17 Top Free iPhone Volume Booster Apps of 2024

Volume Booster Apps

Whether you’re a big fan of podcasts or music or just enjoying videos on your phone, having a volume booster apps can really improve your entire audio experience. We’ll dive into the topic of sound amplification in this blog and present our top picks for the greatest free iPhone volume booster Apps. So say goodbye to your hearing and welcome to a world where iPhone sound transcends all boundaries!

17 Best Free iPhone Volume Booster Apps List

Are you ready to enhance your listening experience by turning up the volume? Let’s now look at the top free iPhone volume booster Apps which will completely change the way you enjoy your favorite media.

Does the iPhone Have a Volume Booster App?

Yes, you can increase the volume on your iPhone using several Volume Booster Apps available in the App Store. These applications are designed to improve audio output—making it cleaner and more powerful. These Volume Booster Apps may be able to increase the volume to a certain extent, but they may not be able to overcome the hardware limitations of your device.

Note: Although some Free iPhone Volume Booster Apps can let you increase the volume on your device, they are unable to overcome hardware restrictions on it. When using such apps, be careful, as turning up the volume too high may damage your device or your hearing.

1) Extra Volume Booster Equalizer

With its powerful sound tuning and volume amplification features for your speakers or headphones, Extra Volume Booster Equalizer software will take your listening experience to new levels. All music players are supported, so you can easily navigate between tracks and manage playback right from the app.


  • It features a loudness boost and volume adjustment for speakers or headphones.
  • For better sound quality, increase the volume beyond the system default.
  • Personalized audio adjustments with five-band equalization presets to enhance your listening experience.

2) Volume Booster – Sound Louder

You can increase your volume up to 1000% with Volume Booster – Sound Louder, a powerful volume booster and sound booster app!


  • This program can play music and videos at high volumes thanks to its compact and simple design.
  • It improves your entire audio experience like never before.

3) Equalizer – Volume Booster EQ

With its EQ settings, volume control maximizer, native audio feature for immersive sound, and other features, Equalizer – Volume Booster EQ is a powerful program that completely changes the way you play music.


  • EQ settings for a wide range of music genres, such as radio, pop, rock, classical, EDM, full bass, bright and soft.
  • Maximizer to increase loudness and improve the singing effect.
  • An equalizer for adjusting the frequency of music.
  • With spatial audio, you can experience surround sound and listen to music anywhere.

4) AmpMe – Speaker & Music Sync

The best iPhone software, AmpMe, improves the sound quality of your music by syncing it with speakers, Bluetooth devices and your friends’ phones. AmpMeTM, which has more than 288 million users, allows you to play music at the same time while syncing with your friends’ devices for an immersive and immersive music experience.


  • Sync videos and music across multiple devices, turn up the volume and enjoy the full party atmosphere.
  • Play music from SoundCloud and YouTube, and collaborate with friends to manage playlists.

5) Bass Booster & EQ Amplifier

For a unique music experience, Bass Booster and EQ Amplifier software provide high-definition bass boosting, a 10-band equalizer with adjustable controls, and a 3D spatialized option.


  • The equalizer comes with more than fifteen predefined presets, and creating custom EQ settings is an additional premium option.
  • A comprehensive music enhancement suite that includes a sleep timer, playlist management, audio effects, and intuitive player controls.

6) Equalizer+ Music amp & Podcast

The perfect partner for a great audio experience is the Equalizer+ Music Amp and Podcast. Connect with SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music to organize your music collection easily and create custom playlists. You can customize the sound to your taste with over 20 equalizer presets like Bass Booster, Vocal Booster, Treble Booster, and more. With Equalizer+ visualizers, you can enhance your hands-free listening experience while remaining comfortable and convenient.


  • Connect with SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music to create an extensive podcast and music collection.
  • More than 20 equalizer settings, such as Bass Booster, Vocal Booster, and Small Speakers, allow you to customize the sound.
  • To listen to music and podcasts safely and hands-free while driving, switch to Car Mode.
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7) Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

One of the greatest free volume booster apps for iPhone is Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer. This program transforms your listening experience with its proprietary 3D surround sound technology, customizable presets, and adjustable 16-band equalization.


  • Amazing sound on any headphone, thanks to patented 3D surround sound technology.
  • Your music experience can be enhanced with a bass booster.
  • 29 expertly crafted EQ presets and an adjustable 16-band Equalizer allow for individual sound customization.
  • Play content from your phone or the internet via services like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also stream podcasts from all around the world, 40K radio stations, TIDAL, and other sources.

8) Volume Booster – Equalizer FX

Volume Booster: The Equalizer FX app has a powerful bass volume booster to enhance your audio experience, in addition to a pro-10-band equalizer to enhance your music. Discover a rich sound effects system with 10 bands to enhance your music, and enjoy personalized sound effects with bass booster, virtualizer, and equalizer settings.


  • For better sound quality, use a powerful bass volume booster and an advanced 10-band equalizer.
  • Rich sound effects system that includes 10 bands and presets that can be customized to create custom sound effects.
  • A 3D surround sound system and an offline music player provide a flexible and engaging audio experience.
  • Increase the volume of a music file up to 1000% to enjoy loud sounds on your device’s speakers or headphones.

9) Bass Booster Volume Power Amp

With Bass Booster, a free iPhone volume booster app, you can enjoy music on a whole new level. With the ability to maximize bass amplification, this software guarantees high-quality music no matter where you are.


  • Increase the bass level and improve the sound quality.
  • Play tunes from your Apple Music account or iTunes collection (subscription required).
  • With Wave Flanger, you can optimize filter strength to create a unique listening experience.
  • Your music will sound more interesting with the Doppler Pitch Effect, which changes the tone and speeds up or slows down the song.
  • Strong feelings with easy-to-use UI.
  • Control media volume for simple adjustments.
  • Background playback capabilities.
  • An endless supply of all audio effects, special tracks and bass booster effects are available with a Pro subscription.

10) Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App

With the amazing free volume booster software Equalizer Fx, you can listen to music on your iPhone or iPad like never before. With its dynamic bass tuning features and robust 7-band EQ, this software lets you explore the beauty of music for vocal control. Explore the depth of sound by adjusting sound effects with a choice of over 15 powerful amplifier settings.


  • Powerful effects that boost bass for a more immersive listening experience.
  • Good music visualizers that enhance the visual component of your music playback.
  • Create your own equalizer presets and save them to your taste.
  • Support for background playback lets you listen to music while using other apps.
  • A large selection of equalization presets, including Pop, Latin, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Flat, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, and Acoustic.

11) Bass Booster Volume Boost EQ

The best all-in-one music player app for iPhone is Bass Booster Volume Boost EQ, which gives users full control over the sound of their music. This software covers all your music needs — you can stream, download from the cloud, or listen to the radio.


  • You can adjust the sound with a 10-band equalizer with over 20 presets.
  • Access your iTunes library directly for seamless integration.
  • Music can be downloaded from multiple locations, including local files, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Wi-Fi Transfer.
  • Music is automatically arranged for ease of use.
  • Save your favorite songs and create custom playlists.
  • Use offline mode to listen to music continuously.
  • Feature-rich music player with extras like shuffle, airplay, and sleep timer.

12) Volume Boost – Sound Amplifier

Volume Boost Sound Amplifier is a free volume booster software for iPhone that uses advanced features to enhance sound quality and improve your listening experience. The software adapts to the unique qualities of each ear through an integrated test, guaranteeing the best personalization of sound.

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  • To get better audio, turn up the volume on your headphones.
  • A feature that filters out noise to make listening more enjoyable.
  • Automatic adaptation to each person’s unique hearing characteristics for customized sound amplification.
  • Environmental adaptation for the best possible audio quality.
  • Complete audio amplification with wired headsets up to 30 dB.
  • Amplifying dull sounds without reducing overall loudness.
  • AirPods and Bluetooth headset compatibility allow for easy wireless connections.

13) Volume Booster – EQ Amplifier

Volume Booster: EQ Amplifier is a small but powerful app that boosts loudness on your tablet and phone. This app will elevate your audio experience whether you are playing games, listening to audiobooks, watching movies or enjoying music.


  • Increase the volume for games, music, movies and audiobooks.
  • Turn up the volume on everything in your media, including ringtones, movies, music and alarm clocks.
  • For immersive sound, use 3D Virtualizer effects and Bass Booster.
  • Ten-band equalizer for audio fine-tuning, including over twenty preset effects.
  • Sound quality improves without sacrificing volume.
  • Support for speakers, headphones, and Bluetooth gadgets.
  • Visually appealing audio visualization using the visual sound spectrum.
  • Fun surround sound effects in stereo for a more satisfying listening experience.
  • An elegant and intuitive UI makes navigating easy.
  • The lack of root access requirements guarantees hassle-free usage.

14) Louder Volume Booster

The best way to increase the sound volume on your iPhone is to use Louder Volume Booster! This program can be used to change the sound of the bass or to deal with problems such as poor audio output or weak speakers.


  • For poor microphone speakers and low-quality audio files, turn up the volume.
  • Increase the volume to 1000% to get a loud and clear sound.
  • For $6.99 a year, you can get a premium subscription, which has more features and benefits.

15) Extra Volume Booster

Extra Volume Booster app is a free iPhone volume booster that boosts the volume of low-quality audio files to produce sound that cannot be compared. Experience distortion-free amplification and audio enhancement techniques that make every sound louder and clearer—even from a poor speaker microphone.


  • Increase the volume to 1000+ dB for a rich sound experience.
  • Make low-quality audio files louder and higher quality by improving their quality.
  • Three subscription options are available: $6.99 per month, $26.99 per year, or $29.99 for a lifetime purchase that includes additional features and benefits.

16) Volume Booster MAX, Boost Bass

With the apps Loudness Booster MAX and Boost Bass, you may remarkably enhance the sound quality of any audio file or video. Using this software, you may easily and safely change the volume of a poorly done favorite movie or an audio file that has to be improved. It will take three to ten seconds for your improved audio file to become usable once you choose it and adjust the volume.


  • Any audio or video can increase its loudness up to 1000%.
  • Results are ready in a matter of seconds, making it quick and easy to use.

17) Bass Booster 3D + Volume Boost

Bass Booster, 3D + Volume Boost, is the perfect program to completely change the way you listen to music. For continuous enjoyment, connect to your music library and listen offline or in the background. Moreover, this all-in-one music player has shuffle functions, simple navigation and access to cloud storage or library music.


  • For a rich audio experience, use the deep bass booster and powerful volume amplifier x10.
  • Full range equalizer, including personalized presets for custom sound amplification.


With these top tips, your quest for the best free Volume Booster Apps for iPhone is over when it comes to improving your audio quality. These apps are perfect if you want to improve the audio quality of your calls, movies or music. Thus, prevent low volume levels from ruining your fun. Instead, install a volume booster apps on your iPhone to take advantage of all its audio capabilities. Do visit our website Seventech.org again for more useful content!

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