What is Janitor AI? How to Create an AI Character?

Janitor AI

The Janitor AI platform provides a large-scale language model that enables users to engage in dialogue with various AI personas. It includes an extensive selection of avatars, from beloved anime-inspired figures to personalized character creations. While Janitor AI can be used at no cost, there is also a premium subscription available that unlocks extra perks, such as an expanded roster of characters and options to tailor the conversational interactions.

What Exactly is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is a web-based service that provides users with chatbot interactions, enabling them to have dynamic exchanges with AI-powered conversation partners. The platform’s slogan, “Wow, much chatbots, such fun!” hints at a whimsical and enjoyable experience with artificial intelligence communication. Additionally, the platform maintains an active presence within the Discord community, signifying a robust and involved user group.

Functionality of Janitor AI

  • Engage in dialogue with characters created by artificial intelligence through Character Chat.
  • Character Generation: Individuals have the capability to design their unique artificial intelligence personas for customized engagement.
  • Engage in confidential discussions with artificial intelligence to maintain the privacy of users.
  • Contains Adult-Themed AI Chat Options: The platform could include elements or material that are intended for an adult audience.
  • Integration with OpenAI brings about improved artificial intelligence features.

Janitor AI Pro

Likewise, any item or service marketed as “Janitor AI Pro” does not come from the authentic Janitor AI line. It’s an imitation and consumers should be cautious of such misleading assertions.

Janitor AI LLM

In June, it was revealed by Janitor AI that they are working on creating their proprietary Large Language Model. Recently, a feature for the Janitor AI LLM has been spotted in the API configuration area, though at this stage, only a select group of users have received invitations to test it. Reports indicate that Janitor AI LLM This will provide more liberation regarding limitations on content.

Janitor AI App

Please be aware that as of this moment, there is no authorized mobile application for Janitor AI. If you encounter any application purporting to be the “Janitor AI APP”, it is an illegitimate imitation. We advise users to exercise caution and steer clear of these fraudulent apps to prevent being misled.

Janitor AI Discord

In June, the company known as Janitor AI disclosed their plans to create their proprietary large language model (LLM). Recently, the API settings have revealed the availability of the Janitor AI LLM, although access to it has been restricted to a select group of users. It is said that this new language model from Janitor AI will provide users with more leeway regarding content limitations.

Here are the instructions to join via the Janitor AI website:

  1. Press the button labeled “Join the Discord” found at the bottom section of the Janitor AI website.
  2. Upon receiving an invitation, duplicate the provided Discord link for Janitor AI.
  3. Access the Discord website and sign into your Discord account.
  4. Choose the option “Add a new server” on the left-hand side.
  5. Copy the invitation link for the Janitor AI on Discord and use it to gain access to the Janitor AI Discord server.

Advantages and disadvantages of Janitor AI

Advantages :

  • When combined with GPT, it offers in-depth conversations and exchanges.
  • Possesses a superior memory in comparison to Character AI.
  • Becoming more flexible and natural during discussions.

Disadvantages :

  • Access to all features necessitates the possession of an API key.
  • For some individuals, linking up with other programs (such as GPT) could prove to be somewhat intricate.

AI Janitor Register and Sign In

To create an account on Janitor AI, here is what you need to do:

  1. Navigate to the Janitor AI website and select the “Register” option located at the upper right-hand side of the page.
  2. Provide your email address and password for access (Please be aware that registration via email might be restricted until Monday; alternatively, you can sign up using the social media options provided below).
  3. Enter your full name, preferred alias, a description of yourself, and additional details for your profile.
  4. After filling out the necessary details, press the “Update Profile” button to finalize the creation of your Janitor AI account.
  5. Following registration of an account, select the Login option to finalize the process. Janitor AI  account login.

How is Janitor AI used?

Chat with AI Character on Janitor AI

To engage in conversation with Janitor AI, kindly adhere to these instructions:

  1. Access the Janitor AI webpage and sign into your existing Janitor AI account.
  2. Select a character that appeals to you.
  3. Select the option “Chat with [character name].”
  4. If the API is not configured, a message will be displayed indicating “Not ready! Click to set up.”
  5. Each character possesses distinct API interfaces, such as those provided by OpenAI and Kobold AI.
  6. After configuring the API interface, you can resume your conversation.

Creating an AI Character Using Janitor AI

Creating an adult-themed AI character on Janitor AI is a straightforward procedure whereby users are able to specify a range of traits and features for their creation. Below are the comprehensive instructions for developing an AI persona:

  1. Head over to the Character Creation Page. Access the Janitor AI’s character creation page.
  2.  Character Info This part is about the way in which your character will be presented and how it can be looked up.
    •  Name: Enter the name of your character.
    •  Avatar: Upload a picture to be used as the avatar for the bot, or import a Tavern PNG file instead. Before adding a new character, consider searching for an already-existing one that you can use.
    •  Introduction: This information will appear in the description of your character but will not be incorporated into scenarios or affect the development of your character.
  3. Choose the Gender/Identity for Your Character Label your character using no more than five tags.
  4.  Type  :
    • 🌟 Public Bot
    • 🔒 Private Bot (only you can see it)
  5.  Rating  :
    • 👪 Limited
    • 🔞 Limitless
  6.  Character Definition This part focuses on the behavior and actions of your character.
    •  Personality: Provide details about the character’s personality in this section. This part is labeled as ‘Description’ in TavernAI and referred to as ‘Personality’ in the Character Editor.
    •  Initial Message: Start off with an extensive message from your character. Doing so will motivate your character to reply with more detailed and extended answers.
    •  Scenario: The present conditions and the setting of the dialogue, along with the individuals involved.
    •  Example Dialogs: Sample conversation between you and the character. This part is vital in instructing your character on the manner in which they ought to communicate.
  7.  Create Character Once you have finished all the preceding actions, press the “Create Character” button.


Is janitor ai free?

The Janitor AI service is available at no cost. However, interacting with a specific character requires an OpenAI key. The cost for each character varies and is determined by the number of tokens used. The least amount that can be charged is for 2 tokens, while the maximum could be in the hundreds of tokens.

Is Janitor AI down?

Owing to the high volume of individuals using it, it is advisable to try accessing Janitor AI later if the system is not operational and you encounter any issues.

Can Janitor AI see chats?

No, every conversation remains confidential. The Janitor AI does not retrieve the chat logs of users.


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