How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance?

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance

How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance: Redeeming Amazon gift cards allows customers to purchase millions of goods and services on The gift cards may be purchased in physical or digital form and come with a pre-loaded amount of money. Gift cards have grown in popularity due to their ease and versatility. What if you want to avoid redeeming your Amazon gift card? You may wonder if you can transfer the balance to your bank or PayPal account. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option. Amazon limits what you can and cannot do with gift cards. In this blog article, you will learn about the limits of gift cards and alternate methods to get rid of the card if you want to avoid redeeming it.

Can I Transfer My Amazon Gift Card Balance To Someone Else?

Unfortunately, after the claim code has been redeemed and placed into an Amazon account, you cannot transfer the gift card balance to anybody else. If you wish to give your gift card to someone else, do so before redeeming it. That’s easy, fortunately. If you have an e-gift card, email the person you want to give the card to. If you have a physical card, you may transfer the amount by sending it to them before it is activated.

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Returned After Purchase?

Unfortunately, an Amazon gift card cannot be returned after purchase. You may resell the gift card to someone else if you do not want it. Amazon will not replace gift cards that are reported stolen or misplaced.

What Are The Restrictions On Amazon Gift Cards?

If you want to eliminate your Amazon gift card, Amazon prevents you from doing the following.

  • Exchange the card for cash or another prepaid method.
  • Using the card as a payment method for goods and services provided by companies other than Amazon and its affiliates.
  • Making purchases to resell or export.
  • Purchasing prohibited products, such as more gift cards and collectibles.
  • Transferring the gift card to another account once the claim code has been redeemed.
  • Redeeming a gift card for an account other than the designated recipient.
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If you participate in the above behaviors, Amazon may restrict you from claiming or redeeming your gift card. Amazon may also take additional action on your account, resulting in losing your card without a refund.

How Long Do Amazon Gift Cards Last?

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance

Amazon gift cards have varying expiration dates based on where they were purchased. However, for most individuals, the card is good for up to ten years after purchase. This will give you enough time to hang on to the card and decide what to do with it. You may find it under Gift Cards > Terms & Conditions if you need clarification about your card’s expiration date.

How To Get Rid Of An Amazon Gift Card?

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance

As previously stated, Amazon does not enable you to return or transfer an Amazon gift card. If you need help with what to do with the card, consider the following possibilities.

Purchase A Product From Amazon

Amazon provides you access to millions of things you may use a gift card to purchase. You should browse your favored items; you may find something fantastic to purchase. Your gift card balance may also be used to purchase Amazon Prime and Video memberships. Amazon Prime members will get perks such as Prime Shipping and free one-day delivery.

Resell The Card

As previously stated, once purchased, an Amazon gift card cannot be returned. Selling the card is the only method to make back your money. It is worth noting that Amazon prevents consumers from reselling their gift cards. However, there are several websites on the internet that purchase gift cards for cash. It would be best if you opted for one that is reliable and renowned. Once you’ve identified a website, you must send them the card. Other websites, on the other hand, make it easy for you. They will offer you a space to enter the card’s code.

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They will make the payment when they have validated the balance. Try websites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist to sell your gift card quickly. Be careful not to reveal the card’s code. Reddit is another popular marketplace for selling gift cards. There is a special subreddit, Gift Card Exchange (GCX), where you can eliminate unwanted gift cards. You may also swap a gift card for another of the same value. When selling your gift card on an online marketplace, you should always proceed with care since scammers may attempt to steal the contents of your card.

Buy & Resell Items

Purchasing anything from Amazon and selling it to someone else is another approach. You might sell the item online using websites such as eBay.

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You can’t transfer your Amazon gift card balance to another account. If you want to transfer the amount to someone else, you must do so before redeeming the card online. If the card were an e-gift card, forwarding it would allow the receiver of the email to use it. However, if the card was physical, you could send it to the new owner. Gift cards cannot be returned once they have been purchased. As a result, reselling them is the only option to generate money from them.

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