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How do I activate to work on my device? In that case, you’re on the right page. There’s no need to worry, though. You won’t be able to watch this match at all. I’ve made it easy for you to activate on your phone or tablet. Take it one step at a time, and if you have any questions, ask them in the comment box. is owned by the FOX Network and is a sports-heavy channel that streams the most up-to-date and best sports content from all over the world. Fox Sports is in charge of FS1, FS2, FOX Soccer Plus, and FOX Deportes, which are all sports channels on Fox Sports. can be watched on a lot of different streaming devices. Fox Sports, on the other hand, doesn’t work with every device. Are you able to use your device with Fox Sports? Then keep reading this guide to find out more.

Four simple steps are needed to activate to work on your device. The first process you need to do is download the app to your phone or device. The Foxsports app, on the other hand, is already on some devices. Next, use a streaming service to get FoxSports TV if you don’t have cable. People who pay for streaming services like Hulu, Paramount plus, and a lot of other paid streaming services have the FoxSports channel.

The next thing to do to activate to work on any device is to set up an account. You can create an account on the Fox Sports app or on your phone. You’re done with this now, so the next step you should do is to link your device to the Fox Network through this website: You need to activate your account to connect your device to, which is why it’s important to do it right away. The last step is connecting your TV provider account.

Fox Sports is known for having exclusive football content, but it doesn’t work on all devices. However, if you have a supported device, Fox Sports can work with a few different types of devices. I’ve put together a list of the devices that can activate on

Supported Devices On Fox Sports

1 – Apple TV (app version 3.36, tvOS13+, Apple TV 4th generation and above) 

2 – Android TV (app version 3.24.1 and above) 

3 – FireTV (app version 3.36) 

4 – Samsung Smart TV (version 3.32.1)* 

5 – Roku (app version 3.35) 

6 – Xbox One (app version 3.24.1 and above) 

7 – iOS (app version 5.13 and iOS 13 or above) 

8 – Android (app version 5.13 and Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or above)

*Samsung TV (v3.32.1) only works with models from 2017 to 2020 that are sold in the United States.

Well, If you can’t find your device or version of your device on this list, it simply means your device isn’t supported by and cannot activate legally.

Activate On All Supported Devices

Well, The first thing you need to do to be able to activate is to download the app. The App Store on your device can help you get the Fox Sports app if your device is one of those that can download. After that, FOX Sports is free to watch. You might need a pay TV service, though, to connect it. activation is one of the most important steps in the activation process. A server for Fox Network would be able to connect your phone or tablet directly to their network if this was done. However, this has to be done by hand with a unique code that you get when you sign into the Fox Sports app. Visit to get this code and then use it on your account there!


We have written down how to install and activate on every device.

Activate On Roku

1 – Press “Home” using your Roku remote controller. On the home screen, navigate downwards. 

2 – You would find “Streaming Channels.” Next, Click on this, and you will be redirected to your “Channel Store.” 

3 – Go to the “Search Channel” icon and search “Fox Sports.” 

4 – Select “Add channel” to start downloading the app on your Roku device. 

5 – Once downloaded, launch the Fox Sports app. 

6 – Sign in to Fox Sports using your account username and password. 

7 – After signing in to Fox Sports, a unique code would appear on your device. This code is your activation code. 

8 – Grab your mobile device or PC, open your web browser and visit 

9 – On the website, enter your activation code into the box provided. 

10 – Click Activate, and that’s it.

Activate On Apple TV

1 – From your Apple TV Home screen, Go to your App Store. 

2 – Search for “Fox Sports” in your apps store. 

3 – Select “Get” once you’ve found the Fox Sports app. 

4 – Click install and wait for the app to be downloaded. 

5 – The Fox Sports app would appear on your Home Screen after installation. 

6 – Open the app on your Home screen sign in using your username and password. 

7 – Upon signing up, a unique code will appear on your screen. 

8 – To use this code, simply visit 

9 – Enter your activation code in the box provided on the website and click “activate.”

Activate On Android TV

1 – From your Android TV Home screen, go to the app menu. 

2 – Launch “Google Play Store.” 

3 – From the search icon above the screen, Search “Fox Sports.” 

4 – Download the app with the install button. 

5 – Once downloaded and installed, open the app in your apps list. 

6 – Sign in to your account using your Username and Password. 

7 – A code would appear on your screen after signing in. 

8 – Copy the code, get your mobile phone or PC, and visit 

9 – On the website, enter your activation code in the box provided and click “Activate.” 

10 – Once activated, you can start watching the contents of Fox Sport on your device.

Activate On Samsung Smart TV

1 – From your Samsung TV home screen, visit your “Smart Hub.” 

2 – On the search icon, Search “Fox Sports.” The app would show up in the result. 

3 – Click on the app and select “Sign Up.” 

4 – Sign in to the app using your username and your password. 

5 – After signing up, you would be redirected to a screen where a code would appear. 

6 – Copy this code or take a mental note of this code. 

7 – Visit using your mobile device or PC. 

8 – Enter the activation code in the box provided. 

9 – Click “Submit.” 

10 – The Fox Network backend would immediately connect your device to Fox Sports, and you can have access to all contents.

Activate On Xbox

1 – From your Xbox Home screen, Visit the “Microsoft Store.” 

2 – Under the Microsoft Store, Search for “Fox Sports.” 

3 – Click on get to begin downloading. 

4 – Once installed, launch the app and sign in to your account. 

5 – After signing in, an activation code will appear on your device. 

6 – Copy this activation code or take a mental note of it. 

7 – Visit and enter this code in the box provided. 

8 – Click “Submit” next to the box 

9 – Your device will be activated immediately.

Activate On Android

1 – On your android device, just go to your “Play Store” app. 

2 – On the search icon, Search for “Fox Sports.” 

3 – Select Fox Sports from the result and install. 

4 – Once successfully installed, you will get a notification on your Android device. 

5 – Launch the Fox Sports app from your Android app list. 

6 – Sign in to your Fox Sports account using your username and password. 

7 – After signing up, you can have immediate access to contents from

Activate On iOS

1 – From The Home Screen of your iOS device, Visit the Apps store. 

2 – Once on the Apps Store, search for Fox Sports. 

3 – Select Fox Sports from the results. 

4 – Click on the “Get” button to the “Cloud” icon next to the app 

5 – Wait for it to download. 

6 – After download, you should Launch the app and sign in to your Fox Sports account. 

7 – After signing in, you can have access to FoxSports content.

Note that you don’t need to activate an activation code to use on your smartphone. Direct activation is the way it works best.

Activate On Fire TV

1 – From your Fire TV home screen, visit the Amazon App Store. 

2 – Click o the search icon and type in “Fox Sports.” 

3 – From the results, Select the Fox Sports app and click “Buy.” 

4 – Install the app on your Fire TV. 

5 – Once the installation process is complete, you should sign in to your app using your username and password. 

6 – Upon sign up, you would be sent a unique code. 

7 – Visit using your web browser on mobile or desktop. 

8 – Enter the activation code in the box provided and click “Submit. ” 

9 – Once submitted, your device would be activated on Supported Browsers

Understand that not all browsers work with Fox Sports. A browser that isn’t supported could be the reason why your activation process doesn’t work. Here is a list of supported browsers to activate on any device.

1- Mac OS 10 or higher

  • Google Chrome (updated version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (updated version)
  • Safari (version9 or higher)

2- Windows 7 and 8

  • Google Chrome (updated version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (updated version)

3- Windows 10

  • Google Chrome (updated version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (updated version)
  • Edge (version12 or higher)

4- Android

  • Google Chrome (updated version)
  • Android browser (version5.1 or higher)

5- iOS

  • Google Chrome (version54 or higher)
  • Safari (version9 or higher)

Connect To Your TV Provider

Once you activate on any device, you can see a lot of different things. You should, however, link your TV provider’s account to your Fox App to get some access to live games and shows, which may not be available when you activate the app. But, again, this is because some of these contents may not be available right away.

TV providers have three ways to get you to connect to them. It’s either you use a Fox Sports-supported browser, a Fox Sports-supported mobile device, or a Fox Sports-supported streaming device to watch the game online or on your TV.

Connecting To Your TV Provider Using Web Browser

1 – Go to on your web browser. 

2 – Click on the “Sign In” option. 

3 – Under the ‘Sign in’ option, select “TV Provider sign in” 

4 – Search for your TV provider in the provided list. 

5 – Once found, select it and enter the username and password of your TV provider.

Connecting To Your TV Provider Using Your Mobile Device

1 – Right on the Fox Sports app downloaded on your device, select “Explore” at the bottom right corner. 

2 – Go to “Settings” by clicking on the profile icon at the top right corner. 

3 – Select “TV Provider sign in” 

4 – Search for your TV provider from the list that appears. 

5 – Enter using your TV Provider username and password to start steaming.

Connect To Your TV Provider Using Connected Devices

1 – On the Fox Sports app on your device, go to your device “Settings.” 

2 – Under settings, select TV Provider Sign in. 

3 – Look through the list of TV Providers and select your TV Provider. 

4 – Log in using your TV provider’s username and password. is a free app, but you may need to connect it to a paid TV service in order to see some of its content. You can also watch without having a cable. To watch it, you can pay for streaming services like Hulu Plus and Fubo TV. AT&T, YouTube, and some other streaming platforms also have paid subscriptions to watch it on.

With this guide, you can activate on any bill at any time. Take a look at the video below to see how it works. You might want to look into how to activate Foxsportgo on any type of device.

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