21+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2022

Do you want to be able to watch live sports on your computer or mobile device for free? If you answered yes, check out our list of the best and most popular Free Sports Streaming Sites.

The meaning of entertainment has altered due to digitization and online streaming. We can now access digital content at our fingertips, unlike in the past when our cable provider was our primary source of movies, sports, and TV programs.

Online Sports Streaming websites is one of the many digital content options available on the internet.

There are several Free Sports Streaming Sites on the market that allow die-hard sports lovers to satiate their appetites by watching a wide variety of sporting activities online, including football, basketball, soccer, rugby, tennis, wrestling, and many others.

Finding the top websites for Free Sports Streaming Sites, on the other hand, maybe a time-consuming and challenging endeavor, so we’ve put up a well-researched list of some of the most fantastic free sports streaming sites for you.

Sports Streaming Sites Are Legal?

There are several illegal Free Sports Streaming Sites available, and we highly advise you to take precautions by utilising a VPN and avoiding Sports Streaming Sites that you feel are illegal or harmful. Most legal websites are primarily ad-supported or demand a fee, however nearly all of them include free trial periods.

Streaming copyrighted content may result in the creation of infringing copies of the works in issue. Please check the legal status of anything you plan to stream. It is legal to stream movies and TV series that are hosted in the public domain like a YouTube.


21+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online Free

The following are some of the best Free Sports Streaming Sites in the world for watching live sports without paying for anything.

1. Stream2watch


Stream2watch is one of the most popular Free Sports Streaming Sites, with coverage of various sports such as cycling, tennis, hockey, wrestling, basketball, and many others.

You can use it to broadcast numerous sports networks such as SkySports, ESPN, and NBCSports, among others, in addition to several games. It has a well-defined homepage and a secure navigation system. All of the current games are listed on the main screen, and you can also search for more games.

It’s an entirely free Sports Streaming Website. The main drawback is that it displays intrusive advertisements and advertising banners.

2. CrackStreams

CrackStreams is another excellent free sports streaming website where you can watch your favorite games. Sports fans who watch live TV go to the website in droves. The website offers a simple interface that you can readily customize for any sports fan. It also streams all sports, including football, baseball, boxing, basketball, mixed martial arts, and many others.

You can simply find tournaments and matches to watch online. Every month, around 1.2 million people visit the website. You can also be one of them by watching sports on the internet. You can find the official webpage at the URL below. Simply click the link to watch your favorite sports for free.

3. Sportsurge

Sportsurge is a brand-new streaming website, joins the ranks of the most extraordinary Free Sports Streaming Sites. Even though it is a new website compared to others, it is well worth a look. This website offers live streaming for hockey, football, boxing, basketball, mixed martial arts, and motorsports. The most admirable aspect is that this website’s UI is entirely ad-free. You may, however, see advertisements when watching sports.

According to the website’s developers, the advertising is simply displayed to cover the costs of hosting the website. With Sportsurge, you may watch live sports without having to fill out any paperwork. You can use Sportsurge for live streaming of any sport from anywhere at any time, regardless of where you are located. We’ve provided a link to the webpage below!

4. VIPBox Sports

VIPBox Alternatives

VIPBox Sports (previously VIPRow Sports) is a hugely popular free sports streaming website. It offers users and followers to watch free sporting events such as football, basketball, cricket, hockey, Formula One, WWE, rugby, badminton, cycling, and a variety of other sports.

The main sports categories you can watch on this website are listed on the home page for quick access. The home page also includes icons for currently live events, TV networks, TV shows, and the sports categories.

VIPBox is one of the most excellent Free Sports Streaming Sites since it is developed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing you to swiftly navigate through the homepage and locate the sports content you’re looking for.

5. NFL Streams


Nfl Stream’s most notable feature is its ability to handle many languages. That’s correct; its user-friendly interface supports Italian, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

Its chrome extension is straightforward to install and answers all your playback-related concerns. As a result, you’ll be able to watch your favorite sport on both your smartphone and your computer.

It is also free of unwanted advertising and promotional banners, which adds to its overall functionality. Nfl stream is based on a safe navigation system that makes it simple to find your favorite game. Choose this beautiful website to access both global and localized content.

6. 123TV


123TV, a well-known name in the world of Free Sports Streaming Sites, enables fans to watch their favorite sporting events at their leisure. 123tvnow provides you a treasure trove of 70+ entertainment and sports channels right to your door.

The website’s material is separated into many departments, including games, movies, entertainment, family, and others, and it is known for providing high-quality content.

It’s also a large selection of online games, making it the most popular sports streaming site among sports fans.

7. LiveTV

LiveTV is the next site on our list of Free Sports Streaming Sites. It has a large consumer base and a large number of games to choose from.

The website is separated into several parts, each with its categories. Live streams, live scores, and a separate section for video archives are among the most popular categories. The archive area is a godsend for those who have missed their favorite matches.

It has a simple and easy-to-use design and supports nearly five different languages.

8. Hotstar


This one requires no introduction and is extremely popular among the Indian community. This Hotstar website includes a special sports section to watch tennis, football events, Formula 1, kabaddi, and many more sports.

You don’t need to create an account to utilize it, and the exciting part is that it’s free. The site provides services in India, Canada, and the United States, but you may access it from anywhere globally using a VPN server.

9. Fubo.tv

If you enjoy viewing high-definition sports streams online, Fubo.tv is one of the most excellent Free Sports Streaming Sites available. You may use it to view games from various categories and leagues, including the NBA, Champions League, MLB, NHL, and many others. It offers services in both Canada and the United States.

Fubo.tv offers a seven-day free trial period, after which you must pay to continue receiving services. If you don’t want to be charged, remember to cancel the subscription within the trial period.

10. SonyLiv


SonyLiv is the most incredible option for you if you’re seeking a sports streaming site that can give high-quality material while being completely free of sponsored advertisements and pop-up banners. The site’s most vital selling point is its vast collection, followed by the fact that it is free.

Along with the advantages mentioned above, it has a well-designed and user-friendly interface that allows easy navigation. It’s noted for its high-resolution visuals and visually appealing live sports videos, movies, and unique TV shows, among other things.

11. TVCatchup


You don’t want to install a separate sports streaming app? In this case, TVCatchup could be your best buddy. You may view your satellite cable channels and UK-based series on this magnificent website.

With TVCatchup, you may watch not just a variety of channels and sports networks without interruption, and it’s free of advertising and unwanted pop-ups.

This top Live streaming site is always accessible through apps and has excellent visual quality.

12. NFLWebCast


NFLWebCast is another popular and excellent live streaming source. You may watch sports channels including CBS, ESPN, NFL Network, Fox Sky Sports, and others on a 24/7 streaming service.

In addition, you may watch the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, and Pre-Season games for free. It works on desktops, cellphones, and MAC computers.

13. Watch ESPN


This one comes from ESPN, the world’s most well-known sports network. If you’re a die-hard follower of American sports, WatchESPN is a godsend; however, individuals who want to watch other sports programming will have to go to another sports streaming service.

It is known for its user-friendly interface and sports streaming features. Enjoy your favorite American sport without the interruption of advertisements.

14. Fox Sports

Activate Foxsports.com

With over 20 million monthly visitors, FoxSports has a sizable audience. It is presented in a well-designed and user-friendly way. A website component dedicated to live shows and scores is also available.

On these best Free Sports Streaming Sites, you can watch MotoGP, Tennis, Golf, BasketBall, F1, Football, and various other online sports.

15. Footywire


Is your hectic schedule preventing you from watching your favorite sporting event? With FootyWire, you can now view highlights of your live games, if not the entire game.

It’s a mobile-friendly site with a lightning-fast search engine. All Free Sports Streaming Sites are in a tough battle.

16. CBS Sports

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is another website that offers internet streaming. On a lazy weekend, play your favorite games with your family. Football, badminton, kabaddi, and various other sports are available to watch.

Its operating mechanism is straightforward, allowing for simple navigation. You may also keep up with the recent matches by watching the live scores.

17. VIPLeague

VIPLeague is one of the top Free Sports Streaming Sites on the internet, and it is available in seven different languages.

Football, cricket, basketball, and other sports are available in its advertisement.

18. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports

This is one of the most popular and oldest Free Sports Streaming sites today. It’s a must-visit destination for all gamers and sports fans.

It allows you to watch your favorite game for free. It works on desktop computers, cellphones, and laptops.

19. StreamWoop


Another well-known live sports streaming site, StreamWoop, allows you to watch practically every sporting event in HD resolution. You may also watch replays, highlights, and live television channels for free 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tennis, hockey, basketball (NBA), boxing, football, and soccer are just a few of the prominent sports you can watch on StreamWoop in real-time.

StreamWoop is an excellent alternative for you and every other sports fan if you enjoy viewing online live streams of your favorite sports.

20. FootyBite

This football streaming platform may provide you with all matches from any league or tournament, as the name says. FootyBite offers a straightforward user interface that displays a list of matches and their start times and the opportunity to steam them. Even if this is your first time navigating, you will have no problems.

With 5 ad annoyances, the website has 4,00,000 monthly visitors. It supports VPN connections, allowing users to stream from any IP address. The sole disadvantage of this website is that users may be bombarded with advertisements while browsing.

21. Livescore

As the name suggests, it was a website that provided live scores for any sport. However, it is currently a website that offers live streaming of any sport. The site’s developers decided to expand its bounds after noticing its enormous popularity. Then, as a result, they include sports live streaming options. LiveScore’s mobile app is also available on the Google Play Store and App Store so that you can grab it there.

This website’s user interface is easy to navigate. On Livescore, you may watch soccer, hockey, basketball, football, cricket, and a variety of other sports.

More Sports Streaming Sites

Sports Streaming Sites FAQs

Which websites provide free live sports streaming?

There are numerous websites where you may watch free live sports streaming. While some websites are separated into several sports categories: Hotstar (football), ESPN is the official network of the NBA. Fox Sports and 123TV have NFL coverage. Sony LIV for cricket.

What is the best way to unblock Geo-restricted Free Sports Streaming Sites?

Using a dedicated virtual private network is the only way to unblock free sports streaming sites (VPN). NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the world’s two most widespread and trusted VPN companies, allowing millions of customers to access region-restricted websites from any device, at any time.

Is it necessary to use a VPN to watch free live sports?

No, there is no legal obligation to use a VPN. It depends entirely on the website you are using; if the website is prohibited in a particular country, you may be forced to use it. Aside from that, you can just stream without using a VPN.

Is using a VPN to watch sports legal?

Using a VPN to stream is allowed; however, some nations have banned or restricted VPN use. Complete information is available on the government’s official websites.

What are the most outstanding live sports streaming websites?

NFL Streams, 123TV, Live TV, Hotstar, Fox Sports, and Yahoo Sports are the most incredible live sports streaming websites. While streaming, keep an eye out for Geo-restrictions, as some websites are restricted in certain areas.

Final Words:

With Free Sports Streaming Sites, you can keep up with the latest scores and watch real-time feeds of your favorite games.

Each of the above-mentioned Free Sports Streaming Sites allows you to watch your favorite sporting event whenever and wherever you choose.

Choose the most appropriate streaming service for you and watch live streams of your favorite sporting events for free.

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