21 Top Spanish Learning Apps for Beginners in 2024

Spanish Learning Apps

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with an estimated 595 million speakers. Learning Spanish in these areas becomes vital whether you’re preparing for a much-needed vacation or intend to study in places like Mexico or Madrid. This post will go over the top Spanish learning apps designed with beginners in mind so you may become fluent in this widely spoken language quickly.

Best Spanish Learning Apps for Beginners in 2024

Spanish, which has its roots in popular Latin, is aptly referred to as the language of romance. It is indeed so extensively spoken that it is either one of the official languages or the official language of about 22 countries spread over four continents. Are you looking for free apps to help you learn Spanish? Well, we are able to assist you! Keep reading this post to discover the top app for learning Spanish for beginners.

1) Busuu

One of the most widely used learning applications available is Busuu. First, from a wide range of languages, pick the one you wish to study. Gain access to brief lessons that are intended to help you learn words more quickly by allowing you to interact and converse with native speakers. You may simply master the material because of the lessons’ excellent organization and efficiency.

  • It provides a personalized study schedule.
  • It provides discussions, an AI-based grammar review, and a ton of other activities.
  • It also provides a free plan.
  • Both iOS and Android smartphones can access it.
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee is provided.
  • For a year, the premium plan can cost anything between $13.95 and $6.95 per month.

2) Beelinguapp

With Beelinguapp, you may browse text on the app and read, listen to, and download music and audiobooks in two languages. You can browse novels, short tales, children’s books, and other works in both Spanish and your native tongue with Beelinguapp. This program translates what you are reading, making it easier for beginners like you to understand and retain what you are reading.

  • It provides music and audiobooks for learning.
  • It guarantees that you understand the content and its context and aids in cross-referencing.
  • Every narrative they offer teaches you a new word.
  • It provides interesting narratives.
  • It provides learning resources like tests and flashcards.

3) HelloTalk

HelloTalk is yet another top app for novices learning Spanish. This well-known language exchange program has more than 30 million users and supports more than 150 languages. To get better at something, feel free to video call or speak with the other members. You have access to numerous tools to enhance your language proficiency, including text-to-voice, translation, and correction. Once you have mastered the language you wish to master, try HelloTalk.

  • It provides simple language tools.
  • There is a free plan available.
  • More than 150 languages are available.
  • With members, you can practice speaking in real-time.
  • It may be accessed on iOS and Android smartphones.

4) Rosetta Stone

It is likely that you have come across Rosetta Stone, which is among the most well-known language-learning applications on the market. Rosetta Stone offers a broad spectrum of grammar and vocabulary through bite-sized, personalized lessons. They also give you access to real-life scenarios so you can experience real-life situations in order to better understand and engage you. Rosetta Stone can help you learn and succeed in Spanish.

  • It provides extensive coverage of grammar, vocabulary, and other language-related topics.
  • There are 25 languages available for selection.
  • It may be accessed on iOS and Android smartphones.

5) Mondly

A simple, enjoyable method of learning a new language. You may learn how to read and write Spanish fluently using Mondly. You have the option to study 41 other languages on Mondays, so you’re not confined to just one. The software makes studying enjoyable by using gamification to provide hundreds of little courses.

  • It covers greetings, common phrases, and a great deal more sophisticated words and dialogue.
  • It provides 41 languages at no cost.
  • You can obtain brief tutorials every day.
  • It can be found as a Web App on AppGallery, Google Play, and the App Store.
  • The monthly cost of the paid plan is $6.03.

6) Babbel

Babbel is among the easiest apps to use when learning a new language, making it one of the greatest free Spanish language learning apps. It is remarkably quick and simple to use, making it an excellent tool for learners starting their Spanish language adventure. To help users learn more quickly and gain a better understanding of proper pronunciation, the app provides practice in real-world conversations. Spanish is one of the 14 languages that Babbel offers. It is, without a doubt, among the greatest free Spanish language learning apps.

  • Learn fourteen languages with this app.
  • Both iOS and Android smartphones can access it.
  • A free seven-day trial is also available.

7) FabuLingua


The excellent app FabuLingua helps children learn Spanish. FabuLingua is the greatest option for you if you want your child to be bilingual or multilingual because it immerses kids in a Spanish and English storytime experience. It’s among the greatest apps for beginners to learn Spanish. Kids can follow along with music, entertaining games, and more on the interactive pages. As your youngster learns, you can adjust the settings to keep the lesson interesting. Use this app to learn Spanish applications for free and offline.

  • Kids can use this app.
  • It has interactive stories and is game-based.
  • It may be accessed on iOS and Android smartphones.

8) Endless Spanish

Another great software to assist you and your child in learning Spanish is called Endless Spanish. Through a series of engaging games and puzzles, youngsters can learn Spanish with the lovable Endless Monster team. The app has two modes: English/Spanish for Spanish with English translations and Spanish immersion for natural Spanish speakers.

  • Downloading the app is free.
  • It may be accessed on iOS and Android smartphones.
  • They provide six words for free to try, and there are more word packs available.

9) Spanish School Bus

Spanish School Bus is another entertaining software that is very beneficial for children. This software mixes instruction on words, verbs, counting, and other topics with music from Latin Grammy winners. Their interactive flashcards, which support and reinforce the enjoyable courses, are one of their wonderful offerings. Because it is based on more than 20 years of teaching experience and is inspired by the Montessori Method, kids adore this app. It’s among the greatest free apps for learning Spanish.

  • You can download it for free.
  • The software provides students with memory-boosting flashcards.
  • It may be accessed on iOS and Android smartphones.
  • The software covers fundamental knowledge, including verb tenses and counting.

10) Studycat: Fun Spanish for Kids

Children find it hard to resist an adorable main character. Your child can learn more than 200 words and phrases with Studycat’s 70 lessons covering a variety of subjects. The software provides educational game applications that both entertain and educate your youngster. In addition, Studycat provides a free 7-day trial, so you may test it out before making an in-app purchase. Without a doubt, among the greatest apps for beginning Spanish learners is Studycat.

  • $15 is the monthly in-app purchase price.
  • It provides 70 lessons covering a wide range of themes and 200 vocabulary and phrases.
  • A seven-day trial is also available.

11) Learn Safari

One of the most complete language-learning applications for your children is called Learn Safari. One of the greatest apps for beginners to learn Spanish is this one. The interactive stories in the app are meant for children between the ages of three and nine. With the help of multiple activities, 3D animated characters, and narrative-based gameplay, the app makes learning Spanish for kids entertaining. Best of all, this software is completely safe for children to use and has no advertisements.

  • Although you may download the app for free, there are in-app purchases available for $10 each month.
  • It may be accessed on iOS and Android smartphones.
  • It provides entertaining gaming, captivating activities, and 3D animations.
  • Ads are not allowed on the app.

12) SpanishPop101

SpanishPop101 is a website that offers text, audio, and video lessons on a range of subjects, from vocabulary and grammar to more in-depth conversation practice. With so much content on the app, you can learn Spanish at your own pace. It’s a fantastic additional free offline Spanish learning app.

  • There will always be fresh resources available.
  • They provide text, video, and audio instruction.
  • Their information is arranged thematically, which facilitates finding what you’re looking for.
  • You may start your free app download now.
  • It may be downloaded for Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

13) italki

Italki is another well-liked resource for seeking a Spanish tutor online. As you may know, hearing native speakers or other competent speakers speak a language firsthand makes it much easier for a beginner to understand. More than 3,700 online Spanish tutors are available to you through Italki, where you can tell your tutor exactly what you want to study.

  • You can use Skype, the internet, or in-app Spanish learning resources.
  • More than 3,700 tutors can be found online.
  • To locate the ideal fit, you can filter tutors.
  • Tutors speak Spanish fluently or as a native tongue.
  • There are more than 150 languages accessible.

14) Duolingo

The greatest free language learning program to learn Spanish is Duolingo, which is also the most widely used. Learn basic Spanish for free by downloading the app from Google Play or using your web browser. Subscriptions provide you access to a wealth of features that will support you in reaching your objective. In less than 48 hours, become fluent in speaking and writing Spanish. After every class, Duolingo provides quick quizzes to help you assess and reinforce your new language skills. It’s a fantastic method to study Spanish for free offline using this software. Check out what this top app for beginning Spanish language learners has to offer.

  • It works with web browsers, iPhones, and Android devices.
  • Other languages that you can learn include Portuguese, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and so on.
  • Universities and other institutions accept the diplomas and scores.
  • There are audio lessons in the app.
  • You can monitor your progress in learning.

15) LingoDeer

Another excellent tool for learning Spanish for beginners is LingoDeer, which enables you to start by learning and mastering the fundamentals. LingoDeer provides a variety of language classes in addition to Spanish, much like Duolingo. Like most languages, Spanish has a unique set of letters that LingoDeer can help you learn. With its adorable cartoons, it’s an entertaining way to pick up a new language. You can learn the fundamentals of Spanish as well as sentence construction. They offer you the opportunity to replay their audio to improve your pronunciation in Spanish. This will assist you in pronouncing words like a native.

  • Both iOS and Android can use it.
  • It’s totally free.
  • It provides interesting narratives.
  • HD audio practice is provided.
  • Facilitates efficient learning.
  • Each lesson has thorough explanations provided to you.

16) Memrise

Homepage for Memrise: Memrise is yet another top software for novices learning Spanish. With this robust flashcard system, you may upload your own vocabulary desks. As a user, you can download hundreds of free vocabulary lessons from SOgang or Yonsei University-compatible curricula, as well as TOPIK prep books. To ensure that every word is deeply ingrained in your memory, Memrise also uses mix-and-match games for vocabulary units, auditory quizzes, and spelling challenges.

  • It works with desktop browsers as well as iOS and Android devices.
  • There are 23 languages available.
  • Accelerate your learning using an algorithm designed using the most advanced cognitive science.
  • The ability to use one account across several devices.
  • It’s cost-free.

17) Mondly

Mondly is another fantastic, well-known software that lets you experiment with new languages—any language you choose to learn, really—and is based in the idyllic Transylvania region of Romania. The days of needing to purchase bulky books to acquire the fundamentals of a new language are long gone. You may pick up and become fluent in a new language in a matter of hours with the aid of one of the greatest free Spanish learning apps! And that too while lounging in your own house. Its audio pronunciation tool might assist you in learning the pronunciation.

  • It can be found on online applications, Google Play, and the App Store.
  • There are 41 languages available.
  • It also provides brief daily courses for ongoing development.
  • Also, you have access to over a thousand different language combinations.
  • It provides multiple classes, phrase learning, and tests.

18) Pimsleur

One of the greatest apps for beginning Spanish language learners is Pimsleur. Pimsleur, one of the most well-liked and enduring tools for learning a language, provides reading and writing abilities as well as explanations for over 50 language courses. Because Pimsleur’s courses heavily emphasize reading and writing abilities as well as grammar explanations, you will have a firm grasp on any language you wish to master. Without a doubt, Pimsleur is among the greatest free applications for learning Spanish.

  • It is well-designed and incredibly simple to use.
  • The interface is user-friendly and visually beautiful.
  • Over fifty language courses are available.
  • In 30 days, Pimsleur promises, users will begin speaking a new language.
  • A 30-Day No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee is available from them.
  • In order to get you speaking right away, they adopt an approach that teaches you the most common words and grammatical structures.
  • Cost: $119.95

19) FluentU

One of the greatest apps for beginning Spanish learners is FluentU, which combines interactive subtitles with real-world videos to create an immersive learning environment. It’s one of the greatest programs for beginners and one of the best free Spanish learning apps available. The app lets users practice the language used in the videos by using interviews, music videos, ads, and quizzes that go along with the movies. You can learn a new language in a few hours with this software.

  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Courses in Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, French, English, etc. are available.
  • It may be accessed on iOS and Android smartphones.

20) Speechling

With the tagline “Speak languages better,” this excellent learning tool collaborates with native speakers to assist users in enhancing several aspects of language proficiency, such as word choice, syntax, tone, and many others. Speechling offers time-tested and enjoyable language-learning activities. One of the greatest apps for beginning Spanish learners is this one. This implies that you are fully guaranteed to succeed. Enhancing natural conversation fluency to a native level is their aim.

  • It provides free plans.
  • It is accessible in more than 30 institutions and 156 countries.
  • The speaking method combines human coaching with technological advancements.

21) Drops

Drops make learning Spanish enjoyable. The program claims that you can master any language you wish to learn, not only Spanish if you dedicate just five minutes a day to it. It also helps to develop and remember visual connections with new words. It’s a simple and cost-free offline Spanish learning app. They also offer a well-rounded selection of worthwhile and interesting classes and extracurriculars. To begin, choose any accessible language.

  • Study over 2,000 words in Spanish from Castile.
  • It provides associations with images to aid in memory.
  • It provides more than 45 languages.
  • You can use it to practice and review all of the new words you have learned, as well as your vocabulary.
  • Get a customized learning plan.
  • They have a seven-day free trial.


We are confident that you will pick up Spanish quickly with these apps. With this guide to the top Spanish learning app for beginners, we hope you found it enjoyable. These are the top applications for learning Spanish for beginners, which will enable you to become fluent quickly. Please feel free to offer recommendations and ask questions in the space provided for comments below. We hope to hear from you soon. Please let us know which app, if any, you were able to use successfully.

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