13 Best Wiziwig Alternatives To Watch Live Sports Online

Wiziwig Alternatives

WiziWig was one of the best sites to stay up to date on your favorite sports teams. Use WizWig to show your game shows and get the most up-to-date information at any time. You might be interested in football, basketball, or rugby, but you don’t have to be. Get the latest news, live TV, and other information about American games on Wiz1.net. When it came to watching sports online, WizWig was a great choice. Unfortunately, a year ago, WiziWig was stopped. It’s not the same as before. You can’t get your favorite games from the internet like you used to. So you must be looking for some alternatives to WiziWig that will do the same part and charge less. Here is a list of the WiziWig alternatives that you can always have with you, too. Well, You don’t have to go through the whole list to find the best sports streaming sites.

13 Best Wiziwig Alternatives To Watch Live Sports Online

Today, I’m going to show you some Wiziwig alternatives or sites like WiziWig to watching any sports and watching live broadcasts (just live cable TV) so that you can keep track of your favorite sports teams. So with that, let’s start.


1. SportP2P

Wiziwig Alternatives

The SportP2P is one of the best alternatives to WiziWig. It has a lot of streaming services for sports and lives TV channels, and it’s one of the best. This site is also a good place to watch live football matches from a lot of different places. As a bonus, SportP2P lets you watch a lot of other sports. These include basketball, tennis, and ice hockey. You can also stream volleyball, badminton, and snooker.

2. 12th Player

Wiziwig Alternatives

There are some WiziWig alternatives to watch live football streaming, but 12th Player is the best one. In the football world, this site has all of the most recent news and updates. It also has live streams of other sports, like soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, racing, rugby, and so on. Isn’t that great? Well, You can watch a live stream of all big leagues and sports events for free!

3. BatManStream

Wiziwig Alternatives

It’s one of many WiziWig alternatives that are also good. BatManStream lets you watch live sports streams for free. This site has 18 different types of sports, from American football to water polo. On the website, you can see all the live sports schedules that are going on right now. By choosing another time zone to sort the schedules, you can also change your own location and set a different time zone for yourself.

4. Cricfree

Wiziwig Alternatives

The Cricfree is one of the best sites like WiziWig to watch live sports on the internet. It has a lot of online TV channels that show sports events, like Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2. This platform lets you watch American football, boxing, soccer, tennis, ice hockey, and a lot of other sports, as well. You can also see a list of live events in different sports on the home page. Also, this website is easy to use.

5. BossCast

Wiziwig Alternatives

This is another WiziWig replacement called BossCast, and it’s also good. When you open BossCast, you’ll see a list of live sports schedules that are going on right now. It also lets you change your time zone. So if you want to watch live sports for free, you can watch a lot of channels on BossCast. Golf, soccer, basketball, rugby, handball, hockey, curling, and more are some of the sports.

6. SportRar

Wiziwig Alternatives

One of the best WiziWig alternatives, SportRar, is also a good place to watch sports like football and tennis as well as ice hockey and baseball. When you go to the website, you can see a clear list of all of the games. It’s possible to look at them in order of when they were finished, live, finished, games on TV, not started, and selected, among other things. Alternatively, you can choose the games you want to look for by date. So you can change the time zone on this site, too!

7. VIPLeague

Wiziwig Alternatives

Well, If you like to watch sports, VIPLeague is a great TV channel for you. You can get all the sports news and watch all the games live on this site. The live stream isn’t just for football or rugby; you can watch all sports. This is the best part of the TV show. In fact, there is no game in this way. It doesn’t matter if you get to the site or not. You can look around and watch the live sports and read the news as soon as you get there!

8. LiveTV

There is a website called LiveTV that lets you watch live streams of games and tournaments from all over the world. It is free to use. It’s free. You need to register up for an account in order to see all of its content. It’s all right to do that.

9. SportStream

SportStream is an online platform that lets people watch live sports and games. List of channels with games that are going to be streamed in the future and the time they are going to start. A lot of different sports are shown on this website, like soccer, badminton, and baseball. It also shows matches from around the world. So if you desire to watch your favorite sports while you are on the go, SportStream is a great option. This is the best way to stay entertained for a long time.

10. Stream2Watch

Are you still looking for a website where you can stream sports online from your PC? Try Stream2Watch, then. It is a free live streaming website where you can watch all kinds of sports at the same time. You can watch cricket, football, tennis, badminton, wrestling and so many other sports and games at this place. It has everything you want to see. Here, Just sign up with your email address to watch any sports in HD for free.


Well, If you want to watch the most recent games from anywhere in the world, Atdhe is the place to go. You might not believe that after you land on this site because it’s very simple and easy to stream. If you want to watch the live stream, you don’t even need to register. One of the best places to watch sports online could be this site.

12. Sport365

Sport365 is also one of the best sites like WiziWig to stream sports online. This platform is mostly used for football matches. It’s true that you can also watch other sports. Live streams aren’t the only thing you can get. You can also get recent news and updates. It can stream a lot of different types of sports, like Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, and Hockey. I put it on this WiziWig alternative list because it has these features, so I did.

13. MamaHD

MamaHD is a free live sports streaming website that lets you watch as many live sports games as you want for free. You can also see schedules and watch video clips. It is a powerful live streaming service that covers almost all sports platforms, including Football, Hockey, MotoGP, Soccer, Boxing, and Cricket, as well as many others. Each group has its own way of watching videos. In addition, there are many ways that you can find streaming connections. To find them, go to the web and choose a game from the list.


I hope you enjoy this post on the best Wiziwig alternatives or sites like WiziWig. The comment box is a good place to ask questions about this post if you have them.

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