25 Windows 10 Services to Disable For Performance & Better Gaming

Windows 10 Services

Windows 10  is surely a highly advanced and popular operating system not only for regular users but for gamers as well. Windows 10 Services provides a fantastic user experience to the gamers. However, over time the Windows 10 slows down considerably.

Plus, as a result, users face slow load times, slower boot, slow startup speed, and many others running Windows 10 games. Although this is not a big problem, some tweaks are needed to enjoy the best gaming experience in Windows 10.

As well, the most common reason behind the slowdown is – Windows 10 services and programs. So, Windows 10 isn’t come straight perfectly out of the box. Well, Windows 10 contains plenty of Microsoft services. Unique of the benefits is essential, but some are unnecessary and run in the background and consume many system resources.

Whether you are looking to optimize Windows 10 performance and smooth gaming experience, then learn how to disable additional services in Windows 10 for Gaming PC.

Let’a Talk About the Windows 10 Services:

As I said earlier, Windows 10 comes pre-installed with plenty of services and bloatware. So, These are small programs that provide a particular OS service. Though, with times different third-party software adds benefits of their own.

Various services run in the background and allow the tools to function correctly; however, many unnecessary Windows 10 services waste system resources and downgrade the gameplay.

These gamers often close the third-party software before running the games but may overlook Windows 10 services. Nonetheless, turning off Windows 10 services can free up the RAM, system resources consumption also. 

Therefore, it is indeed required to disable Windows 10 services to improve performance and gaming experience. Plus, learn how to get rid of the bloatware in Windows 10 to make it perform better. One question arises here what services can I disable in Windows 10 for performance and better gaming?

Here, I will help you learn the safe to disable Windows 10 services for gaming that won’t affect the Windows 10 operating system and gaming. However, before moving further, learn how to improve Windows 10 performance or get a better gaming experience.

How Disabling the Windows Services Help to Fasten Windows 10?

As said before, Windows 10 contains plenty of Microsoft services, & these services eat up entire resources & memory as soon as you boot this system.

Accordingly, disabling these unwanted services boost the Windows 10 performance. Moreover, the whole process is easy and offers clear improvements.

Yet likewise, it is also important to disable the services that won’t cause any further issues, either adverse effects on the Windows 10 operating system.

Please Note this: However, some services are essential for the Windows system to function correctly, and disabling them can cause many new Windows issues or the Windows start malfunctioning.

Instantly learn about the Windows 10 services to disable for performance and better gaming. Well, What Services to Disable in Windows 10 for Performance and Better Gaming Mark out the list of unnecessary safe-to-disable services and detailed ways to turn off Windows 10 services for performance and gaming.

1: Windows Defender & Firewall Service

Windows 10 Services

As well, Windows Defender Firewall is useful, especially if you do not have a third-party antivirus program installed. Although this is not an essential system service, it is often seen the firewall block the programs & multiplayer games as well.

Therefore, the WDF service can be temporarily disabled before launching or playing the game. Additionally, some third-party antivirus program contains firewalls, and you may don’t require the Windows Defender service at all.

Hence disable Windows 10 services to improve performance and smooth gaming experience. Thus, if needed, you can turn on the Windows Defender in Windows 10.

2: Windows Mobile Hotspot Service

This Windows Mobile Hotspot Service allows the users to share the mobile device’s internet connection with the laptop or PC. That service is used to share a Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or data connection.

That is not required turning on every time, so it is better to turn off this Windows 10 service for better gaming performance.

3: Bluetooth Support Service

The Bluetooth allows the users to wirelessly connect devices like speakers, with the desktops or laptops. That is an essential service for Bluetooth connectivity but is not necessary for Windows 10.

Therefore, anyone who won’t have any Bluetooth devices to connect should possibly turn off the Bluetooth support service.

4: Print Spooler

Unknown Printer Spooler stores multiple print jobs in a queue, and this is needed for printing. Then, the users who don’t have printers can disable Windows 10 service to improve performance.

Also, the users who are having a printer attached can temporarily disable the Printer Spooler before playing a game and then enable it.

5: Fax

Windows 10 Services

So, fax is an outdated service, so Windows 10 won’t require the Fax service. This is better to disable the Fax service as this affects Windows 10 performance and gaming performance.

The Windows 10 service also slows down the system randomly, so turn it off.

6: Remote Desktop Configuration & Remote Desktop Services

Well, The Windows 10 operating system contains a Remote desktop utility that allows the users to connect to another PC.

So, Both the Remote Desktop Configuration and Remote Desktop These Services are essential to enable for removing desktop connectivity.

Therefore, the users who don’t require remote connectivity can disable both the services or temporarily disable it before playing the game.

7: Windows Insider Service

The Window Insider Service allows the users to get the preview versions of future Windows 10 to builds before they are releasing the general public.

That is not an essential Windows 10 service; thus, the users who are not registered with the Windows Insider program will disable Windows 10 service for optimizing the gaming experience.

Now, You can also enable it when needed so that you can turn off the service in Windows temporarily.

8: Secondary Logon

The Windows 10 Secondary log service enables administrators to log on with non-administrator account for performing administrative tasks without signing out.

You can also disable the unnecessary service in Windows 10 temporarily while playing the game for a smooth experience.

Note this: Ensure to enable the secondary logon service for installing and running the Blizzard games.

9: Downloaded Maps Manager

Some Windows 10 download maps manager service allows map apps to access downloaded maps.

The Windows 10 contains a Maps app that requires this service enabled. Just the users who are not using the map apps can disable the windows ten service to improve performance and gaming performance.

Plus, if required in the future, you can enable it in Windows 10.

10: Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service

Windows 10 Services

The Windows 10 introduces the latest touch keyboard, and this requires a touch keyboard and handwriting panel service enabled.

Nevertheless, many users don’t need the on-screen touch keyboard. Accordingly, in this case, you can disable service in Windows 10.

11: Offline Files

Some Windows 10 Offline Files is also known as Win32 or (CscService) service, and it starts only in Windows 10 when the user, app, or another service starts it.

This Offline Files service, when started, runs as a LocalSystem in a shared process of svchost.exe with other benefits.

The Windows 10 feature allows users access to access network files even when the computer is not connected to the network.

That is not a very necessary service, so; disable Windows 10 service if not needed.

12: Windows Connect Now

These Windows 10 Connect Now service is utilized by laptops and other mobile computers for connecting to the wireless networks.

Moreover, if you are using a desktop system that doesn’t have a wireless card, then you can disable the service.

Consequently, turn off the Windows 10 service for better gaming performance.

13: Remote Registry

That Windows 10 service allows remote users to modify the Windows Registry. Moreover, many users informed this service causes security issues. Therefore it is worth disabling it in Windows 10.

Switch off unnecessary service in Windows 10 for optimizing gaming performance.

14: Application Layer Gateway Service

This provides support for third-party protocol plug-ins for Internet Connection Sharing.

That service is also not essential as the modern computer won’t require such features and can be disabled safely.

Hence make sure to disable Windows 10 service to improve performance and better gaming. Get to know the Best Computer Repair Services.

15: Smart Card

Windows 10 Services

The Smart Card service in Windows 10 is utilized for security, especially in large organizations or corporations.

As well, this is also not an essential service for the particular Windows 10 user or gamer. Now, You can disable Windows 10 service temporarily while playing or launching the game.

16: Windows Image Acquisition

Here Windows 10 offers image acquisition services for scanners & cameras. This Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) is a driver model for communication between system and graphics hardware.

That WIA is helpful for the users who are using the scanners & cameras. Several reported this is causing high Disk and CPU usage in Windows 10 and slow down the system.

Therefore, it is worth to stop the service in Windows 10 when not using the scanner or cameras. Either you can also disable the service while playing or launching the game.

17: Security Center

Every Windows 10 Security center is built in a component that starts running in the background as you boot up the system. Then, this is Windows 10 services to disable for performance.

That regularly scans the issues and notifies the users about the pending updates, no antivirus installed, and others.

Here is also considered an unnecessary windows ten service, and many advanced and expert users disable it by using Service Manager.

Hence, make sure to disable it as this won’t harm your system and even optimize the gaming performance.

18: Connected User Experiences and Telemetry

Some Windows 10 Connected User Experience & Telemetry component is also known as Universal Telemetry Client (UTC)& runs as a service named DiagTrack.

That service runs automatically to identify and reliability issues & sends data to Microsoft. Although, many experts reported disabling the user to speed up Windows 10.

 Conform to the Service Manager and disable the Windows 10 Connected User Experience & Telemetry component service.

19: Retail Demo Service

Special Retail Demo service in Windows 10 is used by the retailers who want to provide customers a demo about how Windows works.

That is an unnecessary Windows 10 service; therefore, it is good to turn off this unwanted Windows 10 service to improve performance.

20: Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

Windows 10 Services

That service is used by Windows 10 for sharing libraries from your system to other players or media devices.

So, If the Windows media player is not your favorite player, you can in Windows disable service to free up memory & better gaming experience.

Although if you are using a Windows media player, then avoid disabling it.

21: AllJoyn Router Service

Here is the latest service added to Windows 10. This is an open-source project from AllSeen Alliance, allowing the Windows 10 platform to communicate with other services by using the internet of things (IoT).

That AllJoyn Router Service is used for routing AllJoyn messages for AllJoyn clients.

The bulk of Windows 10 users do not have any specific needs; therefore, it is better to disable unnecessary service in Windows 10.

22: Geolocation Service

So, the Geolocation service is liable for monitoring the system’s current location like radar source, mobile phone, or Internet-connected computer terminal. 

The service runs in the background and eats up the Windows 10 system’s entire resources. Therefore, if not needed while playing the game, then disables it.

23: Windows Biometric Service

The service is a part of WBF and allows the client to capture, handle, compare, & store biometric data without gaining access to biometric hardware.

While simple words, this service allows all biometric devices like fingerprint or face scanner, which works with Windows Hello.

Consequently, this is also considered an unnecessary service; therefore, it disables Windows 10 service to optimize gaming performance.

24: Program Compatibility Assistant Service

This Program Compatibility Assistant Service detects the incompatible software (like a classic shell) and won’t allow running it.

This also provides warnings for the incompatible programs like the old software and games to the users. Nevertheless, it is also reported by many the Program Compatibility Assistant service is causing trouble.

Hence the best option disables the service to free up system resources.

25: Enterprise App Management Service

Windows 10 Services

The Windows 10 App management service is used for managing various enterprise apps. This is provided by multiple organizations, companies that require outsourcing their enterprise application management processes.

It is not such an essential service, so it is worth this Windows 10 services to disable to improve performance.

Accordingly, these are the Windows 10 services to disable for performance and better gaming. Hereabouts check out the ways to disable the Windows services individually.

How to Disable Windows 10 Services to Improve Performance:

Watch the given steps to disable the above given Windows 10 Services individually.

  • Now, Press the Windows + R key > in the Run dialog box type ‘services.msc’> hit OK.

Windows 10 Services

  • Here, double-click any of the above-given services to open the Properties window.

Windows 10 Services

  •  Also, on the Startup type drop-down menu > choose Disabled.

Windows 10 Services

  • So, Press the Apply button > click the OK button to close the properties window.

Moreover, that’s it; the particular Windows 10 service is disabled now. Although, if you need to turn on any of the disabled benefits, then follow the steps.

How to Enable Windows 10 Service:

Suppose you are looking to turn on the disabled Windows 10 service, then follow the given instructions.

  • Click the Win + R key > type ‘services.msc’ in run box > press OK

Windows 10 Services

  • Now, Double-click the service you want to enable
  • Here, In the Properties window, click on the Startup type drop-down > choose Automatic option.
  • Finally, click the Apply button > OK to close the window.

Now, this Essential Service is Enabled in Windows 10.

Suppose you need to make the whole Windows 10 services disabling process easy. While you can disable all services from the System Configuration utility & quickly free up the entire system resources and RAM.

Some Steps to Disable all Third Party Services in Windows 10

Now, follow the steps to turn off all third-party services quickly:

  • First, press Win key + R > and type ‘MSConfig’ in Run box > click OK

Windows 10 Services

  • Plus, click the Services tab.

Windows 10 Services

  • Select the Hide all Microsoft services setting to dismiss them from listed services.

Windows 10 Services

  • Also, select the Disable all option > click Apply button > OK.
  • Finally, press the Restart button on the window that pops up.

Then, these are ways to disable Windows 10 services to improve performance & optimize gaming performance.

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Final Words: 

Well, Turning off the unnecessary Windows 10 services with third-party services will help you free up system resources, RAM & optimize the gaming experience. So, Playing the latest Windows 10 games requires much system resources, & disabling superfluous services will help you enjoy the game with ease. Therefore, make sure to disable Windows 10 services to improve performance.

However, many programs and tweaks like disabling Nagle’s Algorithm, disabling visual effects, updating outdated drivers, disabling automatic updates, & optimizing Windows 10 for gaming. You can either run the Game Booster to optimize gaming performance issues & fix the low FPS issue. Whether you have any issues, queries, and comments, please feel free to share it with us.

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