves impromptu singing sessions with friends or an introverted toilet singer. Say goodbye to a dull weekend and hello to a vast collection of your favorite songs and audio files to rock out to. Get the karaoke party started with our selection of the best professional karaoke apps for iPhone and iPad.

18 Top Best Karaoke Apps for iPhone

If you want to turn your iPhone into a portable karaoke device, this post is for you. To help you narrow down your options and make your best Karaoke Apps choice, we’ve included the features of several apps below. So, let’s get started if you’re ready for solo and duet performances with your best friend!

1) Sing by Stingray

The first on the list of iPhone Karaoke Apps is, Sing by Stingray constantly adds new songs and albums, giving it a large music library. However, you can quickly find a specific title that interests you by providing details such as decade, title, artist, or genre. Additionally, Sting by Stingray offers both party mode and solitary mode for karaoke.


  • It has a scoring system that uses time, rhythm and pitch to assess performance.
  • Pitch correction, sound effects, and song tempo adjustment are more elements of Sing by Stingray.
  • In addition to recording their performances, Sing users have the option to store and send their performances to friends and family via email or social media.
  • Through the app’s community feature, users can engage with other singers and share their performances with a wider audience.

2) SingSnap Karaoke II

SingSnap Karaoke 2 is an additional interesting choice in this list. With such a large selection of songs provided by this top karaoke software for iPhone, you’ll never run out of things to try. It has many features, such as:


  • To improve the karaoke experience, the software includes a number of capabilities, such as sound effects, harmonies, and speed and pitch tweaking.
  • Users can also choose to create duets and performances with international singers.
  • In addition to singing, users can record and share their performances on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

3) SnapOke

You can film or post your karaoke performance on social networking platforms with SnapOke. The program offers special filters and effects for recorded movies, such as animated backgrounds, stickers, and text overlays, to enhance your experience.


  • For those who enjoy music, SnapOke has games.
  • You get to experiment with different sound effects and musical instruments.
  • It offers a huge library of songs sorted by popularity, genre and artist category.
  • Your karaoke performances can be saved for later.
  • When searching for their favorite songs or discovering new songs, users can follow along with the lyrics using the screen.

4) Magic Piano by Smule

Users of Magic Piano by Smule can record and perform music on their mobile devices using a virtual piano. Users of iOS and Android can get it for free. To play a variety of amusing songs, just tap your screens to activate the piano keys.


  • You can play more than a thousand popular songs.
  • You can make in-app purchases using Magic Piano.
  • There are several options for customization, including changing the piano’s appearance and sound effects.
  • Global users can collaborate to create and perform music in real-time.
  • It is a great tool for socializing and networking.

5) Magicsing Karaoke

Magicsing Karaoke is a well-known karaoke program that offers users a large selection of songs and music tracks to sing along to. You may download this app on both iOS and Android smartphones. Now that this app is on your device, you may start belting out your favorite song and take the internet by storm.


  • It boasts a large music catalog, with over 200,000 songs in languages including English, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Spanish, and more.
  • Additionally, the software offers elements such as melody, pace and tone to enhance users’ karaoke experiences.
  • You can use the app to record performances and share them on social media.
  • Online singing competitions allow you to compete against other users.

6) Baby Karaoke

Baby Karaoke aims to introduce music to babies and toddlers in a gentle and entertaining way. Along with well-known children’s songs and nursery rhymes, this top karaoke software for iPhone also includes engaging animations and graphics that will engage young children. Additionally, the primary goal is to use music to support early childhood learning and development.


  • Singing along with songs helps babies and toddlers develop their language, memory and cognitive skills.
  • Their motor skills and coordination are enhanced by the melodic and rhythmic rhythms of music.
  • Baby Karaoke app can improve the relationship between parents and children.

7) Singing Machine Karaoke

Users of Singing Machine Karaoke software can sing along to their favorite songs by accessing a large collection of karaoke tunes. Users of this software can search for music by genre, artist or title. With this song’s variety of sound effects, like reverb and echo, you can sing your heart out and add depth and richness to your vocal performance.


  • The software allows you to preview each song before choosing it for karaoke.
  • You can use it to make custom playlists and save your preferred songs for quick access.
  • Singing is made easy with the app’s feature that automatically adjusts the pitch of your voice to match the key of the song.
  • A wide variety of genres, including Disney, Rock, Pop, R&B, Latin, and Rock, are available.

8) Party Tyme Karaoke

With the popular karaoke app Party Tyme Karaoke, users can record their favorite songs and perform along with the lyrics. It has over 15,000 songs in a range of genres, including pop, rock, country, and R&B. Its basic and easy-to-use layout, which makes searching and selecting songs easy, is its strongest feature.


  • You can bookmark your favorite songs and create playlists.
  • There are alternatives to auto-renewing subscriptions.
  • With Party Tyme Karaoke, you can record your performance and sing on a big screen.
  • Individuals can also showcase their vocal prowess by sharing their recorded presentations on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

9) Karaoke One

Devices running Windows, Android, and iOS can use Karaoke One. For karaoke, users get access to an enormous song library that includes popular tunes in many different languages and genres. Additionally, you can adjust the song’s pitch and tempo with this tool to suit the singer’s voice.


  • With Karaoke One, users can record their performances and sing along with the lyrics, providing an authentic karaoke experience.
  • For new singers who may not feel comfortable singing in the original key or tempo, this is incredibly helpful.
  • Users who use Karaoke One can now post their recordings on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

10) iSing

An immersive karaoke experience is provided by karaoke software iSing. Users of this software can record themselves singing along with their favorite tunes. iSing provides an ideal opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Smartphones running iOS and Android can use the app.
  • It has a large library of multilingual music.
  • iSing users can create custom playlists, add their favorite songs to existing playlists, and search for songs.
  • Real-time pitch correction and sound effects allow users to become professional singers and enhance their performance.
  • Through iSing’s community feature, users can connect with other singers.

11) Karafun

Karafun is the next app on our list of top professional karaoke applications for iPhone and iPad. Here is the best karaoke party app. More than 40,000 karaoke songs in English, French, Spanish and other languages are available in its extensive library. Additionally, Karafun’s user-friendly design makes it easy to search for songs, create playlists, and customize your experience.


  • To enhance your performance, Karafun offers both visual and auditory effects such as pitch correction, reverb, and echo.
  • It is possible for users to record performances and email them to their loved ones.
  • It also has a party mode for connecting smartphones to a single screen.

12) Cizoo

With music in multiple languages, classic favorites, and current hits, Cizoo offers a wide selection of songs. You have the option to perform solo or in duets with other people. Additionally, Cizoo has tons of features that will ensure you have a blast.


  • With the help of its auto-tune feature, users can amplify their voices and sound like seasoned artists.
  • Not only can you sing, but you can also make your own music videos.
  • To enhance performance, the program provides a variety of graphic effects, filters and backgrounds.
  • Additionally, users can get feedback on their performance and share it with others.
  • Cizoo users can also comment on, follow, and challenge the performance of other users.

13) Voloco

Voloco is a real-time sound processing application designed for entertainment as well as music production. Along with other top-notch professional karaoke apps for iPhone and iPad, it offers real-time vocal processing capabilities, including vocoding, harmonization, and auto-tune. It’s also a fun and easy-to-use tool that can be used by both experienced music producers and inexperienced singers.


  • With the many harmony effects this program offers, you can create complex harmonies by layering different vocal sounds on top of each other.
  • You can create unique and captivating sounds with creative sound effects like chorus, distortion and reverb.
  • You can record and post on social media or share with friends.
  • An all-around versatile application, Voloco offers a number of powerful sound processing effects.

14) Sing Karaoke

Smartphones running iOS and Android can use Sing Karaoke. Sing Karaoke is a great app for beginners because of its intuitive interface. Among the many capabilities of this program is the option to adjust the pitch and tempo of the music to the user’s preferred vocal range.


  • Singing karaoke comes in different styles.
  • On social networking sites, users can upload and record performances to share with friends and family.
  • They can use the recordings to improve their vocal skills, listen to them later, or store them on the app.

15) StarMaker

StarMaker is a specialized karaoke app available for iPad and iPhone users. Popular music from many different genres, such as pop, rock, hip-hop, country, and more, are available on the app. Users also have the option of singing solos or duets.


  • Volume enhancement and real-time pitch adjustment are available with Starmaker.
  • This entry in our list of top iPad and iPhone professional karaoke apps gives users access to effects, filters and animations for their videos.
  • Starmaker users can share their performances with the app’s community, making it a social networking platform.
  • Your performance can be shared through social networking applications.
  • Starmaker allows users to stream live performances.

16) Yokee

With karaoke app Yokee, users can record their performances while belting out their favorite songs. It includes music from several genres, such as pop, rock, R&B, and country. Additionally, you can cast to your smart TV to throw a great party at home.


  • You have to release the video of your performance to the whole world.
  • Yokee facilitates the discovery of new music and artists by users.
  • Yokee improves the sound quality of your recordings by adding a variety of audio effects, such as reverb and echo.
  • This contributes to a karaoke performance that sounds more polished.
  • Users can choose to share their recordings with friends and family in the Uki app’s karaoke community or on social media.

17) Smule

Smule’s users can record and perform their favorite songs with people around the world. Bollywood, K-pop, hip-hop, pop and rock are just a few of the genres available on this top karaoke software for iPhone. Smule is a social network with millions of users worldwide where music lovers can showcase their vocal talents, communicate, and collaborate.


  • Smule allows users to duet with other users in real-time.
  • You can participate in various Smule contests and challenges.
  • Smule also provides a range of audio and video effects to enhance the potential of recordings and make them more enjoyable to watch and listen to.
  • You can attend or host live karaoke parties.

18) Starmaker Lite

The last on the list of iPhone Karaoke Apps is, Starmaker Lite is another great choice on this list. Using this karaoke app, users can post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to grow their audience and hone their vocal skills. One of the top professional karaoke apps for iPad and iPhone users is Starmaker Lite, which provides many pitch correction options to adjust the pitch of your voice and produce more pleasing results.


  • You can play single or in pairs.
  • The program’s user-friendly layout makes it easy for users to explore and adjust audio settings.
  • You have the option to enhance the performance by adding filters and effects.
  • You have the ability to like, follow and comment on the performance of other users.
  • Starmaker Lite can be downloaded at no cost.
  • With in-app purchases, users can enjoy access to premium music, ad-free listening, and unlimited recording time on the app.


That’s it for the list of iPhone Karaoke Apps.

You can have an immersive karaoke experience at home by using the top karaoke apps for iPhone that we have covered in this post. There are plenty of specialist apps to choose from, whether you want to sing solo or a duet with the love of your life. So, grab one now and get ready for your favorite musical style. Remember to add your questions and suggestions in the space provided for comments below.

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