Clubhouse App Alternatives for Android and iOS in 2021

Clubhouse App Alternatives

The Clubhouse has nearly taken the tech society by storm and has amassed more than 6 million users in the last few months. It has launched a new dimension of social media where you can communicate with users through your voice. While there’s nothing revolutionary regarding it, the approach makes it exciting. Every audio conversation is public, and anyone can drop in and hear the conversation. Due to this individual approach to social media, users are hopping on Clubhouse and looking for more Clubhouse App Alternatives. The application is invite-only and currently available on iOS devices. So if you want to try some best Alternatives to Clubhouse, read on. 


Best Clubhouse App Alternatives for Android and iOS

We have discussed the top 5 Clubhouse App Alternatives for Android and iOS platforms. You can take a quick look at the list below and click on the link to move to the relevant app. 


Clubhouse App Alternatives

Spoon seems like a decent Clubhouse App Alternatives since it brings a searchable public program & where anyone can drop in and attend live conversations. Spoon’s audio program has already been used by 30 million users, which is quite a feat. You can begin your own audio live streams or start a music room or kick off a traditional podcast session with your friends. 

And unlike Clubhouse, Spoon is truly monetizable by creators. It looks Spoon is like the YouTube of audio-chat social media. Besides that, you can survey and explore trending conversations around music, daily life, games, comedy, and more. All in all, if you need to get into the audio-chat hype train just like Clubhouse, then Spoon appears to be a good start. 

Discord Voice Channel

Clubhouse App Alternatives

If you use Discord just for text chatting, you miss out on a lot of fun. Discord lets you create a voice channel similar to Rooms, but here is one big difference. You can pick the privacy setting of your voice channel. You can build a public or private voice channel. Keep in thought, public voice channels will be searchable, and users can locate them if the Discord server is tagged with voice-chat. 

What I like about Discord Voice Channel is that there are controls right on the main page & you can mute your mic, remove members, check who is speaking seamlessly. On Clubhouse, several users complain that they can’t find who is talking, and they have to scroll down to locate the speaker, which is cumbersome. 

I would tell you, Discord Voice Channel is a great Clubhouse App Alternatives, and you can surely turn it to your advantage. I also love using Discord because it enables me to add extra features to your voice channels by utilizing useful Discord bots and music bots.

Twitter Spaces

Clubhouse App Alternatives

After the launch of Clubhouse, everyone appears to agree that Twitter should have been the leader of this audio chat social media because Clubhouse is built on Twitter’s principle: almost everything is public. Nevertheless, it took Clubhouse’s foray into the mainstream circle for Twitter to wake up from its slumber. Soon, Twitter has announced Spaces which is like Clubhouse but integrated inside Twitter along with Fleets. 

You can begin Twitter Spaces by long-pressing the Compose button on Twitter and by choosing Spaces. Alternatively, you can press on your profile picture under Fleets and scroll right to find Spaces. If the choice is not there, then Spaces is yet to arrive on your Twitter account. Keep in thought, Spaces, Apps like Clubhouse, is public, and anyone can join in and listen to your Spaces. Nevertheless, you can choose who can speak in your Spaces: Everyone, People you follow, or Only people you invite to speak. 

Besides that, currently, only ten users can have the speaking privilege at a time. After you finish your Spaces, nothing will be publicly available, just like Clubhouse. Nevertheless, Twitter will retain a copy of Spaces for 30 days in case of any violation. One more point, guarded accounts can’t create Spaces but can join and listen to other conversations. 


Clubhouse App Alternatives

If you are uninformed, Clubhouse is also considered a micro-podcasting program rather than a new social media for audio-only chats. And in this micro-podcast section, Riffr has been doing great for the past few months. Just like Clubhouse, here your audio communications (called riff) are public, and it’s more conversational. Your members can respond to your riffs, and you can do the same as well. 

You can further search for topics, things you like and find micro-podcasts of your taste. I like Riffr because it has a sharing feature that enables you to change your audio riff to video so that you can easily post your micro-podcasts to other social media programs. I think, in a severe sense, Riffr is not very similar to Clubhouse, but it does compute a new dimension to the audio-only social media trend. You should surely check it out. 


Clubhouse App Alternatives

Leher is an Indian application aimed to bring a Experience Similar to Clubhouse, and it has been obtainable on the Play Store since 2018. The application likes to call itself “Live Discussion Clubs on Audio and Video.” While Clubhouse has an audio-only chat option, Leher has support for both audio and video chat. You have a discoverable feed related to Clubhouse where you can connect clubs and hear the conversation. 

You can further search for your favorite topic, users, and trends. The great part about Leher is that it’s convenient to everyone, unlike Clubhouse, which is currently invite-only. Also, Leher has applications for both Android and iOS, so that is great. You can also start your club and create a space for like-minded people who share common interests and ideas. I believe Leher is a promising Clubhouse App Alternatives in India, and you should check it out. 

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Audio Discussion on the Best Clubhouse Alternatives 

Therefore these are the best Clubhouse App Alternatives that are playing in the audio-chat segment. No matter if you require to have a casual conversation or to create micro-podcasts, you can find an application suitable for your need from the list. So go ahead and pick an application to have the best audio discussion. And if you have any issues, then let us know in the comment section below. 

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