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How does the concept of updated education seem to you? Tempting, right? To satisfy your curiosity, JoinPD offers complexities in the education sphere that will alter your educational experience. This virtual platform lets teachers interact with their students and provide online lessons comfortably and effectively. Teachers may quickly set up online classrooms, give assignments, and interact with students and parents through podcasts and live webinars. Even students may use video conferencing to share their displays and notes and communicate with their peers. Like all other online platforms, it was popular during COVID-19, when students could access the learning resources teachers posted. Join us on this trip with JoinPD powered by Power Deck, with built-in spectacular features, benefits, access, and freemium plans.

What Is JoinPD?

During quarantine, JoinPD, a virtual and embedded web platform, surged. It enables teachers to construct presentations, tests, learning exercises, and sideshows to benefit their students. Users may access a variety of prompts and templates to help them with their experience on the portal. Students may access these online-generated presentations and learning resources using the unique IDs issued by their teachers. Live testing and assessment sessions allow teachers to evaluate their students’ performance better. Each presentation has a unique ID, allowing for much-needed segmentation and flow. In the long run, the user-friendly design is a big aid and is tempting enough to investigate. Explore a variety of categories that combine fun and learning components.

How To Access JoinPD As A Teacher?

Navigating Pear Deck is easier than you think. To start as a teacher on this virtual platform, you must follow certain self-explanatory rules.

  • First, go to the Pear Deck website and choose ‘Teacher Login.’
  • Select the account you prefer to continue with after being redirected. You may use a Gmail or Microsoft account, whichever you like.
  • To access your site, you must log in to Google Drive or OneDrive.
  • You will likely be given a few setup questions; answer them and continue.
  • To allow access, you should click Authorize and add your credentials at this point.
  • Add your institution and zip code. If you are not in the United States, you must write down your school’s name and zip code since they will not appear on the list.
  • Your work begins here, with you creating presentations using any of the built-in templates offered to you.
  • Create an intriguing presentation using the code, and your access plan will be authorized.
  • Once completed, it will be made accessible to students.
  • If you prefer to use this Pear Deck Add-on with Google Slides, add your Google account, and you’re ready to go.
  • However, if you have a Microsoft account, launch the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Copy your presentation link and share it with students.

How To Access JoinPD As A Student?

To start with JoinPD as a student, you must follow simple instructions that only take a few minutes.

  • You’ll need an ID code or a link from your teacher to get access.
  • Get to the official website.
  • Create an account with Microsoft or Gmail, and then click ‘Student login.’
  • After checking in with your credentials, you will be prompted to join the presentation, which may be accessed using the link and code.
  • Paste the code to join.

JoinPD Features

JoinPD has outstanding features that set it apart from other comparable educational websites. This unique platform comes in handy in various ways, as we shall see.

Webinars And Workshops – You will have access to on-demand webinars and workshops you can join whenever you choose. These are structured and created by educational specialists.

Hands-on Learning Modules – These modules are intended to engage students and teachers while incorporating technology, training, management, and evaluation strategies. Students may enjoy a wonderful learning experience thanks to these well-designed modules relevant to instructional techniques.

Multiple-choice Assessment – This is an amazing feature that has brought about significant change in the educational environment and made assessment easier. Teachers memorize answers and may rapidly evaluate their students’ performance based on their selected answers.

Draggable Content – It adds fun to your often monotonous study routines. You may include interactive components like boxes and shapes to allow students to share their ideas and views while teachers prioritize critical facts and add crucial instructional nuggets.

Embed Websites – Switching between sites to acquire some content might take a lot of work. JoinPD is an excellent option since it consolidates your web-based materials into a single slideshow presentation. To create slides, you must copy and paste the website URL. You will get a customizable preview in which you may alter the location and font of the content.

User-friendly Interface – The navigation is fluid and interesting; you will stay energized after spending hours on the site. The color palette is eye-catching and pleasing to the eye. You may access anything from the navigation menu bar.

Versatile Library – This virtual platform is designed specifically for educators, and it has a wealth of information, including teaching plans, methods, research papers, and other evaluation elements, enabling you to make the most of your experience.

Monitoring And Certification – It enables teachers to track their progress, such as what they have learned and how it has benefited their teaching experience. Certificates they may receive showcase their skills and are useful for their future goals.

JoinPD Merits

With these fantastic features, you’re fully aware of the benefits JoinPD provides.

  • As a teacher, you may get real-time replies by holding polls or asking questions, which helps you better understand the student’s learning capacity and if they are getting the topics.
  • If you are a teacher, there are a dozen benefits to using this platform. You may create presentations using text boxes and multimedia icons, significantly improving the educational experience.
  • You may also evaluate your students’ success based on how long it takes them to finish and understand presentations and how they respond to polls and multiple-choice questions.
  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand our platform; follow the steps, and you’ll be on the correct track.
  • This site allows teachers to share students’ performances with colleagues via email and text messaging, fostering academic cooperation.
  • Distance learning benefits from its effective and time-saving nature.
  • It is compatible with PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, iPhones, and Android devices.

Is JoinPD Free?

This Pear Deck platform has three price plans that its various users may select. These plans are divided into three categories: free, premium, and customized for select schools and districts.

Free Plan – The most popular plan among teachers and students. Users may access free classes, connect Microsoft and Google, and create templates. Students may offer and attend instructional sessions that are appropriate for their performance and cost nothing.

Premium Plan – It includes all the free features and certain add-on features, such as an audio function and the ability to highlight student names and progress. It also shows which students have previously submitted work and their progress. How much does it cost? That’s something you must be curious about; therefore, the membership costs $149.99 each year.

Personalized Pricing Plan – It is designed for schools and districts that need freemium plans, including free and premium plans for their teachers and students. It also supports efficiency reporting, training, and other features.

Have you selected which plan best suits your interests and why?


How Do Students Interact With Pear Deck?

After joining the official website, students are given an ID code that they may either click or manually write. They will get access to the presentation slides and may ask questions.

How Many Students Can Join Pear Deck?

Nearly 30 students may join Pear Deck and showcase their learning skills by actively engaging in question-and-answer sessions.

Is Pear Deck Simple To Use?

Yes, it’s a really simple platform to use, with many free features. Joining is easier, as is adding questions to slides. A summary at the conclusion provides a clear idea of overall progress.

Consider The Following:

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, JoinPD by Power Deck tremendously benefits academic users. Teachers may make presentations and sideshows using hundreds of templates accessible on the website. Text boxes, animated characters, polls, and other informative but amusing components may be used to engage students effectively. Students may access the learning materials using the unique ID numbers provided or a URL. The features are fully customizable, easy, and efficient, making them ideal for virtual and remote learning. JoinPD offers free, premium, and customizable plans, which you may select from. Please review and share your thoughts on the important information provided.

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