18 Top Instagram Follower Tracker Apps for iOS

Instagram Follower Tracker Apps

Keeping up with the latest trends and uploading frequently is essential if you want to grow your Instagram following. But monitoring your interactions and evaluating how well your rails are performing can be tedious. Fortunately, you can eliminate the same by installing one of the top free Instagram follower tracker Apps on your iPhone or iOS device. So, if you’re a young artist and overwhelmed with so many alternatives, read on to make your decision now!

18 Best Instagram Follower Tracker Apps List for iOS

Apps that track Instagram followers enable users to monitor their accounts and improve their social media presence. They have several features that can provide insightful information and support your development. These Instagram Follower Tracker tools have everything you need, from fake followers to custom reports and competitor tracking.

Let’s see Follower Instagram Follower Tracker Apps now;

1) Followers tracker & Unfollow

The first on the list of Instagram Follower Tracker Apps is Followers tracker & Unfollow. Another great app to get insight into your Instagram account is Followers Tracker and Unfollow. It notifies you about Instagram people who have unfollowed you. Additionally, you can use this app to keep track of everything in one place and quickly switch between multiple Instagram accounts. Continue reading to know more about the top free Instagram follower tracker app for iOS on your iPhone.


  • You can find lost followers in the last seven days.
  • This shows people you choose not to follow back.
  • You can view your followers to see if anyone has interacted with your account recently.
  • The latest interactions and followers can be verified on your account.

2) Hootsuite- Social Media Tools

Using Hootsuite, you can maintain connections across multiple social networking platforms. You can create visually appealing content and track its effectiveness like never before. This simplifies the overall monitoring process.


  • Posts can be planned later.
  • Provides information about when it is most effective to post to your account.
  • Analyze, collect and present post-activity analytics from various social media platforms.
  • To monitor mentions, comments and tags on Instagram, use the Hootsuite app.

3) Reports+ Followers Unfollowers

The biggest profile tracker app is Reports+, which lets you know about user interactions, followers, unfollowers, past followers, fans and many other facts. If you are looking for accurate analytics, then this might be the best choice. Reports+ provides useful insights and real-time statistics to help you improve your Instagram game. To gain more followers and turn the tide, you just need to apply your creative thinking.


  • Keep tabs on your profile and review interactions to help you plan your Instagram approach.
  • To improve the performance of your narrative and content strategy, you can monitor your likes and views.
  • Check the interactions on your profile to see who your fans are.
  • Use the follower engagement tool to find out who your most engaged followers are.
  • Find out which of your followers are no longer interacting with your content.

4) Unfollow for Instagram

You can gain insight into your Instagram user profile by using our Unfollow for Instagram. With the help of this app, you can find Instagram people who have recently unfollowed you or are unfollowing you. From its insightful analysis, you can decide what kind of content you should publish to grow your following. Additionally, it can be downloaded for free from the iOS Store. The main purpose of the subscription plan after you sign up is to help you manage your Instagram account.


  • You can block and unblock multiple accounts at once with it.
  • Instead of deleting multiple posts at once, you can delete them in bulk.
  • Access filter support.
  • To keep track of unfinished activities, you can use a task queue.
  • With Unfollow for Instagram, you can use quick selection options to find different types of accounts that interact with yours.

5) Pixlee

You can monitor your top-performing posts for each day with the help of this app. Presenting ideas also facilitates content creation. Additionally, Pixlee has an integrated broadcast feature that displays weekly performance data. With this software, you can keep track of your followers every day. This tool saves time and money by automating the process of compiling content from multiple social media networks, influencers, customers and employees onto one platform.


  • Instagram post notifications will be sent to you.
  • Both images and videos are supported.
  • Pixlee displays a stream of recently published and upcoming content.
  • This can be used to remove any scheduled posts from your queue.
  • This app has a mobile inbox photo curating tool.

6) Unfollowers Followers Tracker

You can check who is following you and who is following you back, as well as who interacts with your posts with these Unfollowers Followers Tracker. This software analyzes the activity levels of your followers based on which of your articles receive the most and least engagement. Additionally, it tracks your followers and notifies you immediately.


  • It helps you identify people who have blocked you.
  • The number of people who have unfollowed you is shown.
  • The most liked and commented posts can be searched using this app.
  • Anyone who is interested can have a look.

7) Followers Reports+

Followers Reports+ aims to analyze subscriber behavior. It is one of the best free Instagram follower tracker applications for iPhone, and it works fast and accurately. It provides information about people who have subscribed, removed a comment, or deleted it. Plus it is also be visible to inactive subscribers. You can categorize all your friends into groups like newbies, fans, blockers and similar hobbies.


  • It offers robust, fast, and accurate Instagram follower analysis.
  • User-specific data is not uploaded. All data is securely stored.
  • Another option is to upgrade to a premium subscription.
  • The platform also keeps track of all important visitors and analyzes the story statistics.

8) Emplifi Social

With this software, you can manage your social media accounts, plan post publishing, and monitor post performance for free. The best Instagram follower tracker app for iOS is Emplifi Social, which integrates with Instagram, Meta, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, it creates personalized response templates for users to increase audience response and enhance interaction.


  • Pre-written captions for your photos, including Instagram stories, can be copied and pasted.
  • This ensures that push notifications for your Instagram stories are sent as scheduled.
  • Users can be assigned to specific posts.
  • It notifies you in case of a publishing error.
  • Viewing internal notes and comments is available.

9) CCSoft+ Followers Analyzer

With the wealth of information provided by CCSoft+ Followers Analyzer, you can manage your Instagram account more efficiently. Although there are ads, you can download the app for free, just like most of the apps we’ve covered here. Additional functions are also available as add-ons.


  • Keep track of users who block, unblock, follow, and unfollow.
  • To better gauge the performance of your postings, collect statistics about them.
  • There are subscription options for one month, three months, six months and one year.

10) Analyzer Plus-Followers Report

Analyzer Plus is a powerful tool designed to give you comprehensive insights into your Instagram account. It allows you to monitor and understand various account performance parameters. Analyzer Plus helps you discover your best and ghost followers based on how they react to your posts.


  • You can find out who has unfollowed you.
  • Using Analyzer Plus you can find out who you are unfollowing.
  • Use the interest level bar to list people who have lost interest in you.
  • Find ghosts among your followers who don’t like or comment on your posts.

11) nFollowers

With nFollowers, you can find people who have unfollowed you on the app and track new followers. This tool makes it easy to identify people you connect with on different levels. Additionally, the capabilities of this all-inclusive tool help you get the most out of Instagram.


  • It is possible to monitor new followers.
  • It provides complete user insight.
  • This helps you determine which users have unfollowed you.
  • Insights into followers who interact most with your creative posts are also provided by Followers.
  • Get insights into engagement for your account.

12) FollowMeter for Instagram

Follow Meter is the first app in the list of top iOS applications to track Instagram followers. You can use this app to discover who is viewing your Instagram stories but not following you. Another benefit is keeping track of ghost followers and unfollowers on Instagram. Additionally, Follow Meter analyzes Instagram posts to see which posts get the most interest and helps improve content strategy.


  • Learn more about your biggest fans.
  • Identify followers who are most engaged and active.
  • For a fun and exciting peek at who’s crushing your content, find your secret fans.
  • Find Instagram accounts that have blocked you so you can contact them and resolve issues.
  • This makes it possible for them to find and connect with users who are most likely to enjoy their content.

13) Iconosquare

The second option is Iconsquare, which is renowned for its global social networking capabilities. The greatest tool for managing and examining all of your social media accounts at once is this app. You can get assistance from Iconsquare for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other Facebook-related issues. The app’s dashboard allows you to see exactly what’s working and what isn’t so you can decide on your social media approach with knowledge.


  • This enables you to plan your content ahead of time.
  • Track your follower growth and verify the most liked articles, stories or reels from your account.
  • Track your impressions and reach out to see how far your content is reaching.
  • Determine the best time to post to get maximum engagement.
  • Monitor the performance of your hashtags.
  • Keep track of what your competitors are doing.
  • Review the comments you receive and translate them if necessary.

14) Social Scan: Followers Tracker

Social Scan has every function you could want. Its design is pleasing to the eye due to its simplicity and cleanliness. You can see who has followed and unfollowed you through this app. Additionally, you have the ability to see your likes, posts and comments from an overhead view. The best part, though? You can download the greatest free Instagram follower tracker software for iOS for free, and it won’t cost you a dime or use up all of your phone’s memory!


  • Keep a check on who’s following and unfollowing you.
  • Find out who has blocked you and who is blocking their story from you.
  • Find out who your most engaged followers are.
  • Find out which posts are the most popular.
  • Check out the hashtags and filters that are most popular.

15) Crowdfire

One of the most loved and trusted iOS apps for tracking Instagram followers is Crowdfire. You can find both your active and inactive followers as well as your current and future followers. Additionally, Crowdfire helps you schedule postings later. It’s the perfect ally to help you grow on Instagram.


  • Enhances user interaction by providing information and image recommendations based on the intended audience.
  • Allows publishing and sharing to Twitter, Pinterest, and additional websites.
  • Makes it possible to add websites and blogs to favorites using the RSS feature for content creation.
  • For better tracking, give Instagram account insight.
  • Determines followers’ interests and recommends styles and images based on users’ preferences to help them gain free followers.

16) Analytics Report+

You can track new followers, see who has unfollowed you on Instagram, see who is unfollowing you back, and more with Analytics Report+ for Instagram. With tons of functions, this top free Instagram follower tracker software for iOS for iPhone makes things easy. Thus, Analytics Report+ can be the best choice for you if you are looking for something to help you monitor your Instagram account.


  • Your post-performance can be viewed.
  • Your likes are detectable.
  • You can maintain a list of your closest Instagram friends.
  • It is possible to find out which of your friends liked your posts the most.
  • You can build your brand and influence.

17) Followers+ Track for IG

A fantastic alternative on this list is Followers+ Track for IG. This software is helpful in keeping track of accounts and makes it easy to track new followers and un-followers. It is more practical and easier to use visually, thanks to the scrolling feature. You can also view the list of people who don’t follow you on your iPhone with our top free Instagram follower tracker software for iOS.


  • It is possible to track people who choose not to follow you.
  • You are able to monitor post-performance and activity.
  • You can view media stories, charts, posts and likes with its help.
  • It supports multiple accounts.

18) InsTrack for Instagram

The last on the list of Instagram Follower Tracker Apps is InsTrack. You can grow on Instagram like you have a heavenly power helping you by using InsTrack. With its incredible data and detailed insights, you can learn how to take your Instagram game to new heights. If you are a celebrity, influencer or small business owner, InsTrack is the software for you. Since its launch in 2012, the app has gained a lot of popularity among Instagram users.


  • InsTrack monitors everything that matters on Instagram and compares it to other accounts that are similar to its own.
  • Here’s exactly what you need to do to improve your Instagram game.
  • Maintain a record of your objectives and assess your progress toward them.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors and find out which hashtags are trending.
  • InsTrack’s powerful filtering and search features make comment management a breeze.
  • Its smart scheduler acts as your account’s personal assistant.

That’s it for the list of Instagram Follower Tracker Apps.


What you need and want will determine which iOS Instagram Follower Tracker Apps is ideal for you. If you want to grow your fan base, choosing a reliable and safe app that offers in-depth statistics and tailored advice is a must. You can effectively manage your Instagram presence with the right app.

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