25 Best Rojadirecta Alternatives For Sports Streaming


If you’re searching for the greatest site like Rojadirecta to watch live matches or get the latest sports news from across the world, Rojadirecta is the place to go. Rojadirecta tv is believed to be the finest place to go for all kinds of game-related news. However, you should be aware that Rojadirecta.tv is not a Live Sports Streaming. But, Rojadirecta com functions as a real-time information site, providing every detail about the games, fixtures, and schedules. However, there are many more excellent sites Alternatives to Rojadirecta on the Internet that provide similar services. Many users are continuously looking for a different site to receive information from. If the sites you visit on a regular basis are unavailable, you can switch to another site. Here is the list of great of the other Rojadirecta Alternatives sites.

What is Rojadirecta?

It’s not difficult to use Rojadirecta. Rojadirecta com is, in fact, really simple and, more importantly, within everyone’s reach. To use Rojadirecta me, you’ll need a computer, a tablet, or an Android smartphone (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.), or an iPhone. In short, any gadget that can connect to the Internet is sufficient. The design of Rojadirecta me is basic and allows you to access the appropriate event in a flash, as can be seen by browsing the Spanish site’s home page: simply consult the timetable to find everything that will be aired.

Rojadirecta’s schedule is nearly endless. Basketball, volleyball, golf, and many other sports are available. The Spanish platform is unique in that it is completely free and does not require registration in order to watch streaming football matches (or any other sporting event) in high definition. In addition, there are numerous links available. As a result, if one of them isn’t working, simply move on to the next one.


How to Fix Rojadirecta if it doesn’t work?

It’s no secret that Rojadirecta is an illegal platform because it streams sporting events without holding the television rights, including Serie A, Champions League, and Premier League football matches. For this reason, the Spanish site is precisely covered by responsible authorities, making it unavailable.

So, what should you do if Rojadirecta won’t load or work? If you are experienced with technology, and more precisely with the world of computing, simply follow our instructions on how to change DNS; otherwise, simply wait a few hours (at most a few days), and the situation will return to normal.

25 Best Rojadirecta Alternatives List

You may learn about the Top 25 Best Rojadirecta Alternatives for sports streaming in this article. Nonetheless, it appears that the platform’s operations will come to a stop after a local judge ordered it to do so immediately. When Roja Directa streams sports to the general public without prior clearance, it has been accused of infringing on the copyright of third parties. Are you looking for a Rojadirecta Alternatives? We’ve compiled a list of them below!

1. Sportstream


Among the prominent sports streaming sites like Rojadirecta, this one takes the first site. You can both enjoy & watch all of the live activities on this site. StopStream streams its own sporting events as well as sports channels from third-party streaming websites such as FromHot, Drakulastream, USA Goals, and others.

2. Laola1


Laola1 is often regarded as one of the most popular on the Internet. With the help of this site, you may watch sports or go to a live streaming sites like Rojadirecta. This also has a variety of sports videos that you could enjoy watching. You may watch all of the sports in this place with a single click.

3. Feed2All


Feed2All is a live football and other sports streaming and live channel-watching platform provided by WizWig that permits sports lovers to watch their favorite channels for free. One of Feed2All’s biggest features is that it broadcasts many live football matches, as well as a few other games. Feed2All offers a number of prominent sports streaming and live channel supplying websites like Rojadirecta to ensure that most sports and games are shown without streaming. This list of all the tournaments and league matches currently being played amongst different teams throughout the world can be found on the site’s home page.

4. Stream2watch


Stream2Watch is an internet streaming service like Rojadirecta that allows users to connect with numerous mirrors to view material from all over the world. The site focuses on sports like soccer, boxing, tennis, baseball, hockey, cricket, football, and more, but users can also connect to live TV networks like Animal Planet and ABC News. In many countries throughout the world, Stream2Watch is available.

5. Sport365


Sport365 is a totally free website where you can watch your favorite sports teams compete. It is one of the most popular websites on the Internet since it allows access to live plays without having you create an account and operates on a watch-and-go premise. The site is simple to navigate and use; play schedules are shown on the homepage, allowing you to see upcoming games in real-time.

The website does, however, have the most pop-up advertising and promotional banners we’ve ever seen. While it is rather simple to turn off the advertising, it is very persistent. Avoid clicking on any of these hazardous links to keep your PC virus-free. Sport365 could be a good site for you if you don’t mind having your patience tested by these advertisements. More course, we’ve gathered a slew of Rojadirecta Alternatives as well.

6. FirstRowSports


According to the website, it is dedicated to soccer and football lovers all around the world. Aside from that, you can engage in other sports. This website, on the other hand, is mostly used to watch soccer matches. To use this site, you must have a compatible web browser.

FirstRowSports  is well-known for its high-quality and speedy streaming website like Rojadirecta. It’s normally beneficial for everyone to be able to watch multiple games at the same time. The user interface on this website is a little confusing. Live sports streaming is free, and there are no subscription costs to watch a game in progress. Although a pop-up may appear now and then before streaming, it should not be a problem because it provides many links to streams. While watching your favorite sport live, use an ad-blocker to avoid unwanted pop-ups.

7. CricFree


CricFree is a sports streaming service that offers access to a variety of online TV channels, the majority of which showcase sporting events. Live streaming services are entirely free to use and may be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time. This service offers over 12 different categories, each focusing on a different sport in order to provide all streaming at the same time. Furthermore, the chat area of this service is the most pleasant aspect of it, as it allows you to contact other sports enthusiasts from around the world and discuss whatever you like. it is best Rojadirecta alternatives.

8. BossCast


If you’re searching for a site like Rojadirecta to watch matches online, BossCast is the site to go. You can use it to watch a live stream of matches. This website also broadcasts ESPN, NFL Network, FOX Sports, NBA, and a variety of other sports. You can now select from a category of streaming possibilities with the help of this site, which it provides to its users.

9. goATDee


goATDee is a fantastic streaming site as well. This website like Rojadirecta provides a variety of services to users, including live streaming, TV channels, and much more. Aside from that, a user can watch the news and other entertainment videos on this site.

10. MamaHD

MamaHD offers free live sports streaming as well as access to sports channels. This allows sports enthusiasts to enjoy free sporting sports and games. You may watch sports for free on this website like Rojadirecta. A PC or a smartphone can be used to watch sports streaming.

11. SportP2P

SportP2P is a simple website with a user-friendly UI. The videos and broadcasts on the site may appear to be out of date, but they are not. The videos load rapidly, and the streams are in excellent resolution, giving you a cinematic experience without leaving your home. On the website like Rojadirecta, you may choose from a variety of sports categories, including basketball, tennis, rugby, ice hockey, and many others.

Suppose you’re short on time. You can quickly catch up on the match’s highlights by using the highlight button in the menu bar. A table on the site displays today’s live events. It contains details about the sport, the information and time of the match, as well as the teams competing. The next match scheduled for the following two days may be seen by scrolling down.

12. BatManStream

BatManStream is another place like Rojadirecta where you may stream online matches from sports including football, baseball, racing, rugby, tennis, baseball, basketball, beach ball, and the NFL, among others. It’s quite straightforward to use. Simply go to BatManStream, tap your chosen sporting activity, then select the game to watch in HD. To stream matches without interruption, you must create an account or download the expansion. 

13. Wiziwig

If you’re searching for a simple and straightforward Site like Rojadirecta, try Wiziwig. Beginners will be enticed to try it out because of the simple design and lack of pop-up adverts. Simply select the sports category you want to watch from the drop-down menu. It will display you all of the available matches as well as their schedules.

In addition, popular sporting events such as baseball, volleyball, and basketball are broadcast. Because it broadcasts popular pro league matches from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and other leagues, Wiziwig is great for football and soccer aficionados. Wiziwig will automatically display the time in your local timezone, allowing you to quickly follow the matches you want to watch. Although Wiziwig does not contain advertisements, if you click something on its page, it will transport you to a new tab.

14. StreamEast

Well, This is one of the Best Rojadirecta alternatives that display several different types of sports, especially basketball, baseball, hockey, and even college football. While it does not cover as many sports like cricket, wrestling, racing, or Boxing, this site has produced promising (and positive) results for those who enjoy hockey, football, baseball, and basketball. In addition, the site’s design is fairly simple and uncomplicated.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a list of upcoming live events. You can stream the contents by simply clicking on it. Because the service as a whole is free, you will not be charged to access the live stream. However, you do not have much control over the content you view. All you have to do is choose one of the numerous lists available on the list. However, the content is impressive and beneficial.

15. Buffstreams

Buffstreams is one of the best Rojadirecta alternatives. Buffstreams.tv functions similarly to an encyclopedia of sports. It not only provides access to live sports links but also maintains a database of information and news about upcoming sporting sports. Buffstreams features an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Buffstream offers high-definition NFL live streams for all football games. However, you should use an ad blocker prior to using Buffstreams.tv because there are numerous annoying advertisements while streaming any live match. Additionally, you can use Buffstream to watch your favorite sport directly on your smartphone.

16. SportSurge

People who like sports can watch their favorite teams and athletes from all over the world on SportSurge, a live sports streaming website. It’s possible for users to get SportSurge’s app so they can watch their favorite sports on their smartphone. Users won’t have to pay to stream things on the website. You can use it for free. Those who watch can also stay up to date on the most recent sports news and highlight viewers. If you don’t like Rojadirecta because it has a complicated interface, this is the best choice. People have been using this service because there are a lot of different kinds of games to watch.

17. 12th Player

12th Player is a streaming platform similar to Rojadirecta, except that it is primarily focused on football but also covers other sports to maintain the site’s diversity. It features a simple, easy-to-navigate interface and also includes sport-specific categories. Other sports covered include basketball, hockey, and tennis. There are both live and recorded streaming options. With all of this accessible with a few simple clicks and minimal ads interfering with your experience, what’s not to love about this platform?

18. SportRARTV

From soccer to ice hockey, the SportRARTV site allows you to stream all of your favorite sports. In addition, the website’s landing page displays all current and upcoming games, as well as a calendar for examining previous ratings. The user interface is adequate, and they only display streams that are legal in your country. Additionally, you can log in to receive additional information via email or to be notified of upcoming competitions. It is one of the best Rojadirecta alternatives to watch live sports online.

19. Sportlemon

This site is one of the best Rojadirecta alternatives and a free sports streaming sites. Sportlemon is one of the most well-known names in the sports streaming business. The site has live TV channels, sports news, live scores, and highlights. The people there play a lot of different kinds of sports, like badminton and rugby and football and handball and basketball and tennis and a lot more. The site itself has more than 130 channels, which can be very handy if you want to live stream smoothly and quickly. Feel free to go to the website at any time and from anywhere. Overall, Sportlemon is one of the best Rojadirecta alternatives for sports streaming.

20. 6streams

The 6streams provide you with a variety of sports-related content and objects. The site’s primary focus will be on American football, basketball, mixed martial arts, hockey, and baseball, as well as college football. The site offers a variety of sports-related subjects. Additionally, you can view the number of videos available in each category.

For example, the NBA links currently contain 14 videos, the NFL contains 19 streams, and mixed martial arts contains six videos. Feel free to explore 6stream and pick the one that feels the most appropriate for you. The service is completely free, and maintaining the site is quite simple like Rojadirecta. You won’t run out of good options for high-quality content.


As with many others, ATDHE has grown in popularity in recent years due to its good performance with live sports streams. In addition, it provides access to a variety of ongoing games across multiple sports with fewer advertisements than some comparison sites like Rojadirecta. It is critical to note, however, that they are not a direct streaming site. Rather than that, they are a simple-to-navigate aggregate site that maintains a list of ongoing streams that can be viewed elsewhere. Well, It’s an excellent way to get a sense of what’s going on if you’re in a general browsing mood, for example.

22. VIPBox

VIPBox Sports is one of the best Rojadirecta alternatives because the website features the majority of popular sports, and the streams are free. With a single click, the site displays all live matches from around the world, including horse racing, Nascar, and others. The interface is not perfect, but it is neat and tidy. You can also contact the site’s developers if you encounter any problems.

23. ESPN

We’re all aware that there are a plethora of Rojadirecta Unblocked sites to choose from. Rojadirecta Proxy essentially provides more options and features for live sports streaming. One sports channel is the most established and is still widely available. ESPN Sports is one of the most popular Crack Streams Mirror sites available on the internet. It provides a wealth of sports data as well as a live stream of athletic events. ESPN Sports focuses on cricket-related news and information. The most recent match schedule, cricket news, highlights, and briefings, and many other issues are discussed. A subscription to ESPN is required to watch live sports, and the rates are incredibly low. On the website, users can also sign up for a 7-day free trial.

24. DAZN

Mastering boxing is a challenging task. It necessitates the best deal of practice and perseverance. Boxing is a sport that is studied all over the world. Other sites similar to Rojadirecta can be found on the internet. Well, DAZN, on the other hand, outperforms all other internet-based streaming boxing platforms. This Rojadirecta alternatives Sites is dedicated solely to live boxing streaming. A nominal rental cost is necessary to access all of the boxing content on the Site.

Here, Exclusive boxing, documentaries, weekly shows, classic fights, live events, and highlights are all available on DAZN. Now, Users can watch live sports on Smart TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, smartphones, and smartphones with a subscription.

25. BossCast

All of the things you’d want from a sports streaming site can be found at BossCast. It is well-known that it has a lot of different kinds of sports. The site lets you watch live TV channels as well as highlights, broadcasts, live scores, and news about the sports you care about. From basketball to football to rugby to badminton to handball to tennis to WWE… it has news about all kinds of sports. BossCast.net is a huge sports fan and has more than 130 sports channels on its site. However, BassCast.net does more than just give you a bad sports channel. This TV has a lot of big sports channels that broadcast live, like ESPN and ESPN 2. It also has ESPN 2, Euro Sport, Euro Sport 2, MBA HD, and many more. The BossCast is one of the best sites like Rojadirecta for sports streaming.

Final Thoughts: Rojadirecta Alternatives

So that is the list of the 25 greatest sports streaming Rojadirecta Alternatives. You can use any of the above sites to enjoy live streaming of your favorite sports and team matches. All of these Sites like Rojadirecta are in good functioning order and provide amazing features to their users. 

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