15 Top Free Coloring Apps for Adults in 2024

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Is coloring meant only for children? It is very acceptable if, as an adult, you want to go back to your coloring books! In fact, you can benefit greatly from this enjoyable hobby as it increases focus, celebrates your creative side, and brings positivity into your life. But since it’s not always possible to bring a coloring book to a meeting or a movie, this post will help you find the top free coloring apps for Android users who are adults.

15 Best Top Free Coloring Apps for Adults

If you are looking for ways to open yourself up, free offline Coloring Apps can be a great choice. Coloring is a fun pastime that will keep you busy for hours, whether you’re commuting in traffic or having a social media detox. These are the top coloring apps for Android that are free to use and downloadable for adults.

1) UNICORN Color by Numbers Game

There are many amazing drawing games on the unicorn coloring app. Its wide range of colors and patterns will give you the thrill of creating something fresh every day. It’s an app that’s perfect for adults, but it’s also ideal for people who enjoy coloring, drawing, and creating art. Below are some amazing features of Unicorn:

  • More than 400 unique pixel art images created by professional graphic designers are available on Unicorn.
  • On other platforms, you can tell your friends about your results.
  • The coloring book also includes drawings of flowers, animals, birds, music and other subjects.
  • In addition, it provides a distinct color scheme that tells which Color goes with which number.
  • You can get it for nothing.
  • There are over ten different species for painting unicorns.

2) Color by Number for Adults

A large selection of coloring pages for adults and children can be found at Color by Number for Adults. Each picture in this app has numbers that correspond to the corresponding Color. We all love this coloring app because of its incredible features, including:

  • You have the freedom to paint wherever you want.
  • This coloring app includes drawings of unicorns, mandalas, flowers and animals.
  • Since it is a lightweight program, it works well on smartphones with low storage.

3) Happy Color- Colouring Game

The coloring game Happy Color is fun to play. It makes people feel less anxious and allows them to explore their creative side. If you believe that coloring inside the lines is a difficult endeavor, this app will make you think. Just pick a color, then let your imagination run wild. Happy Color app has amazing features like:

  • People of different ages and lifestyles can use this software.
  • In addition, Happy Color supports people who paint for charity by partnering with several international organizations.
  • In addition, HappyColor’s partnership with Marvel and Disney allows users to color a variety of original artwork featuring their favorite superheroes and characters.

4) Colorify: Colouring Book Game

Adult mandala coloring books like Colorify are popular. For Android users, it is currently accessible for free. Colorify takes the pad to brainstorm and has a great selection of coloring pages to spice up your imagination. You can practice color therapy with the help of this app. Among the many features of Colorify are:

  • It provides a variety of sketches to Color and paint, such as mandalas, geometric patterns, animals and flowers.
  • Here is one of the free offline coloring applications.
  • Users can customize their color palette with Colorify.
  • Colorify makes painting easy. All you have to do is tap the Color you want to paint and start.
  • After saving your artwork, you can show it to the people you care about.

5) dotpict Easy to draw Pixelart

With over 4 million downloads and numerous favorable reviews, Dotpict’s inclusion in this compilation was inevitable. Among other top free coloring apps for adults on Android, this beautiful selection has many features that encourage users to use their creativity. A discussion of Dotpict’s features follows:

  • dotpict is a tool for creating pixel art.
  • The majority of its painting tools are free to use.
  • You won’t have to worry about stress while creating because the program automatically saves your creations.
  • You get to participate in various daily activities.
  • You can use it to create custom events that other people can participate in.
  • Moreover, it is free to download.

6) Colorfit: Drawing & Coloring

There are lots of engaging pages in Colorfit: Drawing & Coloring for users to peruse and inspire creativity. This program is fantastic for unleashing your creativity and developing your abilities to a whole new level. What more this software has to offer is this:

  • Colorfit has over a thousand pages.
  • You can try with various implements.
  • This software comes with various color schemes.
  • You can design your own coloring pages.

7) No.Pix Color by Number & Pixel

No, Pix is a free app that both adults and children can enjoy. It offers users multiple pictures to color according to numbers. Additionally, this coloring game frequently features brand-new, original pixel art designs.

  • It advances people’s capacity for focus and patience.
  • This is a useful app for de-stressing.
  • In addition to flowers and animals, you may paint anime, cartoons, unicorns, sceneries, and more.

8) Paint.ly- Color by Number

A fun coloring book with numbers that is appropriate for all ages is Paint.ly. In this app, fresh, contemporary pieces have been added. Paint.ly offers features such as:

  • Users of Paint.ly must fill in the colors in the pictures according to the designated numbers.
  • You can choose themes such as modern art, animals, characters, and mandalas.
  • In addition, you can show your loved ones your coloring pages or artwork.
  • Additionally, this software offers users tips to help them overcome challenges related to locating the numbers.
  • Paint.ly is one of the greatest free coloring applications for Android since it allows users to create time-lapse videos of the coloring process.

9) Color Planet

With the painting game Color Planet, players can create pictures by painting by numbers. Color Planet makes sure you have something new to color every day with its collection of over 5,000 coloring sheets, each with a unique outline and eye-catching design. You can enjoy coloring whenever and wherever you want with this app. Additional features of colored planets are as follows:

  • Additionally, this software offers a wonderful magical color palette for coloring pages.
  • It is available for free download.
  • This software offers helpful coloring tips to make coloring easier.

10) Color Me- Adults Coloring Book

If you want to color people, flowers, or the face of your favorite animal, Color Me is one of the greatest free coloring applications available for adults. With its various colored sheets, this app is ideal for both children and adults. Color Me has a ton of incredible features, such as:

  • You can never get bored with Color Me as it adds fresh images every week.
  • Users of the Color Me app can recolor their coloring sheets as many times as they want.
  • It enables you to show your sketches to your loved ones.
  • This software is free to download.
  • Many tools can be unlocked through in-app purchases.

11) Pigment- Adult Coloring Book

The pigment is another fantastic choice on our list. This is one of the free coloring apps for adults that lets you explore your artistic side by simply tapping and adding colors to the available blank pages. If you ever feel overwhelmed, you can practice self-love by using the Pigment-Adult Coloring Book app. Features of this app are as follows:

  • The Pigment app has over 2,200 pictures to color.
  • Also, for a different coloring experience, you can use paintbrushes, markers, and pencils.
  • The Pigment app has two painting methods: tap-to-fill and traditional.
  • Additionally, you may share your work via Facebook, Instagram, email, and other networks.

12) Colorfy: Coloring Book Games

Another software that can help you reduce stress and anxiety is called Colorfy. Colorfy offers a wide range of designs, from basic floral and animal patterns to intricate mandalas. Following are some of its features:

  • People can reduce stress and tension by using this software.
  • People can go digital and enjoy coloring using Colorfy.
  • It is also suitable for users of all ages and is easy to use.
  • Colorfy designs are updated frequently.

13) Recolor- Anti-Stress Coloring

One of the most popular options for coloring apps is Recolor. It has tons of features to make sure you always have the best experience. Recolor can help, whether your goal is to pass the time or ease your nerves before an important occasion. Recolor app has incredible features like:

  • It offers over 5,000 artistic and original coloring pages.
  • Recolor software provides a variety of color options.
  • This software provides four free coloring pages to download at different times daily.
  • In addition, you get access to more than 80 beautiful sketches, filters and effects to customize your artwork.
  • Additionally, you can use a seven-day free trial of this app before deciding to subscribe to the premium edition.

14) Coloring Book for Adults

The Coloring Book for Adults app has many different designs that you can color and is quite user-friendly. If you are feeling stressed and lonely, use this app to relax and feel lighter. Below is a list of the features of this option, along with some of the free coloring books for adults on Android:

  • This software has more than 500 coloring sheets with drawings of mandalas, flowers and other objects. There are also paintings by famous artists like Vermeer and Van Gogh.
  • To select a color, just tap on it, and then you can start painting.
  • With the help of this software, users can showcase their artwork by using stickers of hearts, flowers, weather icons, and many other objects.
  • Coloring Book for Adults app users can share and save their artwork with friends and family.

15) Color Therapy

There are several amazing drawing games on the Unicorn coloring app. Its wide range of colors and patterns will give you the thrill of producing something fresh every day. This is an app that is best intended for grownups, but it’s also ideal for individuals who enjoy coloring, drawing, and creating art. Below are some of Unicorn’s amazing features:

  • More than 400 unique pixel-art images created by professional graphic designers are available at Unicorn.
  • On other platforms, you can tell your friends about your results.
  • The coloring book also features drawings of flowers, animals, birds, music, and other subjects.
  • In addition, it provides a distinct color scheme that suggests which hue goes with which number.
  • You can get it for free.
  • Unicorn has over ten distinct genres for painting.


This concludes our discussion about adult coloring apps for android that are free. We hope that after reading this tutorial, you will have a better understanding of the free coloring apps available. You can use the comment area below to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Tell us about the topic you would like to read about in our next article as well.

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