Remote Desktop Software Free in 2021

Obtain your computer or remote servers at any moment and from any place with the best Remote Desktop Software carefully picked by us. 

You cannot compete in today’s world except you have complete access to your digital assets 24/7. Consult our listing below to learn about the best Remote Desktop Software to keep you attached all the time. 


Best Remote Desktop Software to Retain You Connected Anywhere You Are 

We have turned up the best Remote Desktop Software for connecting to your machines or remote servers. Read on to determine which is the best with the most robust features. 


Remote Desktop Software

Anydesk has been about since 2014 and uses proprietary software that promises latency-free collaboration. Their slogan is Everywhere.Anytime.AnyDesk and they mean it. They boast of 300+ users, and their software highlights excellent military-grade security, fast, reliable performance, and a simple-to-use interface. It also works on every program, including Raspberry Pi. 

They give both a cloud and an on-premise version. You can examine it free then pay from $11-$52.49. AnyDesk was built for commercial enterprises that need remote connectivity and collaboration. Other than being a little pricey when you get into the higher tiers, AnyDesk has everything but the kitchen sink. 

Remote Utilities 

Remote Desktop Software

Remote Utilities’ website is a no-frills affair. It’s pretty basic, which gives you wonder about the credibility of the product. They have a full-fledged Windows version. However, the Mac and Linux versions are still in beta. 

It’s very affordable, but buying online, you are met with a bare-bones shopping interface; again, you doubt the company’s validity. The security is 2FA, which strength means it’s missing some additional layers you want and need. 

ConnectWise Control 

Remote Desktop Software

Although Connectwise Control has some exciting logos on their website as partners, the software is far from perfect. It does possess great security and excellent support, both of which are important in Remote Desktop Software. The pricing is more expensive than the competition, and users complain of severe performance issues like lag and unresponsiveness. 

ConnectWise Control involves specialized tools for IT and tech support professionals. It begins at $19/ month for a single license, which lets you ten unattended access agents and one session. The plans go up from there. 

Remote Desktop Manager 

Remote Desktop Software

Remote Desktop Manager is a remote desktop control application geared towards large companies and tech support professionals. They do give a version for individuals, which is free but limited. With both versions, you can start connections with one-click. 

The Enterprise version gives some extra features like password vault integrations and better security, including two-factor authentication, auditing, reporting, and several multi-user features. You can utilize this software as an add-on with VPN applications and export sessions in Excel. 

Remote PC 

Remote Desktop Software

Various online surveys give RemotePC 4.5 out of 5 stars for reliability, scalability, and security. Other advantages of using this remote desktop program are good speed, flexible pricing even for large organizations, and the application of very few system resources. 

Users like the collaboration tools like built-in chat and a whiteboard. RemotePC is cross-platform and operates on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. However, mobile apps are not as significant as desktop versions, and they need some improvement. 

Zoho Assist 

Remote Desktop Software

Beginning at $8/month, Zoho Assist is another best option for remote desktop access. The software is packed with highlights like remote printing, file transfer, chat, reboot, multi-monitor navigation and reconnect features, track on LAN, diagnostic tools, and more. 

Zoho Assist is created for support personnel who need to access multiple systems and servers, and it further provides unattended access. You can connect to almost any device. Robust protection is baked in, and you can customize the interface to meet your requirements. You can use Zoho for 15 days free. 


Remote Desktop Software

GoToMyPC is an offering from 1 of the first commercial remote desktop companies, LogMeIn. They allow a 7-day trial to use the software. Although it is promoted for businesses and individuals, it is not a great product to choose if you are doing maintenance or tech support for many users. 

They do give excellent security, but some users have experienced lag using the application. LogMeIn has good support if you go into problems. 


Remote Desktop Software

Splashtop is the remote desktop answer for everyone, from IT professionals to individuals helping family and companions with PC problems. It’s cross-platform so that you can utilize it on almost any device. You will like its drag-n-drop file transfer feature. 

It has all the standard traits you would expect, like chat, remote print, remote wake, remote reboot, session recording, & multi-monitor support. You can begin with a 7-day free trial, but you have to purchase a subscription starting at $25/month if you need to continue. 


Remote Desktop Software

In our opinion, 1 of the best free remote access software options isTeamViewer. The organization has a large following of more than 8 billion devices connecting using this software. The interface is simple to use, the security is top-notch, and the system covers both Augmented Reality (AR) & Internet of Things (IoT) functionality. 

They give a well-featured free version, but the professional version can be pricey ($49 for a single license). Nevertheless, it does come with an impressive array of features. The software is cross-platform and will operate on almost any device. 

Chrome Remote Desktop 

Remote Desktop Software

If you are in the store for a simple solution for remote desktop solutions, Chrome Remote Desktop strength be the solution for you. Chrome Remote Desktop is available forever, but don’t assume it come with many bells and whistles. It is pretty paired down yet simple to use. 

You can utilize it as a Chrome extension, but that suggests both devices must have Chrome installed. It operates excellent between a PC or Mac and a mobile device. There are some missing traits and commands, but it will get the job done for many in a pinch. 

What is Remote Desktop Software?

Remote Desktop Software is software that enables you to access another computer remotely. Utilizing remote computer access tools, you can provide technical support to a client, friend, or family member. You can access resources within your home or office network when on the road.

The capability to connect remotely offers a whole host of advantages, including being cost-effective. So, When you can remotely connect to a computer miles away, it saves on travel costs, gas, environmental concerns, and saves time. Well, Consult our list above of the best Remote Desktop Software to find the tool best Remote Access Software suited for your needs.

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