20 Top Social Media Blocker Apps For iPhone & Android

Social Media Blocker Apps

Digital content, especially social media information, will rule the present and the future. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that social media is the new Google. Individuals are spending many hours glued to these applications. That’s why it’s more important than ever to regain control of our screen time. In this post, we will go over a collection of iPhone and Android social media blocker apps that will greatly improve your time management and productivity.

10 Best Social Media Blocker Apps for iPhone

With just a few taps, these free social media blocking Apps will help you get back on track, whether your goals are better focus, more productivity, or just a healthier relationship with your devices. To be maintained.

1) BreakFree: From Your Phone

The first on the list of Social Media Blocker Apps is, BreakFree strives to change the way social media affects every aspect of our lives in the modern age. According to research, people spend an average of five years and four months of their lives on social media, which is not a good thing.

  • It lets you set a Daily Ration or Focus Challenge to reduce the time you spend using distracting apps.
  • Minimize the number of programs you use.
  • To redeem real-world privileges, earn BreakCoins.

2) Focus Lock: Block Apps & Focus

One of the best iPhone apps for blocking social media is Focus Lock, which lets you temporarily disable any or all apps. This feature helps you focus and finish work faster.

  • Create an automated schedule to incorporate Focus Lock into your daily routine.
  • By completing the days of the week, you will be able to monitor your progress.
  • Maintain discipline and use a daily streak to pit yourself against yourself.

3) ScreenTime+ | Focus App Block

With ScreenTime+, you can focus on your studies without being distracted by friends’ conversations. You can start an active conversation with your kids about digital rules and usage by using the app’s parental control features.

  • Set unique guidelines for each app or prohibit your child from downloading any new apps.
  • Track your child’s daily app usage and get a comprehensive snapshot of the last 24 hours.
  • Powerful shortcuts for Pomodoro timing, digital detox, and app blocking

4) Opal: Screen Time for Focus

Opal helps you set screen time limits so you can maximize your day instead of curling up in bed reading through your phone. To increase productivity, use this software to measure progress, disable apps and set screen time limits.

  • Clearly define your goals and progress, then compare them to your peers.
  • Set your daily work hours, sleep schedule, and app-blocking patterns.
  • From time to time, you will receive special milestones that you can unlock and distribute to friends.

5) ScreenZen- Screen Time Control

One of the most applicable and cost-free software to block social media on iPhones and other websites that distract you from important work is ScreenZen. It’s a great way to set screen time limits and even monitor your progress.

  • To avoid being distracted, check your distracting apps for short periods of time.
  • Get notifications before using any social networking application.
  • Draws lines to encourage you to stay within your limits.

6) BlockSite: Block Apps & Focus

BlockSite makes it easy to sharpen your focus, whether you’re at work, in class, or just trying to find a way to get more done into your day. You may increase productivity and achieve your goals more quickly and successfully with BlockSite’s cutting-edge solutions.

  • Password-protected websites and applications
  • Set specific days and times for using certain websites and applications.
  • Make a redirect page for yourself so you can see how important it is to maintain attention.

7) AppBlock

With AppBlock, a smartphone app, you can reduce screen time, focus on more important tasks, and avoid distractions by blocking social networking apps and websites.

  • Multiple degrees of difficulty in hard mode will help you stay on course and avoid mistakes.
  • Organize your workflow by creating personalized timetables.
  • Gives you a thorough understanding of your digital habits through usage statistics.
  • Using the app’s parental lock function, you can set limits and ban unwanted apps and websites.

8) Flipd

Flipd aims to inspire you and increase your productivity while you learn. If you are trying to learn something new or working to reach daily and weekly study goals, this is one of the best free applications to block social media on your iPhone.

  • Several adjustable task clocks for individual or group study
  • Learn more about how you’re spending your time and monitor your progress.
  • Organize and organize your study tasks more easily by using tags and colors.
  • Earn badges as rewards for reaching each goal.
  • Multiple individual study spaces where you can work in groups.

9) Freedom

The Freedom app seeks to free your mind from the endless scrolling of social media so that you can focus on more worthwhile tasks like studying. It’s a premium program that blocks websites and apps from opening and displays a calming green screen to help you focus on your work.

  • Connect an unlimited amount of gadgets with freedom.
  • Use an existing block list or create one to prevent time-wasting distractions.
  • Plan your blocks or make them repeatedly.
  • Free audio files that simulate offices, cafes and natural settings to suit your work schedule.

10) FamiSafe

Since FamiSafe lets you filter out problematic websites, games, and porn, it’s the perfect app to set screen time limits for your kids and track their whereabouts. It also includes functionality to identify suspicious images and text on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, YouTube, and more.

  • SafeSearch can protect your kids from cyberbullying.
  • Set up a self-managed dashboard to allocate screen time for your family.
  • Continue to communicate honestly and openly based on detailed reports.
  • Use AI-powered content protection to filter out offensive content.

10 Best Social Media Blocker Apps for Android

If your phone addiction gets out of control, your physical health will deteriorate, in addition to interfering with your routine. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top Social Media Blocker Apps for Android that will inspire you to put down your phone and go on an adventure outside while also helping you regain focus. will

1) Block Apps & Sites | Wellbeing

Block is an easy-to-use Android software that helps you control yourself by limiting or blocking the apps you use and giving you information about how much time you spend on your phone.

  • Block specific apps for a specific period of time.
  • Check how much time you spend on your phone at different times.
  • Get usage reports every week.

2) Screen Time – Restrain yourself

Despite the fact that mobile phones help us in many things, including work and school, we mainly use them for social networking. With Screen Time—a free app that blocks social media—people can learn to use their phones productively and control their distractions.

  • Provides a complete overview of the daily use of mobile phones.
  • Set a daily time limit for each app or category of apps.
  • Add a few essential apps to your whitelist, including text messaging and phone calls.

3) StayFree – Screen Time

StayFree seamlessly interacts with all your devices to manage your screen time and track your device usage. You can use this app to set usage limits for your apps and receive notifications when those limits are exceeded.

  • View your usage history charts and data.
  • Integrate this application with Firefox and Chrome add-ons.
  • Displays motivational sayings to increase output and reduce phone usage.

4) ActionDash: Screen Time Helper

With ActionDash, you can kick your phone addiction and lead a more balanced existence. With the help of this program, you can take a deep look at how much time you spend browsing junk apps instead of improving yourself. The abundance of features in this software allows you to monitor your screen time easily with a few taps.

  • Verify the number of notifications received each day.
  • Check the usage frequency of your device or phone.
  • Disable multiple apps that have sleep mode to improve your sleep quality.

5) YourHour – ScreenTime Control

You may track how much time you spend on social media by looking at a comparative infographic of activity over the last seven days with its free social media blocker app, YourHour. Additionally, this software offers a plethora of fun, customizable, and user-friendly features that can help track and manage usage.

  • Offers customized tasks to help break the cycle of habitual behavior.
  • Instantly generate PDF reports that include all important analytics.
  • A ton of awesome homescreen widgets

6) Lock Me Out – App/Site Blocker

Many people, especially many students who want to focus on their studies, are benefiting from Lock Me Out by reducing their screen time and social media usage. Because of parental controls, parents can spend more time with their children and protect them from questionable web information.

Many people, especially many students who want to focus on their studies, are benefiting from Lock Me Out by reducing their screen time and social media usage. Because of parental controls, parents can spend more time with their children and protect them from questionable web information.

  • Automatic lockout feature based on usage
  • Decide where you want to restrict specific apps from appearing.
  • Notifications of consumption warnings

7) Unpluq: Control Your Time

With Unplug, you can eliminate digital distractions and restore focus, allowing you to accomplish life’s important goals. To minimize yelling time, parents, staff members, and kids can get what they need from one app.

  • Accessible without charge
  • Block as many apps as you want with the premium version.
  • Whitelist contacts to prevent them from receiving their notifications.
  • Different apps should be blocked at different times.

8) Discipline: Block Apps & Commit

As the name suggests, Discipline works to keep you on track by restricting websites and applications that may be distracting. With the help of this app, you can hold yourself accountable by providing monetary amounts to fulfill your pledge.

  • Create goals and achieve them with the goal-setter function.
  • Gives you automatic accountability.
  • Use this app to make phone calls.

9) One Sec | Screen Time + Focus

Social media is designed to entice you to spend more time with your device. One Sec, one of the best free social media blocking applications, is here to break this loop by encouraging you to focus on priorities through the use of psychology and user experience expertise.

  • On applications designed to divert you, type your purpose so you’ll think twice before opening it.
  • It won’t let you use any of the specific applications while you’re in a Focus session.
  • Easily see your progress in comparisons and charts.

10) Stay Focused: App/Site Blocker

By helping you reclaim your freedom from social media applications and websites and reach your maximum productivity, the Stay Focused app helps you reduce your screen time. The apps also have timers, a one-second study meter, and timers to make sure you never forget your goals.

  • Lock mode and strict mode to prevent you from editing profiles and avoiding application
  • Create multiple profiles and set limits based on your preferred way of working.
  • Set usage restrictions on your phone and add essential apps to your whitelist.


That’s it for the list of Social Media Blocker Apps.

To help you reduce your screen time and focus on the important things in your life, we hope our article has helped you find the best Social Media Blocker Apps. Use social media responsibly; while it can be entertaining, it can also become addictive.

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