31 Top Free AI Voice Generator Tools for Business & YouTube

AI Voice Generator Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) Voice Generator Tools technologies have gained popularity due to their ability to produce realistic-sounding synthetic voices without the need for expensive recording or voice actor experience. They can be used, for example, to narrate e-learning courses, create audio books, and provide voice overs for videos. After reading this blog post’s review and comparison of the best free AI voice generator tools currently on the market, you’ll find it easier to make an informed choice. Now, let’s begin!

31 Best Free AI Voice Generator Tools List

Both premium and free AI Voice Generator software are widely available. Still, it can be difficult to decide which tool is best for you, with so many to choose from. As a result, this list eliminates all other possibilities and presents only the best.

1) Amazon Polly

The first on the list of AI Voice Generator Tools is, Amazon Polly sub component of the AWS organization has developed text-to-speech services. Due to its easy scalability, It is compatible with a large number of hardware and software platforms.

Main Features:

  • Web-based TTS software.
  • A variety of realistic sounds are offered.
  • Speech parameters that can be changed.
  • Scalable and suitable for both business and development.

Pricing: Amazon has a free tier for Poly, which translates text to speech.

Limitations: Depending on how AWS technology is used, integration costs may require expertise.

Best for: Developers and companies looking for a scalable cloud-based text-to-speech system.

2) Acapela Group

Leading AI voice synthesis company Acapela Group has a wide range of natural sounds. The reality is that AI technology is available for areas such as entertainment, accessibility, and assistive technology. You can use this top free AI voice generator for audiobooks, e-learning tools, YouTube, speech-activated gadgets, and multimedia presentations.

Main Features:

  • Wide variety of AI voices.
  • Customization opportunities for specific uses.
  • Voice creation and integration services.

Pricing: By using minutes, sounds and services, you can customize the price.

Limitations: Depending on sound and customization options, prices will vary.

Ideal for: Content creators, businesses, and fields requiring specialized AI voices for various applications.

3) ResponsiveVoice

Text-to-speech technology that enables voice responses in online and mobile applications. It provides natural-sounding voices and multilingual support.

Main Features:

  • An API that converts text to speech for mobile and online use.
  • Supported dialects and multiple languages.
  • It can also be integrated with an application or website.

Pricing: Usage-based Voice offers a free version, and their fees are also usage-based.

Limitations: Some may have less customization options than other suppliers.

Ideal for: Web and mobile developers looking for an easy-to-use text-to-speech API.

4) Oddcast

Oddcast, a customizable, interactive AI voice solution for web and applications. It’s ideal for virtual assistants and chatbots, whose AI-powered selves can talk to users through a conversational interface. Oddcast’s technology allows for personalized user experiences.

Main Features:

  • AI speech characters that are interactive.
  • Integration with apps and websites.

Cost: Cost is determined by usage and personalization.

Limitations: The complexity of an interactive character can affect how much it costs.

Ideal for: Custom virtual agents that help developers and companies create engaging chatbots and virtual assistants with unique AI voices.

5) iFlytek

One of the most well-known companies in China, iFlytek was established in 1999 and specializes in speech recognition and natural language to computer interfaces through artificial intelligence (AI) voice technology. It provides text-to-speech services for a wide range of applications, including language learning platforms, smart gadgets, and virtual assistants.

Important characteristics:

  • For various tasks, voices that seem natural.
  • Multilingual assistance.

Cost: Tailored solutions and usage-based custom pricing.

Limitations: Costs may vary based on customization and may also have an impact on usage.

Ideal for: Companies creating intelligent devices, virtual assistant developers, and language platform suppliers looking for the best AI text-to-speech solutions.

6) Natural Reader

An artificial intelligence-powered text-to-speech program called Natural Reader makes reading and understanding simpler. A program called Natural Reader, which is frequently used in educational settings, converts text to audio.

Important characteristics:

  • AI-powered text-to-speech capability.
  • Both an internet tool and a desktop program.
  • Improved assistance with reading and understanding.
  • Multiple language voices.

Pricing: The company offers a free version as well as different versions with premium features that require payment from the user.

Limitations: The free version’s basic bundle may not be as effective as the premium one.

Best for: Improving reading and comprehension skills in students, instructors, and AI users.

7) Speechmatics

Speechmatics is an ASR and transcription system that is based on voice recognition. Its special sophisticated software, which uses speech-to-text technology, makes this feasible. Speechmatics goods, customer services, and the media sector can all benefit from ASR characteristics.

Important characteristics:

  • Turning speech into writing.
  • Media-friendly, perfect for transcribing and customer support.
  • Multilingual assistance.

Pricing: There are two options: a Pay As You Grow plan that starts at $0.30 per hour and a free plan.

Limitations: Prices may vary based on the volume of transcription and the specific needs.

Best for: Media, customer support, and speech-to-text transcription services for businesses and organizations.

8) Kukarella

For multimedia production, Kukarella is an AI-driven text-to-speech system that generates colorful and lifelike voice synthesis. It provides personalized AI voices for text processing, online education, and corporate presentations. Kukarella has a nice, natural voice.

Important characteristics:

  • AI voices are expressive and lifelike.
  • Ideal for content development, e-learning, and video narrations.
  • Options for multimedia application integration.

Pricing: Kukarella takes a step by providing cost alternatives with varying consumption levels and customizability.

Limitations: Voice customization and usage level may incur additional fees.

Ideal for: Companies who create and distribute e-learning content and videos and are looking for expressive and lifelike AI voices for their multimedia goods.

9) Woord

Woord is TTS, a ground-breaking tool that uses machine learning to translate texts into naturally spoken language. For the purpose of producing audio content and clips that sound natural, a wide variety of custom voices in numerous languages are accessible.

Important characteristics:

  • With certain regional variances included, there are 50 voices in 21 different languages.
  • Conversion of any kind of content, including books, journals, blogs, and research papers, to voice.
  • Audio player embedded in HTML that can be used in commercial projects, e-learning modules, and YouTube videos.
  • Smart voice technology facilitates natural-sounding, high-quality speaking.
  • Plans for subscriptions depending on usage that include MP3 downloads and API access.


Starter: It costs $9.99 a month and comes with a complimentary 7-day trial.

Simple: $24.99 a month

Advance: $49.99/mo

Pro: A monthly cost of $99.99

Limitations: Pricing varies based on usage volume and subscription package selected.

Best for: Organizations that offer AI-powered text-to-speech software to enterprises, educational institutions, and content producers who need a wide range of voice options and functionalities.

10) Voicery

Experience the expressiveness and naturalness of Voicery’s AI-generated voices. Among other things, they use their technology to deliver audio content and provide virtual support.

Main Features:

  • Expression and naturalness in artificial sounds.
  • Sound options: standard and custom.
  • Multilingual support.

Pricing: Hourly rate for specialized voice work. Each character under the Starter plan costs $0.001.

Limitations: Voice customization and usage may incur different fees.

Ideal for: Companies or developers who want to create AI voices for virtual assistant applications and audio content that mimic speech patterns and sounds.

11) Text2Speech.org

AI Text2Speech.org is a user-friendly, free online text-to-speech service. This top free AI voice generator on YouTube has multiple uses, including content creation and increased reach.

Main Features:

  • An easy-to-use text-to-speech system accessible on the web.
  • Easy conversion at a high speed.
  • AI sounds that sound natural.

Pricing: Text2Speech.org offers free TTS conversion.

Restrictions: Free access may come with some restrictions.

Best for: An accessible AI text-to-speech software aimed at small businesses and individuals who need it for accessibility and content creation.

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12) VoiceRSS

VoiceRSS creates voices that sound almost natural through the use of AI-based text-to-speech technology. Some of the uses of their technologies include voice assistants, e-learning, and customer service.

Main Features:

  • AI-powered text-to-speech systems with real voice capability.
  • Simple platform integration.
  • Multilingual support.

Pricing: Custom pricing for both paid and free programs, as well as enterprise solutions.

Limits: Depending on the amount of customization or the number of users, the fees may fall into different categories.

Best for: Developers or companies looking to quickly integrate text-to-speech systems with real-life voices for use in customer service applications, e-learning, or voice assistant programs.

13) TTSMP3.com

The text-to-speech website TTSMP3.com uses artificial intelligence to convert text to MP3 format. It is an easy-to-use program that speaks text in various situations.

Main Features:

  • A simple and intuitive UI.
  • Multiple voice and language options.

Cost: Nothing to use.

Cons: Not as versatile as the Luxury.

Best for: A user-friendly, free web program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert text to MP3 speech.

14) Notevibes

An online tool for translating text to speech is called Notevibes. It offers a variety of AI voices and text-to-audio customization options.

Main Features:

  • Many languages and voices are from AI.
  • Voice timbre, speed, and volume can all be changed.
  • Download music in many different formats.

Pricing: Three options are available: a $178 personal pack, an $1188 commercial pack, and a variable-price corporate package. All these plans are billed annually.

Restrictions: A free plan may be available with limited usage and audio watermarking.

Best for: Text-to-speech online users and custom AI voices.

15) Speakatoo

In the digital realm, Speakatoo stands out as the largest and most popular AI voice-generation program with text-to-speech capabilities on websites like YouTube. This company creates innovative technology that makes it possible to quickly and easily create voiceovers with realistic audio in just minutes.

Main Features:

  • Recorded speech samples with textual equivalents and additional extensive data.
  • Generating voices with auto-inflections for an authentic tone of human emotion.
  • Advanced audio control over rate, pitch, and volume; MP3 and WAV file downloads are available.
  • REST API services are guaranteed 99.99% uptime, making it easy to integrate with other parties.
  • Thanks to its SSML capability, it is able to support the registration of features that enhance mood, such as happiness, sadness, or happiness.
  • Over 700 distinct sounds are 100% natural in over 120 languages and dialects.
  • This package includes one year of secure cloud storage as well as access to Audio Links.

Pricing: The company offers a free plan, with terms posted on its website for commercial use. In addition, Quick Start, Basic and Standard plans are available on Premium plans for EUR 2, 8, and 24.

Limitations: The free plan does not allow commercial use.

Ideal for: A flexible text-to-speech system powered by AI that caters to consumers, businesses, educators and content providers.

16) Braina AI

Braina AI is the best AI voice and speech recognition software for both personal and business use. These include text-to-speech features, transcription and voice commands. Speech-to-text conversion and voice control automation are among the tasks completed.

Main Features:

  • Automation through voice commands.
  • speech recognition; Audio synthesis, translation, and transcriptions
  • Use cases for personal and professional use.

Braina AI offers: different pricing packages for personal and commercial use with a complimentary trial.

Limitations: Costs and pricing may vary by plan.

Ideal for: AI speech and voice recognition programs for individual and automated use.

17) Lovo.ai

Thousands of companies and YouTube content producers rely on Lovo.ai as the most efficient and adaptable AI voice generator. It provides an extensive collection of AI voices, each of which can convey more than 25 different moods. With its user-friendly interface, Lovo.ai simplifies content creation and is perfect for a range of applications, such as social media, marketing, podcasts, movies and more.

Main Features:

  • 500+ AI voices in the world’s largest library.
  • The definitive authority for experts in production.
  • Features simultaneous voiceover creation in video editing.
  • A resource directory that includes royalty-free music, sound effects, and non-verbal cues.
  • 150+ languages are supported, making localization easy.

Pricing: Offers a free trial of the Pro plan for 14 days. The basic plan costs and starts from
$19 a month.

Limitations: For prolonged use, prices may increase and sound quality may fluctuate.

Best for: Companies aiming to create engaging multimedia content with realistic AI voices, marketers, and content producers.

18) ElevenLabs

One of the best free AI voice generators is ElevenLabs, an intuitive AI text-to-speech application known for its generous free tier and ease of use. It gives users access to hundreds of AI-generated voices from Voice Library. It is particularly good at voice cloning, creating synthetic sounds from just sixty seconds of audio. This program is very flexible. It provides AI sounds that can be tailored to different tastes.

Main Features:

  • Voice customization with voice cloning capabilities.
  • Perfect for both individuals and businesses.
  • There are several AI-generated sounds to choose from.

Pricing: Three plans are available: Basic ($5/month), Creator ($22/month), and Free ($0/forever).

Limitations: Limited free tier; Integration may require developer support.

Ideal for: People and companies looking for an AI voice generator that can be used for voice cloning.

19) Speechify

One of the largest AI voice generators for YouTube, Speechify is an Internet tool that can convert most text forms into natural-sounding speech. It is intended to simplify the process of converting papers, emails, or articles into speech for those who intend to consume large amounts of increasingly simple content.

Main Features:

  • Speech is converted into natural sound from different formats.
  • Read at an adjustable pace to suit your preferences.
  • 30+ sounds that sound natural.
  • Converts and scans printed text.
  • A platform that runs online and has browser extensions.

Pricing: A free plan is available, but you can’t download anything

Description: The paid subscription Basic plan costs $288 per year, while the Professional plan costs $385.

Limitations: Not every customer may like to pay extra rates.

Ideal for: Instructors, learners, and efficient users of single-click text-based content.

20) Murf

An established AI voice generator for professionals, including instructors, podcasters, product developers, and corporate executives, is called Murf AI. Murph is quite versatile when it comes to specific speech activities, as it can provide over a hundred AI voices in fifteen different languages.

Main Features:

  • Voice, accent, and a plethora of other customization options.
  • Wide range of sound fluctuations.
  • Voiceover was added to the built-in video editor.
  • +100 multilingual AI voices.
  • For use in presentations, voiceover, and other display contexts.

Pricing: $19 per month for a premium subscription with a free trial.

Limitations: Advanced add-ons require a premium subscription, and sound quality may change.

Ideal for: Sound generator users looking for a wide range of customization options for voice-driven tasks.

21) Synthesys

Synthesys is an incredibly powerful AI text-to-speech tool that enables users to easily create high-quality AI voiceovers and movies. The ability to combine multiple voices into one file for great-sounding dialogue voiceovers gives it another competitive advantage.

Main Features:

  • There are 35 male professional voices and 34 female professional voices available in the library.
  • Pitch, emphasis, and pause can all be changed.
  • Voiceover capabilities for multi-voice dynamic conversations.
  • CRM, gaming, e-learning, and more.
  • To make quick edits, use Preview mode.

Pricing: $23 per month for a single subscription after a 14-day free trial.

Limitations: The sound quality is not always the same, and the prices may not be affordable for everyone.

Ideal for: Customizable and versatile sounds with advanced voice generation.

22) Listnr

Although Listnr is a very flexible computer that can convert words into speech, it is still an artificial intelligence system. It is one of the few businesses that offer this unique function, which includes adding custom audio players to blogs to listen to the content.

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Main Features:

  • Formats that can be adjusted for tone and genre.
  • Integrate a custom audio player on your blog.
  • Ideal for podcasts with profit margins.
  • Translates text into different languages and dialects.

Cost: Variable based on utility and usage.

Limitations: You may be able to use a limited number of free services, or you may need to pay for more sophisticated capabilities.

23) WellSaid Labs

For those who feel the need, WellSaid Labs’ web-based authoring tool for generative AI makes voices easily accessible. It includes a variety of on-demand AI voices. It is one of the best AI voice generators available, ensuring YouTube content creators high-quality voiceovers.

Main Features:

  • Continuous access to a huge collection of various AI voices.
  • Pronunciation training for precise articulation.
  • No studio constraints, no talent.
  • Editing possibilities and instant updates.

Pricing: A one-week trial period is offered at no cost. Other options are called Maker, Creative and Team. These are billed annually and cost $44 per month, $89 per month, and $179 per user per month, respectively.

Limitations: There is no assurance of accuracy at a given price.

Ideal for: Companies and content creators looking for great, adaptable voiceover talent.

24) Microsoft Custom Neural Voice

One of the more capable alternatives in Microsoft’s Azure AI service category is this text-to-speech application. It has a voice gallery with over 400 voices in over 140 languages and dialects. The most notable feature is Custom Neural Voice (CNV), which enables users to create sounds that mimic human voice input.

Main Features:

  • Unique artificial voices generated by custom neural voice generation.
  • Adding Azure AI services
  • Supports different dialects and languages.

Pricing: Pricing for Custom Neural Voice may differ from Azure AI Services, which Microsoft will charge on a per-user basis.

Limitations: Depending on the application, technical expertise may be required to integrate a system, and costs will vary.

Best for: Developers and business owners looking for AI voices that are realistic and adaptive under Azure AI integration.

25) Play.ht

The second best free AI voice generator is called Play.ht, and it has text-to-speech voices powered by AI and sourced from Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon. Featuring more than 570 voices and accents, it promotes diversity. It’s impossible to ignore the creativity that plays.ht provides the premier AI voice generation tool for voiceovers across e-learning, podcasts, YouTube, and a host of other platforms.

Main Features:

  • Real-time sound synthesis for instant audio creation.
  • For example, it can be applied to e-learning or videos.
  • Get voiceovers in MP3 and WAV format.

Cost: Varies according to convenience and usage.

Limits: 2500 word limit may apply to free features. Additional plans are Creator and Pro, which cost $31.2 and $49.50 per month, respectively.

Best for: Content creators, educators, and companies who need a versatile AI text-to-speech generator.

26) Sonantic

Actor Val Kilmer was able to restore his voice by using a synthetic voice copy called Sonantic. It allows the user to change the generated tone of voice to something happy, sad, or angry. Its many uses include animation, cinematography, and game creation. It is an indispensable tool.

Main Features:

  • For a speech that feels like a human voice, use an emotion-controlled voice.
  • Sound parameters that can be changed.
  • A simple text-to-speech system with an interface.

Pricing: Pricing information is provided upon request.

Limitations: Cost may be based on consumption and not easily accessible.

Best for: Professionals, developers, or creators in the entertainment industry who are looking for a versatile and expressive voice that perfectly fits their project.

27) Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

One of the biggest text-to-speech services for websites like YouTube is Google’s cloud-based AI voice generator. It uses deep learning to generate realistic synthetic sounds for many applications. Google’s massive neural network allows it to deliver high-quality audio with customizable features.

Main Features:

  • Natural Language Processing Technologies Handbook.
  • Flexible choices, including tempo and pitch.
  • Multidialectal and multilingual support.
  • Scalable service provided by the cloud.

Cost: Google Cloud Text-to-Speech is priced based on usage. A free quote is available.

Limitations: Integration requires technical knowledge, and costs vary depending on the application.

Ideal for: Cloud-based text-to-speech solutions powered by AI from Google for developers, businesses, and content providers.

28) iSpeech

With multiple options for converting text to speech, iSpeech is a versatile and top-rated free AI voice generation application. It is a multilingual tool for worldwide communication.

Main Features:

  • Text-to-speech integration through an API designed with developers in mind.
  • The uniqueness of pronunciation.
  • Fantastic for businesses and app developers.

Pricing: First, there is a free option, and then the price varies based on your usage and features.

Limitations: Nevertheless, a portion of these features are provided free of charge, but the full capability requires additional payment.

Ideal for: API-driven, custom text-to-speech apps for companies and app developers.

29) IBM Watson Text to Speech

Artificial intelligence can be used through IBM Watson text-to-speech to create a more human voice by leveraging natural language understanding. With customizable parameters, the company’s speech generator is part of IBM’s Watson AI services. Designed with developers and businesses in mind, it offers a high-quality sound to enhance your applications.

Main Features:

  • Sound parameters that can be changed.
  • Supported dialects and multiple languages.
  • Joining the IBM Watson ecosystem.

Cost: IBM Watson Text-to-Speech has a usage-based pricing structure, with free tiers at the lowest.

Limitations: Integration may require technical know-how, and usage-based fees may apply.

Ideal for: Companies and developers looking for artificial intelligence (AI) text-to-speech systems with natural language understanding.

30) CereProc

One of the most popular free AI voice generators on YouTube is CereProc. Additionally, it offers text-to-speech options to users who want their own voice. CereProc is used in the entertainment sector, such as in movie theater advertising.

Main Features:

  • Great intelligent voices that are both accessible and entertaining.
  • Adjusting the sound to suit specific situations.
  • Voice cloning services.

Pricing: Voice production and consumption with flexible, personalized pricing that adapts to your needs.

Limitations: Custom sound production can be expensive, and costs can vary.

Ideal for: Text-to-speech programs tailored for specific industries and content creators, as well as personalized AI voice for businesses.

31) ReadSpeaker

The last in the list of AI Voice Generator Tools is ReadSpeaker. One of the leading producers, ReadSpeaker, offers various sound synthesis solutions. Its voices sound natural, making them suitable for use in the customer service, healthcare and education sectors. RedSpeaker’s technology aims to enhance the Voice Mode user interface and usability.

Main Features:

  • Realistic AI sounds for different fields.
  • Interaction with online learning environments.
  • Multilingual support.

Pricing: Provides a free trial period and customized pricing based on consumption or specific solutions.

Limitations: Based on the answer selected or user group selected, charges may vary.

Best for: Businesses looking to increase accessibility and user interaction, educational institutions and healthcare providers can all benefit greatly from using AI-based text-to-speech.

That’s it for the list of AI Voice Generator Tools.


We hope that this blog post has assisted you in locating the greatest free AI Voice Generator Tools for your needs, whether you’re a YouTube creator or a business owner. As you can see, there are a lot of fantastic possibilities, so it’s important to choose a tool that has the features and capabilities you need. Please use the comments section below to ask any questions or suggestions. Recommendations for us.

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