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There is a general misconception about subtitles that they are only meant to assist those experiencing hearing problems. In reality, subtitles prove to be a great source of learning for someone who is watching a movie or any other video clip in a language that is not native to him and, therefore, he is unable to follow the conversation. Movie Subtitles are also excellent for those who fail to comprehend the accent of foreigners. 

People who have mastered the art of speaking a foreign language immaculately are often seen mocking others for watching movies with subtitles. It is considered as an indication of weak listening skills; however, these already learned people overlook the fact that they have been given an environment where listening to a foreign language is a common phenomenon where they get used to hearing foreign languages to the extent that they start considering it as their language. So, for those who are not privileged enough to be a part of such an environment, watching movies and TV shows with subtitles can help them improve their listening skills in a fun way. 

Few movies on DVD and Blu-ray already have subtitles installed, but most of the time, these subtitles are only in 1 or 2 languages. Plus, there are only a few movies that have subtitles. Most of them don’t. To provide ease to people who are more interested in watching foreign movies but have a hard time getting to grips with the language, several websites allow these movie enthusiasts to Download Subtitle tracks for movies and other such video clips.


Download Movie Subtitles For Free

To make it more comfortable for the users, this article further narrows down some of the best websites from where one can Download Movie Subtitles. The name of these websites are:

DIVX Subtitles

Download Movie Subtitles

Designed and introduced in the year 2002, DIVX Subtitles is one of the oldest subtitles websites currently active. The website is pretty much useful for people who love to watch old school movies, as it contains many options from the past, which other websites often fail to offer. 

DIVX Subtitles provide subtitles in languages other than English, thereby giving people a chance to watch English movies without grappling with the English language. 

YIFY Subtitles

Download Movie Subtitles

YIFY subtitles website, unlike other subtitles websites, is designed explicitly as a Movie Subtitles website; i.e., it does not offer subtitles for TV shows and serials. Like Podnapisi, it has also created sections where the main page contains the list of most talked-about movies. Moreover, the website tends to have a list of subtitles options available from where one can choose the subtitle of one’s own choice.


Download Movie Subtitles

For someone so eager to Download Movie Subtitles, OpenSubtitles should be his priority, as it claims to have around 5million subtitles stored on its website. This website contains subtitles in English and almost 50 other languages ranging from Aragonese to Vietnamese. By adding subtitles to these movies from different regions, one can also know about those countries’ art and culture. 

OpenSubtitles allows one to Download Movie Subtitles and guides one by giving complete detail about the movie one is planning to watch. Moreover, the advanced search bar also allows one to search according to their age and based on the ratings that particular movie has earned. Moreover, this fantastic website also offers subtitles for serials. It also provides a platform for the users to comment and give tips about finding the best subtitles. 


Download Movie Subtitles

With over 2 million subtitles available for download, about 58,000 movies and more than 6000 TV series options present in Podnapisi, the Movie Subtitle website is a perfect pick for those looking for something immaculate, convenient, and easy to use. 

To provide much assistance to its users, Podnipisi has made specific categories: the first category indicates the recently uploaded subtitles; the other sections show the most commented and most desirable uploads. 

Like other Movie Subtitle programs, Podnipsi also allows its users to search for the latest uploads by merely looking for the desired result in the search bar by typing options like keywords, years, and even languages. Besides entailing different options of languages, Podnapisi is also working on translating the website itself.   


Download Movie Subtitles

The Addict is the abbreviation of Addict. Hence the name suggests that Addic7ed is ideal for people who are addicted to watching movies. Just like OpenSubtitles, Addic7ed also provides subtitles for TV series. 

To Download Movie Subtitles, the users are required to sign in first. Once signed in, one can easily Download Movie Subtitles of their desired TV show or a movie by either searching in a search bar or simply scrolling through a drop-down menu. The website provides ample convenience by displaying the recent releases in the RSS feed at the top of the webpage. Additionally, a schedule is provided, which indicates the release of a recent movie, and a link for the subtitles of that movie is provided. 

The website also considers it indispensable to give proper guidance to its users. It has also created support forums where tutorials are posted that delineate how the subtitles can be downloaded and used. Moreover, this Download Movie Subtitles website does not cater to English and major languages only; instead, other lesser-known languages are also taken into consideration, and the subtitles in languages like Arabic and Swedish are also available. 


Download Movie Subtitles

Introduced in 2005, Subscene is the second oldest subtitles website after DIVX. The website offers subtitles in different languages. This website is quite resourceful for the hearing impaired. 

One of the remarkable features of Subscene is that it also allows users to add their subtitles. The website offers subtitles for both movies and TV serials. Additionally, the website renders subtitles for musical videos also.  

Subscene appears to be much more organized. It has a separate page for each movie or TV serial that contains complete details regarding the release and ratings of the particular movie. There are different subtitles available for each movie, so one has the liberty to opt for any subtitle from the available options.

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Final Words:

These are some of the best subtitles websites that offer subtitles for different languages. However, the users should keep in mind that volunteers are regulating these websites. Therefore, they often entertain a myriad of ads required to be blocked so that one can take advantage of these websites to the fullest. 

After so many options available for Download Movie Subtitles, if someone still fails to find the desired website, then the possibility of making one’s subtitled video is always available. 

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