29 Top Wingman Skins in Apex Legends in 2024

Wingman Skins

Sharpshooters and snipers favor the powerful semi-automatic handgun known as the Wingman in Apex Legends. But let’s face it, after a few encounters, his standard look can get boring. You can experiment with several stylish and in-demand skins to spice up your gaming sessions. They can express your sense of style and individuality and make your armor stand out. To choose the ideal Wingman skin for you, let’s delve into the dynamic universe of Apex Legends.

29 Best Wingman Skins in Apex Legends in 2024

Like Wingman, Apex Legends has a ton of great cosmetic skins for guns. Both basic recolors and detailed themed patterns are available.

  • By participating in games and completing tasks, you can earn these skills.
  • You can also purchase various other skins using in-game money, such as Apex Coins or Crafting Metals.
  • Additionally, premium Battle Pass awards and skins from limited event events are occasionally available.

Let’s now explore which wingman skins are the best options for you in Apex Legends.

1) Eye of the Beholder

Have you seen One Piece? If so, you can identify Monkey D. Luffy’s gun from the main character. It has a retro look due to its classic style. If you enjoy retro stuff, Eye of the Beholder might be the perfect choice for you. With a gun barrel sight, this legendary and anniversary skin has a gold and wood tone. It can be purchased for 2400 Crafting Metals or 1800 Apex Coins.

2) Shattered

This skin adds a futuristic and military flair to your Wingman armor with its black, white and metallic design. Additionally, you can easily blend in with the snow thanks to the broken skin. As such, it does more than enhance your weapon—it also has a functional use.

3) Arctic Blaster

With blue, green and violet colors, this skin is one of the best options for wingman weapons. Arctic Blaster’s color combination gives your pistol a very cool appearance, giving it a very icy surface look. This is an epic skin that was initially made available for the 2019 and 2020 Holiday Bash events hosted by Mirage. This skin is available for 800 Crafting Metals or 1000 Apex Coins.

4) Dragon’s Wing

During Season 8’s anniversary, this incredible skin will be accessible. It looks deadly, like a dragon, with flashes of yellow energy mixed with a bright red color. Its dragon-like appearance is further enhanced by the painted eye on the pistol barrel. Its ominous feel cannot be denied, although some may not consider it classically beautiful. You will need 400 Crafting Metals or 1000 Apex Coins to get this skin.

5) Crimson King

The gun looks even slicker with this skin due to its constant flashing light. It has a one-eyed feature, just like Big Brother in the 1984 novel. However, given that it’s not entirely red, the moniker can be deceiving. Rather, it shows red areas that represent the Illuminati symbol. This skin was included in Season 5’s Lost Treasure Collection. The Crimson King skin is only available for purchase for 800CraftingMetals or 1000 Apex Coins.

6) Derez

With a little Minecraft charm added, this skin turns your wingman gun into a weapon fit for the military. Its combination of red, black and white colors gives it a menacing image that will scare your opponents. Given the shape of the skin, the name makes sense. This would be a great option if you are investing your hard-earned money in rare items.

7) Jester

With its brilliant colors and intricately rendered skeleton, this skin is significantly more visually appealing. It features patches in various tones of green, purple, violet and yellow. This skin tone is ideal for those who love to have fun. It lets you use many Apex Legends characters with the Wingman Gun.

8) Generation X

The group of people born between 1965 and 1981 is known as Generation X. Because of this, the dark and bright orange colors give your Wingman gun a vintage handgun look, making it look more vintage.

9) The Dismantler

Remember the Death Ray skin we talked about earlier? If you are looking for a more stylish and traditional version of this skin, you should get The Dismantler skin. Its distinctive metallic design provides a cool touch, and its red shade gives it a classic look. This skin also has some gunmetal black bits in the gun, which add an extra fashionable touch.

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To get this skin, you must first unlock The Death Ray, and then you must wait for it to appear in the store. The price is 1800 Apex Coins or 10,500 Legend Tokens.

10) Final From

You will have a gun in final form that looks futuristic when you equip this skin. It has small rings that always glow yellow, like lava flowing nearby. Due to its metallic look, this design is a great choice if you like simple color schemes. This skin was introduced during Season 10’s Evolution Collection Event.

11) Cold Fusion

With its various purple tones, this skin is a great option. Its compatibility with the majority of Apex Legends players is one of its best advantages. You don’t have to worry about whether it fits your legend or not. The skin of the gun has an octagonal pattern with purple spots scattered throughout, giving it a futuristic look.

12) Attention to Detail

The attention to detail skin is an incredibly stylish and artistic wingman skin, which lives up to its name. While this skin type may not be to everyone’s taste, it is appreciated nonetheless. It is undoubtedly one of the best options available. The skin has many pleasing properties. For example, when you take out an enemy, it responds by firing a cog out of the barrel of the gun. The level 110 reward of the fifth season of Battle Pass is this adorable skin.

13) Brass Beast

This is a recolor of the Ruthless Wing with a brass color scheme. Like the previous skins on our list, this one gives your Wingman rifle a vintage, retro look that makes it look like something Sherlock Holmes or the British Royal Guard might use. Since this is just a recolor, if you have already unlocked the Merciless Wing, you can patiently wait for it to appear in the store and then purchase it for 10,500 Legend Tokens or 1800 Apex Coins.

14) Wings of Morien

Complete the Treasure Pack quest in Apex Legends Season 13 to get this new skin for the Wingman Pistol. Once you collect every treasure pack for the season, the skin will become accessible. It comes in white, blue, red and black colors and has a soldier painted on the gun. The best part is that it can be downloaded for free!

15) Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire premiered on 4 February 2019. This amazing skin has a deadly look thanks to its metallic tone and the attractive fire animation in the pistol barrel. It costs 400 crafting metals to purchase. The body of the gun is painted dark red when it is equipped. The main reason why so many people like this pistol is its awesome fire animation.

16) Cardinal Force

Wingman’s Legendary Skin Cardinal Force is sold separately for 1800 Apex Coins. He was first seen in season 13 of Apex Legends and was modeled after Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of Boku no Hero Academia.

17) Precision Calibre

To get one of the best battle skins for your Wingman, you must rank 100 in the Premium Combat Pass. Apart from its attractive appearance, this pistol cover has an additional advantage. An enemy may ask you how to unlock Precision Caliber if they see you using it. In Season 5, the Precision Caliber skin was first made available in Apex Legends.

18) Merciless Wings

The Apex Legends pay-to-win option is where you can get this skin. With its gold and silver pattern, it exudes a royal look. It can be unlocked for 1800 Apex Coins or the regular Apex Pack. In case you are short on Apex Coins, 1200 Crafting Metals can be used instead.

19) Red Rocket

1800 Apex Coins will get you the legendary unique weapon skin, Red Rocket. To craft the Red Rocket, you will need 6,500/10,500 Legend Tokens and a Ruthless Wing. Although this skin is really just one color of the Merciless Wing, it has a distinct iridescence and is one of the rarest and most beautiful guns in Apex Legends. Its highly desirable appearance is partly attributed to the brilliant red and silver colors.

20) Guns Up

This skin is ideal for you if you enjoy stunning colors that have the power to captivate you. The vivid shade of yellow will definitely grab your attention. Along with the Sunsup skin, the Gunsup skin was first made available in Season 15 as part of the Catalyst Launch Bundle.

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21) Wake Up

During Season 9, the Wake Up Skin, an incredibly rare skin, was available for free at Tier 25. Its vivid color gives your pistol a menacing edge. When Octane or Wraith man the wingman gun, this skin looks pretty cool. If you are playing as one of these characters and have a wingman, be sure to equip the Wake Up skin.

22) Lawbringer

Are you a fan of western movies? In that case, this skin might be ideal for you! You can use this skin to give your Wingman a vintage revolver look. It was previously part of the Chaos Theory collection, but currently, you have to buy the Deputy of Death bundle to get it.

23) Loud Mouth

Here are the top legendary skins for Wingman in Apex Legends, which cost 2400 Crafting Metals or 1800 Apex Coins to obtain.

It was first made available at the Fight or Fight event in 2019 and then made its second appearance in 2020. True to its name, its skin has flames coming out of a clown’s mouth. It is considered one of the scariest wingman skins, capable of chilling your opponent to the bone.

24) Invasion

This skin fell under the rare category and was accessible during season 10. During this season, you can get it by purchasing a Battle Pass. With this skin, the Wingman pistol has a wonderful and unique vintage appearance. It ranks as one of the dullest and rarest skins in the world.

25) Artic Fox

The skin looks as stylish as its name suggests. The amazing thing is that it can be applied to any story, giving them all a great look. This is an epic skin, really hard to track down. Thus, you should consider yourself lucky if you are able to get an Arctic Fox! It costs 1000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals and is part of the Best of Prey collection.

26) Thermal Rise

There are two easy ways to get this legendary weapon skin from the shop:

  • You can buy it with 1800 Apex Coins or 1200 Crafting Metals.
  • Taking it out of a pack

Wingman’s skin gives him a cool, self-cooling appearance and gives him a blue color.

When you shoot the Wingman, its blue light creates an eerie effect that can make your opponents flinch.

27) Heat Burst

This rare skin was available at level 53 in the Emergence Battle Pass for Apex Legends Season 10. The tier system in the game provides this skin for free. When applied, it is defined as one of the best weapon skins available, giving your weapons a sinister and menacing look.

28) Code of Honor

For those who enjoy the color green, the Code of Honor skin in Apex Legends is a great option. You can use it with any of your characters, as it fits the majority of legends in the game.

29) The Death Ray

This skin makes the wingman gun look like a sci-fi movie gun, perfect if you like to watch that kind of movie. You’ll also notice that the Death Ray’s skin resembles the weapons in the Call of Duty video game. This Legendary skin can turn your Wingman Pistol into a Ray Gun and is not tied to any specific event. This skin is only available for 1800 Apex Coins.

That’s it, we hope you got your favorite Wingman Skins in Apex Legends.


Can You Buy Every Wingman Event Skin?

Sadly, not every Wingman event skin can be purchased. Event skins are exclusive to such events and cannot be resold later. Some skins are less likely to be found, although they may reappear in later events. Therefore, although it is not impossible, it is important to maintain your skills while maintaining your expectations.

We hope that after going through the list, you now know which wingman skins in Apex Legends are best for you. These skins combine luxury and substance to enhance your gaming experience.If you have any comments, please leave them below. You can also follow us to get more helpful gaming materials!

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