17 Top AI Medical Diagnostic Apps in 2024

AI Medical Diagnostic Apps

Applications of AI in medicine have the amazing potential to completely transform the healthcare sector. It is important to understand that their purpose is to provide pre-primary care for immediate support so that patients and doctors can identify timely red flags rather than switching to CertTop 17 AI Medical Diagnostic Apps
certified practitioners or changing detailed diagnosis and treatment. We have put together a complete list of top AI medical diagnosis apps, which you should use with expert medical advice to take precautions. Before getting proper diagnosis and treatment from doctors, these AI health applications will help you know about any acute health concerns and help you keep a regular check on your health.

Top 17 AI Medical Diagnostic Apps List

Virtual health assistants, faster drug research, early diagnosis, and other aspects of healthcare all demand meticulous attention to detail. The first stage in diagnosing a patient is to monitor their symptoms; this is where the medical and healthcare industries may greatly benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
It is important to understand that AI-powered medical apps are not intended to play the role of medical professionals. Rather, these AI applications aim to augment existing assumptions and optimize duties, therefore increasing physician productivity.

So, let’s gather information about the AI healthcare applications that are currently driving the growth of the sector.

Note: None of the apps or utilities on this list are sponsored or endorsed by us. Users are responsible for protecting their data from loss or breach of privacy. Use accordingly at your own risk.

1) Sensely

The first on the list of AI Medical Diagnostic Apps is Sensely. You can interact with Molly and a number of other digital chat assistants on Sensely’s platform using medical AI applications, just like a human nurse or doctor. Strives seriously to provide seamless member experiences and tailored conversations to make a lasting impact on your audience. For businesses looking to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with their customers and members, this platform is perfect.

  • Reduces health care costs and helps patients and insurance plan members.
  • Increases patient access, improves team management, and streamlines processes.
  • A medication assistant remembers and teaches patients about their medications.
  • Text taken from NHS and Mayo Clinic
  • Check out the symptoms, self-care resources, and multilingual support.
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

2) Hashiona

The software called Hashiona is unique in that it specifically treats Hashimoto’s disease. The autoimmune disease Hashimoto causes hyperthyroidism.

  • It helps achieve ideal weight, regain more energy, and improve sleep.
  • Personalized menu with over 1000 recipes suitable for beginners
  • Shopping lists that work automatically.
  • Unlimited communication and nutrition tracking with a clinical dietitian
  • Hashimoto Management Center works with wearables like Garmin, Google Fit, and others.
  • Personal health and wellness advice, prescription reminders, and health reports
    Calculator for BMI, thyroid volume, and optimal hormone levels
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

For more information on AI health apps for clinicians and patients, continue reading.

3) HeHealth

EHealth, created by specially trained doctors and AI scientists, focuses on male organ health issues, which are often overlooked. Treatment should start as soon as possible for sexually transmitted infections, including gonorrhea, genital herpes, syphilis, and many more.

  • This unique AI medical diagnostic software makes it easy to know about erectile health and conditions.
  • HeHealth displays AI results, an expert diagnosis, and an extensive clinical summary.
  • 90% of diagnoses are correct.
  • More than 25,000 scans performed worldwide have identified more than ten penile diseases to date.
  • Anonymity related to privacy.
  • Multiple layers of protection encrypt data to guarantee protection.
  • Use the QR code to access HeHealth on your phone.

4) Healthily: Self-Care & Tracker

A hygienist is a professional who helps people monitor their health problems to determine if any preventive care is necessary. She also educates individuals and gives self-care tips. Through a variety of blogs on various topics, Healthily also serves as a library where visitors can learn about any medical issue or just basic health metrics.

  • DOT chatbot from Healthily for user health assessment
  • Users can consult the extensive health library on Healthyly.
  • Use our Smart Symptom Checker to get an initial insight.
  • The symptom checker has over 1300 symptoms.
  • Notes to help people monitor their health over time
  • Marketplace for goods and services offered by OneStop Health
  • Find out more about medications, diet, treatment, symptoms and other topics.
  • 28-day health system to assess goals
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

5) Hucu.AI

Hucu.AI is a low-cost messaging network that allows patients and care partners to communicate in real-time. The name comes from the combination of the Latin words huc and curate. Hucu.ai unifies communication between teams, clinicians, colleagues, patients and families into one platform, streamlining processes and simplifying communication. The platform gives priority to the patient to make decisions more quickly. To get started, simply create an account, add details about the organization, invite others, and communicate.

  • Integration of file sharing, telehealth, and EHR technology
  • Allows syncing of mobile and PC.
  • Prevent data loss through HIPAA-compliant secure storage and backup.
  • Reports from patients, employees, organizations, locations and partners are included in the analytics.
  • Patient pathways guarantee that an organization’s employees are cared for.
  • Real-time connectivity is possible with a separate patient or family mode.
  • Public and private discussion forums to facilitate easy group discussion
  • Plans: Pro, Enterprise, Plus, and Free

6) Binah.AI

The next on the list of AI Medical Diagnostic Apps is Binah.AI. With an AI focus, the Binah.ai Health Data Platform is a video-based system that meets business needs and enables users to monitor and track a variety of biomarkers from any location or device. With Banah’s software development kit, any application or workflow can be integrated, and the company can use data to customize services to each client’s unique needs.

  • AI-powered deep machine learning software for clinical diagnosis
  • Signal processing and computer vision technologies
  • Biomarkers include things like oxygen saturation, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate.
  • Hemoglobin, total cholesterol, and nine other blood tests are included in the blood test criteria.
  • Bina Wellbeing Score to provide a reasonable estimate
  • The integrated Binah SDK uses real-time health data to improve services.
  • Enhances client engagement and risk assessment.
  • Create and implement diverse initiatives to achieve wellness outcomes.

7) First Derm

First Derm discusses the difficulties of finding a dermatologist in the US and other countries, as well as ways to get the best care and help for a wide range of skin conditions. It addresses the problems and fulfills the requests of people seeking professional dermatological advice.

  • Contact the American Board of Dermatologists, European Board of Dermatologists and Australasian.
  • Accessible in 160 countries
  • Accommodates more than six languages.
  • About 80% of those using OTC medications are claimed to be cured. The remaining patients require additional testing and care.
  • Typical weekly meeting schedule
  • Cost: $34.95
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

8) Pepid

Pepid started as a tool that offered medical decisions, answers, and healthcare information. It evolved from handwritten notes to a contemporary gadget. AI for doctors is powered by the program, which provides a library of drug data and relevant information in bullet points to help practitioners understand the dosage and predict treatment and prescription choices. They currently provide information to thousands of medical facilities and professionals in over 150 countries.

  • Dosage and medical calculators, lab manuals, drug interaction checkers, and more
  • An algorithm that searches over 100,000 over-the-counter medications based on ingredients
  • Over 3000 IV drip rate and weight-based dose calculators
  • Illustrations, high-definition radiographic images, and quick references and handouts
  • Separate rooms for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants and other professionals
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

9) Buoy

Recovery is always better with early diagnosis and recognition. Buoy’s intelligent AI-powered symptom checker takes care of itself. It helps users learn to pay attention to their body language and list their concerns in a checklist. From there, it uses machine learning to analyze data collected from the user to identify potential health issues. After detection, it suggests necessary steps.

  • Discuss symptoms using the chatbot’s symptom checker
  • Get an answer within five minutes.
  • Boy monitors progress for updates.
  • Professional guidance from experts
  • Before any product is developed, there are several review cycles to guarantee reliability.

10) Ada – Check Your Health

Good health is the indispensable foundation of happiness. Ada – Check Your Health is one of the AI medical diagnosis apps we have listed to help you on your way to better health. According to the team, it’s 35 percent more accurate than other apps. With more than 30 million complete symptom assessments and a user base of more than 13 million, Ada provides unparalleled support to individuals who want to take charge of their health.

  • An in-house medical team consisting of sixty specialists.
  • A symptom examiner diagnoses, labels and provides medical reports.
  • Adhering to recognized safety and medical device regulations
  • Ensures that user health data is encrypted.
  • To ensure privacy, user data and health information are kept separate.
  • A medical library that contains information that teaches people how to take care of their health.
  • Now supports eleven languages.
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

11) Babylon

Next up on the list of AI Medical Diagnostic Apps is Babylon. The company describes itself as “more than just a doctor on your phone,” and we believe it to be true. Babylon provides affordable healthcare through digital means. More than 3.5 million Americans are reportedly provided with its medical services.

  • Babylon 360 doctors are available around the clock.
  • Personalized primary and preventive care from dedicated professionals
  • Rounds and virtual visits for patient engagement
  • Real-time insights are provided through digital health tools such as AI-powered Symptom Checker and digital self-care tool Try My Health.
  • Social assistance such as transportation, healthy food, and nearby community health facilities.
  • Accepted insurance plans
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

12) Hello Heart

Hello Heart is a powerful AI medical diagnostic software that enables users to successfully manage their blood pressure and cholesterol levels so they take control of their heart health. As part of the American Heart Association’s Innovators Network, they leverage behavioral science and machine learning technologies to make it easier for consumers to understand and monitor their hearts.

  • Experiment with AI tailored to age, location, comorbidities, and gender.
  • Using the Stanford Hook model to establish a sustainable behavioral habit
  • Blood pressure cuff and smartphone coaching application
  • Provides individualized information and notifications about necessary lifestyle adjustments.
  • Checks for possible irregularities in heart rate and rhythm.
  • Activity and weight levels, prescription medications
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

13) WebMD

It’s unlikely you need an introduction to WebMD if you’ve spent the past few decades researching diseases, symptoms, treatments, and recovery or if you’ve spent a lot of time browsing search engines. With millions of users, WebMD released its AI Health app, which lets users do more than just check symptoms.

  • A symptom checker provides information about possible diseases or disorders.
  • Use the physician directory to learn more about nearby doctors, hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Information, causes and treatments for any disease that has been medically evaluated.
  • A pill identification tool that provides details on pharmaceutical uses, effects, and interactions.
  • Reminders for medication and news updates
  • Buy prescription drugs from the WebMD Rx in-house store.
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

14) K-Health

K-health, which currently serves more than 6 million users, will incorporate AI medical diagnosis into its app to offer consumers affordable, high-quality healthcare and access to health-related information. Is. This is done through machine learning, which is powered by data from an inexhaustible stack of previous patient diagnoses and treatments. K-health not only focuses on physical health but also provides free services to people suffering from anxiety and depression, as well as children above the age of three.

  • Even without insurance, the cost per visit is less than the copay.
  • Prescriptions, refills, etc., on the road.
  • AI-powered symptom checker with doctors on call round the clock
  • Works in all 48 US states.
  • An unlimited number of health guides with medical information authored by board-certified physicians
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

Plans and Costs:

  • One visit: $39
  • Primary Care Membership: $488 annually or $147 per quarter
  • Mental Health Membership: $49 per month

15) Symptomate – Symptom Checker

Symptomate is an advanced AI medical diagnosis app with over 10 million users. It uses a digital triage platform and improved symptom assessment to help people track their symptoms and follow up on accurate and timely diagnoses of medical problems. The user only needs to enter any possible symptoms in the symptom checker. After answering a few pre-made in-depth questions, they should allow the app to review them.

  • Sorting expert knowledge, cognitive functions, and statistical information
  • Medical devices regulated by the FDA in the field of general wellbeing.
  • In the European Union, Class I medical device registration
  • Accommodates more than 20 languages.
  • Symptomate Infermedica Triage for business
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

16) Aysa

Many individuals aspire to have beautiful skin, and fortunately, making a few minor adjustments to your skincare regimen can yield remarkable effects.
In keeping with the same idea of simplicity, Aysa — powered by AI technology — embodies this idea with its sophisticated features and intuitive UI.

Aysa, powered by VisualDx, is a trusted tool for anyone looking to enhance the beauty and health of their skin. For a more accurate diagnosis, take a picture of the affected area and answer a few more questions. Aisha will then review it and provide you with further guidance.

  • Based on VisualDx, 120,000 medical images and diagnostic reports from over 47,000 physicians.
  • Uses Apple’s Core ML to protect privacy and security.
  • The profile includes only the initial name, age, gender, and skin type.
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

17) SkinVision

The last on the list of AI Medical Diagnostic Apps is SkinVision. One of the most popular AI medical diagnosis apps is called SkinVision. It allows users to take photos of their bodies, which are then analyzed by the app’s machine-learning algorithm to detect any potential skin conditions such as moles, melanoma, skin blemishes, abnormal patches, and more. Early signs of skin cancer can be identified. Users can proactively monitor their skin health using skin health reports and recommendations generated by SkinVision.

  • A smart camera that scans and examines the skin.
  • Promises to detect 95% of skin cancer cases.
  • General reminders to retest, track improvements, and assess recovery
  • A customizable body map to monitor problem areas
  • Determining skin type and risk factors
  • Download: App Store | Google Play Store

Plans and Costs:

  • €6.99 for a SkinVision check
  • Unlimited checks: €49.99 per year and €29.99 per quarter

That’s it for the list of AI Medical Diagnostic Apps.


We really hope that our list of top AI medical diagnosis apps for doctors and patients was enjoyable to read and that it helped you learn about the best apps to monitor your health regularly. Please feel free to leave any questions or suggestions in the space provided below so that we can address them. Your comments and questions are very helpful. Watch this space for our blog post on the top AI apps for mental health!

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