20 Top Instagram Reel Editing Apps to Help Your Videos Go Viral

Instagram Reel Editing Apps

Who wouldn’t want to get a million followers and go viral? But while content is still king, it can’t be done quickly or simply by updating frequently. If you want to become an Instagram sensation, you need to step up your reel editing game, and we can help. The greatest free Instagram reel editing applications are compiled in this post, and they will raise your profile fast!

Top Instagram Reel Editing Apps List

Maintaining an Instagram presence is important for influencers, content creators, and brands alike, but it can be expensive because it takes other people to do it for you. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore because we’ve already done the hard work for you and revealed the best apps to edit Instagram Reels, which will keep viewers interested in your account.

Note: The links to the apps below can be found in the App Store. Most of these Instagram Reel Editing Apps are also available on the Google Play Store.

1) Adobe Premiere Rush for Video

The first on the list of Instagram Reel Editing Apps is Adobe Premiere Rush. You can record, edit and publish high-quality movies on social media with Adobe Premiere Rush, the desktop and mobile video editor for Instagram Reels. With this app’s basic tools for music, motion graphics and other media, you can express your creativity and set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Export to any social media platform with an appropriate aspect ratio.
  • Simple voiceover, audio ducking, and audio import/adjustment
  • Use both manual and preset color correction to enhance your movies.

2) WeVideo

With over a million stock images, intuitive editing features, screen capture capabilities and more, WeVideo’s online video editor can help you turn your random clips into a viral reel. It is one of the best free Instagram reel editing applications because it allows you to quickly record, edit and share amazing videos.

  • Using the Cane Burns effect, images can come to life.
  • For better effect, blur the background in your vertical videos.
  • Enables you to post your videos directly to social media in up to 4K Ultra HD.

3) VivaCut

A professional video editing program called VivaCut was created to meet the demands of social media content creators. By creating and spreading the best videos, users can take the lead in Instagram rail trends with the help of this app’s dynamic features and templates.

  • Simple keyframe tools for scaling, motion and selection editing
  • Well-liked elements include transition effects and visual effects.
  • Fx Plugin is a powerful plugin architecture intended for multiple effects and filters.

4) Canva: Design, Photo & Video

While the first things that come to mind when you think of Canva are eye-catching photos, posters, and logos, the app’s many fantastic templates also have the ability to create amazing movies. It works great for creating visually appealing Facebook posts, Instagram stories, and covers. The app is available for download on the mobile Play Store and is even browser-based.

  • Autofocus to sharpen and blur background video subjects.
  • Multiple artistic filters and effects, including Liquify, Retro, and Pixelate
  • Add sound effects and expert video transitions to the video.

5) Promeo – Template & AI Editor

With Promeo, you can easily create beautiful designs by editing user-friendly templates using basic tools. Over 10,000 great templates are available for editing, allowing you to add dynamic colors, fonts and effects. It also has an extensive collection of high-quality stock media, making it a one-stop shop for video editing.

  • Access to a big music library devoid of royalties
  • Use millions of stock images and videos to create designs.
  • Add animated stickers to your favorite templates.

6) LumaFusion

For those who tell stories through their Instagram reels, especially travel bloggers who enjoy the splendor of nature, LumaFusion is considered the industry standard. Additionally, the program offers state-of-the-art capabilities such as track-based date control and a magnetic timeline combined into a seamless experience.

  • Auto ducking, talking with duck music
  • Use your own color LUT presets or use something like FiLMiC deLog.cube or 3dl
  • Simple font, color, face, border and shadow adjustments

7) VEED – Captions for videos

VEED is captioning software, but it’s also a great tool for those who make tech, travel, or training films because it handles all the work for you with its AI. The software translates speech to text and generates captions while you talk in the video to assist you in overcoming language barriers and reaching a larger audience.

  • Subtitles can be translated into any language by AI.
  • Easy features like easy video editing, cutting and perfecting
  • We are easy to use and freely available.

8) Videoleap

One of the greatest free Instagram reel editing apps is Video Leap, an easy-to-use editor with ready-made templates and advanced AI features that help you start from scratch and produce amazing results. You can use this program to access hundreds of professional tools, including green screen, music and audio effects, filters, transitions, and video effects.

  • Add amazing AI presets to your movies with just one press.
  • Offers compositing in Chroma Key.
  • A range of existing fonts, colors, emojis and shadows

9) Shox: Reel Maker, Video Editor

With its easy-to-use features, Shox hopes to help professionals, small businesses, influencers, and social media content creators create visually appealing posts, stories, reels, and videos. This Instagram reel editing app is available for download on mobile Play stores. It acts as a free designer for your brand, enabling you to easily improve your work.

  • Over a thousand pre-made, fashionable, dynamic templates
  • AI-powered, provides automatic background removal.
  • There are millions of free stock photos and movies.

10) Instagram Reels In-App Editor

We have included Instagram in our list, as we all know, its algorithm plays a big role in making your videos go viral. Instagram frequently features user-generated and modified content on the platform. Additionally, the features are on par with any other well-known rail editing program. In addition to benefiting from algorithms that recognize your content, you can crop, adjust speed, add music, and more.

11) CapCut

CapCut’s popularity among iPhone users is the reason it topped our list. To create a great reel, it provides simple video editing tools, free app fonts, and sophisticated capabilities like stabilization, smooth slow motion, and keyframe animation. Additionally, many of CapCut’s templates have proven effective in becoming viral trends on Instagram.

  • Special capabilities include text-to-speech and auto-caption.
  • Use the freeze tool to freeze your greatest photos.
  • Many wonderful possibilities for relocation

12) InShot

With InShot, a state-of-the-art editing program, users can trim video quality, sequence, speed, and many other aspects, eliminate white space, combine multiple movies, and change the playback speed. Additionally, the software has a ton of filters, including FILM 05 and CINEMA 01, that give your movie a cinematic look.

  • Select the video export quality.
  • Various music features include voiceover, sound effects, and music.
  • Add and synchronize text and stickers with video.

13) VN Video Editor

With features like speed cruise, color grading, and a multi-track timeline that rivals the best PC editing programs, VN Video Editor is one of the best Instagram reel editing apps to download. Up to 60 frames per second of video resolution, bit rate, and frame rate adjustments are also possible.

  • Drafts can be saved and edited at any time.
  • You can quickly integrate video transitions by adding mark beats to your audio clip.
  • To add more dramatic effects to your videos, import free LUT files.

14) Lightroom Video & Photo Editor

It is possible that many of you are using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to enhance the quality of your movies on your PC. But what if we told you that the mobile versions of Adobe Lightroom are just as sophisticated as the desktop versions? This free editing software transforms photos and movies in a few simple steps.

  • Create, save and share your own presets.
  • Advanced color grading curves
  • Save and share a short before and after video of your edits.

15) KineMaster

With its simple interface and popular video themes, KineMaster has been around for a long time and has managed to build a dedicated following. This video editing tool includes amazing AI visual styles for photos and movies and is always introducing new capabilities. This Instagram reel editing app is available for download on mobile play stores.

  • The Asset Store offers a collection of free audio tracks, sound effects, stickers, and video templates.
  • Add color correction, filters, sound changers, and transition effects.
  • Enables you to add animation to your movies.

16) Filmora

To create stunning and engaging videos, another Instagram reel video editor that can be used on PC and phone is called Filmora. Thanks to the user-friendly Timeline View, you can easily manage multiple timelines to cut, split, copy, or adjust the speed of multiple movies at once. It also provides eye-catching layouts that have the potential to make your reel go viral on Instagram.

  • AI Smart Cutout to remove unnecessary content from your videos
  • To remove unwanted parts, separate the audio and remove the music from the video.
  • Supports amazing text overlays and filters.

17) PowerDirector

With PowerDirector’s advanced AI tools, such as body and anime effects, you can edit like a pro. With the app’s intuitive designer, you can create bespoke masks and mix original titles, photos, graphics, and movies. It also includes personalized templates to quickly create split-screen video collages.

  • There are nine blending methods that produce powerful and whimsical images.
  • Use motion tracking to attach stickers and text to moving objects.
  • Voice-changing functionality to experiment with strange sound effects

18) Splice

For content or reel creators who want their movies to be seen on Instagram, Splice is a robust desktop video editor that can meet all their needs. Additionally, it saves a ton of time because you can accomplish everything—including cropping, applying slow-motion effects, superimposing multiple movies, and other tasks—with just a few touches.

  • Using the chroma key, you can quickly erase the background.
  • Choose a transition style and also set the speed at which changes occur.
  • Post your finished video directly to Instagram.

19) YouCut

One of the biggest free video editing tools for Instagram reels that don’t include a watermark is YouCut, which allows you to edit videos quickly. The software’s user interface is very simple, making it ideal for beginners who want to pick up video editing quickly and efficiently.

  • Powerful editor for music videos
  • When editing, there are no ads or banners, and the finished video has no watermarks.
  • Over a hundred musical compositions and integrated sound effects

20) VITA

The last on the list of Instagram Reel Editing Apps is VITA. With its comprehensive features, VITA is a simple and straightforward video editing program that can improve the quality of your footage. Video can be made more cinematic by slowing down and speeding it up. It can also achieve an artistic look by adding glitter, bling, and dreamy distortion effects.

  • Multiple color grading options and filters
  • Use simple and fast video templates to create vlogs.
  • Fonts that are already created and animated with colors, shadows and strokes.

That’s it for the list of Instagram Reel Editing Apps.


How to Pick the Best App to Increase Your Instagram Reels Visibility

To reach a wider audience, you should think about a few things before downloading and using the app.

  • You need to create fashionable reels and photos quickly and routinely, so ease of use should be your first consideration when choosing an editing app. Consequently, it would be better if you could quickly produce a ten-on-ten reel.
  • Cinema filters are a huge trend on Instagram right now, so the app has to have them. People want to watch movies like reels, and filters can quickly achieve that goal.
  • If you want to save even more time, look for an app with AI features, such as automatic filters and captions. This will prevent you from having to write and take time for every word.
  • The next important thing is to remember to know your audience. Your editing will be easier and more accurate as you understand what your followers want to see.

This concludes our piece on the top free Instagram reel editing Apps that can help you create viral videos fast. Among these programs, VN, CapCut, and InShot are the best because they include AI and are always improving to make your work easier. Please share any other reel editing Apps with us in the comments area.

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