Best DVD Player for Windows 10 You Can Use in 2021

As Windows 10 upgrades with screenshots, there are some old features that are left behind by the latest OS. The same is true of the embedded DVD player. Windows users have for years been able to play DVDs without a problem with the native Windows Media Center program.

However, Microsoft had to forgo the once-popular Windows Media Center because of some proprietary codecs. The users are now out on a limb, with the WMC stopped. So I share ten of the top DVD Player for Windows 10 that function flawlessly in this article. In addition, I have given you some more tips for making the DVD playback on your PC seamless. Therefore, let’s start without wasting time. 


What Happened to the Windows Media Center?

A popular media application that had multiple media formats supported by Windows Media Center. They could play media files from the DVD directly without codecs or problems with incompatibility. However, Microsoft had to withdraw Windows Media Center from native DVD playback support due to licensing problems with the MPEG2 codec. WMC faded into forgetfulness, and with the advent of Windows 10, Microsoft stopped developing. There is now no native way to play Windows 10 DVDs. But you simply mustn’t worry. We have some excellent third-party games that can be easily played on DVDs. So let’s start with the best DVD Player for Windows 10 without further ado. 

Best DVD Player for Windows 10 You Can Use in 2021

In this section, we will share the ten best DVD players for Windows 10. Well, Almost all the apps support and can play a large number of DVD media formats. Also, the third-party apps, we have also included a DVD player developed by Microsoft. Thus, that being said, let’s go ahead and check out the apps. 

Media Player Classic

DVD Player for Windows 10

Media Player Classic is a common app that’s only second to VLC. It’s a free, open-source software similar to VLC that supports a range of media formats. You will flawlessly render your in-house created DVD and Blu-ray media files. MPC is known for its community-based codex kit, as it is well known. The most comprehensive codec library can transcode and play practically any media format.

Finally, Media Player Classic is one of the best DVD Player for Windows 10. I have no hesitation in recommending the Media Player Classic if VLC Media Player does not cut you out for whatever reason. Go for that. Go for that.


DVD Player for Windows 10

Kodi is a strong program for the media center, which can play whatever you throw at. Kodi has DVD playback support, CD’s, Blu-rays and many other features, amongst many items. You must attach a DVD, and Kodi detects the source of the media. It uses what is known as the center to manage DVD playback.

The center of the libdvdcss library supports nearly all major media formats. It can transcode media files in real-time. It is so efficient. It can play videos directly without de-compressing them from VOB, FUP and other DVD media formats. If you are searching for the best DVD Player for Windows 10, Kodi is one of them, of course. It’d be best if you tried it. 


DVD Player for Windows 10

KMPlayer is one of Windows 10 OS’s oldest and most powerful multimedia games. It supports a wide variety of video formats, such as DVD, VCD, SVCD, and Blu-rays. KMPlayer sports a solid renderer that can play any format on it. The output of the video is outstanding, and even when playing massive files, there is no lag.

KMPlayer has a large range of media libraries and supports in-house codec, which enhances DVD playback significantly. Put it, and if you’re looking for a Windows 10 DVD player that supports nearly every media format, then you need KMPlayer. Simply update, and you’re set to play DVDs without any problems on your Windows 10 PC.

VLC Media Player

DVD Player for Windows 10

VLC doesn’t have to be introduced much, but let me inform you briefly if you’re unaware of this excellent app. VLC is a media player that supports countless media formats, free and open-source. It can replay DVDs, CDs, blue rays as well as encrypted DVDs. When it comes to results, it is literally the highest level and plays videos without any stuttering problems.

No inconsistency, lag or audio problems can be experienced with VLC, mainly because of its extensive decoder and encoder collection. VLC relies heavily on FFmpeg, which offers various alternatives to proprietary codecs. Overall, this is the best apps on all the DVD player for Windows 10, and you won’t be able to do it wrong.

CyberLink PowerDVD

DVD Player for Windows 10

A versatile program for playing all sorts of media disk formats CyberLink PowerDVD. It can play DVD and Blu-ray media 8K, 4K and HDR videos. The software has a Blu-ray Disc Association certification and uses proprietary codecs to play different media formats without replication problems.

It has True Theater technologies, which should surround the sound system effect, in addition to the video playback. CyberLink PowerDVD is a rich technology and one of the best DVD Player for Windows 10. However, the price is coming, and the basic edition is $59.99 to be purchased. You can, however, take a free trial for 30 days before you purchase to see if premium features are relevant for you. 


DVD Player for Windows 10

PotPlayer is a basic Windows 10 multimedia player with DVD playback support. It does not have a great user interface, but it can play images from Blu-ray, IFO media files and more. The crucial part is the excellent results. It is able to transcode and render DVD media files using open source video codecs. I didn’t notice any problems when playing DVD files with PotPlayer, incompatibility or rendering. PotPlayer can be a fantastic option when you’re searching for a free DVD Player for Windows 10. Before you go to the paying ones, you can shot it.

Windows DVD Player

DVD Player for Windows 10

With the absence of the Windows Media Center, Microsoft has created a standalone app that is able to play DVDs reasonably. It is not included in the OS, and it needs to be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. You would need to shell off $14.99 to purchase Windows DVD Player as an app with a bill. You can, however, make a free 7-day trial before and choose whether to use this application. It plays a lot of DVDs and supports a variety of video formats from the beginning. However, it’s a bummer you can’t play Blu-rays.

However, the performance is decent, and I did not notice any problems with the playback. Overall, without bells or whistles, this is a decent app. This app can be an acceptable substitute if you miss the Windows Media Center but do a test before you finish your order.


DVD Player for Windows 10

5KPlayer is our last app to be mentioned here. It supports many mass media formats, including DVD and VCD pictures. Notice that Blu-ray media files are not allowed, so you have to first convert disk images, then play 5KPlayer with them. It’s very decent to talk about results, and the app can directly play DVD file formats from the optical disk. While playing DVDs, I did not notice any problems with stutter or audio delayed, so it’s perfect. All in all, it’s a pretty good app, and you can try it if you want your Windows 10 PC to have a sleek DVD player. 

GOM Player

DVD Player for Windows 10

GOM Player is an awesome DVD Player for Windows 10. It will play DVD, VCD and SVCD photos perfectly with a variety of media formats. GOM Player is characterized by its ability to play broken media files via the missing codecs. It has a name for Codec Finder, which searches the damaged section and reconstructs the index. It patches the bad frames or simply skipping them with missing codecs. You should fire GOM Player if you have a DVD and are unable to play it because of broken tracks. It’s valuable.


DVD Player for Windows 10

SM Player is an open-source program that can play various formats, including DVD, VCD, Blu-ray, etc. The video reproduction is excellent and can play 4K-videos of up to 60 FPS with great clarity. Overall, the output is reasonably stable, and I noticed no difference while playing several media files on DVDs. It can even provide replacements for DVD and Blu-ray played videos, so it’s awesome. Furthermore, SMPlayer supports hardware speed so that when playing a large number of DVD media files, you do not face replay delay or stutter issues. It is the great DVD Player for Windows 10, and you should try to change that.

Manage DVD Auto-Play Settings

I shared the ten best DVD Player for Windows 10 in this section. But you must change the Auto-Play settings if you are going to have a smooth experience with DVDs. It will enhance the experience of watching the DVD greatly. How do you do it here?

1. Once you’ve pressed the Windows key and type the “DVD” option, you’ll find “Automatically Play CD or other media.” Click it. Click it.

DVD Player for Windows 10

2. Here, you can scroll down to the DVD player of your choice and adjust the “DVD movie option.” You may also switch programs for other situations. Click the “Save” button afterwards.

DVD Player for Windows 10

3. This is it. This is it. If you put a DVD on your PC, it will open the DVD player to play media files. Good luck!

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Final Thought:

This was our list of ten Top DVD Player for Windows 10. You may read the article and choose the one that fits your account. However, because of their irrational experience, I would suggest VLC. It works, and you install VLC. However, you can make other choices and choose them as you want. To tie up your favourite DVD player, if you liked the article or want to share it, comment below. We’re going to see it. 

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