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Video Editing Software

Being someone who has just embarked on the journey of editing videos for either entertainment purposes or a professional cause, finding a perfect video editor that would cater to everyone’s needs is a bit challenging. Hence it is better to use Free Video Editing software to find out what one is looking for in editing software. It is wise to be sure about what one wants in a video editing app rather than spending money buying an editing app and later ending up disliking it.

With Free Video Editing Software, it is possible to add or even extract audio from videos. Resizing and compressing videos is also possible. Moreover, adding subtitles to the videos with the help of free editing software app is also an option.  

This article has compiled a list of some of the best Editing Software that allows one to create professional videos without buying extravagant and complicated software. Some of these applications are too basic, but some have advanced features as well. Most of these video editing programs are compatible with Microsoft and Mac, whereas some cater to Mac or Microsoft exclusively.


Free Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac

Some of the best editing programs are:


Video Editing Software

OpenShot, just like VideoPad, is also compatible with Windows as well as Mac. This is ideal choice for those who wish to learn more about Video Editing Software. The video editing app claims to be an open-source video editor, which implies that this video editing program is relatively more professional than other standard or closed-source software programs. It also entails more functions that standard or closed-source software does not have. Some of the features of the editing programs are:

  • OpenShot has different tools for different tasks like resizing, rotating, and also trimming videos.
  • One of the coolest features of Openshot is that it adds 3D animation and keyframes to animate anything literally.
  • OpenShot has an unlimited variety of tracks to add some videos in the background to make them more entertaining.


Video Editing Software

Unlike other Video Editing Software, IMovie is specified for Mac users only. The free video editing program is already installed in Mac and is quite convenient to use. IMovie is a perfect pick for beginners.

  • The software has a large variety of video and audio effects
  • It is possible to add images, audios and videos to one’s videos
  • It also backs 4K resolution


Video Editing Software

Compatible with both Mac and Windows, it is an ideal choice for beginners. It does not require complicated methods to edit videos and lets one post all the edited videos on other social media accounts within no time. The Video Editing Software has the following features.

  • VideoPad has a variety of transition effects.
  • It can even edit 3D and 360-degree video files
  • It entertains a wide variety of sound effects that can add different audio products to the video clips to make them look cool.
  • A premium version of VideoPad is also available that costs around $3.88 per month. The premium version renders privileges like unlimited sound tracks and plugin support and that, too, at such a low price.

DaVinci Resolve

Video Editing Software

Like VideoPad and Openshot, DaVinci Resolve works well with both Windows and Mac. The video editing program is more suitable for advanced users. This app contains everything that one can wish for in a video editing application. It is a 2D and 3D video effects compositor; however, the software is not recommended for those who have just stepped into the world of video editing and are struggling to learn about using these editing software programs. Following are the features of Davinci Resolve

  • The video editor has a variety of amazing video-effects.
  • It also has motion graphics
  • The program also contains different colour production and audio production tools.


Video Editing Software

Lightwork is a perfect option for those who aspire to make videos that have professional touch in them but are reluctant to invest money in buying one. Being designed for Windows and Mac, Lightwork is a high-end video editing app with versatile features and can cater to people who want luxury but do not want to spend money. .Although the free version also has impressive features, the premium Lightwork, which costs around $24.99 per month, is more advanced than its free version, as it makes it possible to export files in formats other than MPEG. Moreover, the premium version also lets its user upload the video straight on YouTube. Below are a few of its characteristics:

  • It has the option of multi-track editing.
  • It also has background import and rendering
  • Lightwork is also capable of previewing video effects.


Video Editing Software

Like Openshot, Shotcut is also an open-source video editor and is perfect for advanced users. It is suitable for those who are looking for software that can do customization of videos. With Shotcut, moving and resizing windows to get the desired interface is also possible. Moreover, it is also suitable for Windows and Mac. Some of the features are:

  • Shotcut has a plethora of video and audio effects
  • It has a considerable format support

Movie Maker

Video Editing Software

It is only designed for Windows users, and this video editor program is a better option for those looking for something basic and having no complications. Like iMovie, Movie Maker is also already installed on Windows devices.

 There is a chance that a person might not like the hustle of downloading and installing the new software. Therefore, there is another option available in Movie Maker Online where all one has to do merely browse the web page and do all the editing online.

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Final Thought:

Many Video Editing Software is available that one can download for free and can use without any problem. However, choosing one option from many is quite challenging. Therefore, this article has tried to make things clear for everyone who wishes to install the video editing program by narrating each program’s features and specifications. Moreover, it is always better to try different stuff out and gain experience about how other programs work. After exploring all these application programs, one can get to know about the editing program suitable for him.

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