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Exaggeration is a widespread and relatively acceptable phenomenon in marketing. Every company brags about the quality of its products to engage more customers. The same goes for the internet providers who claim to provide the best internet service in town. Usually, every internet provider assures high-speed downloading and uploading, but sometimes the result seems relatively contradictory. Therefore, it is recommended that one should do an online Best Internet Speed Check to make sure whether the internet connection is worth buying or not. 


Ways to Do a Speed Check

To do a free internet speed check, one is supposed to open the best software speed test and then run it. By doing so, one can quickly learn the speed of their internet connection. This will help one determine the actual rate of the internet service one is intending to buy and later decide whether the particular internet connection is worth buying or not. 

Best Free Online Internet Speed Test Tools

This article aims to name the top 10 solutions for doing free internet speed tests efficiently. The names of these online services for speed test are:


Just like a typical speed test website, SpeedSmart also checks the speed of downloads and uploads. It also offers ping tests that can prove useful for someone who wishes to have a deeper understanding of one’sone’s internet connection. SmeedSmart keeps the record of previous checks that can be used to compare the present result with the previous ones.


  • It is quite convenient and easy 
  • No ads are popping up.


  • It is relatively slower
  • It does not boost connection

Google Fiber Speed Test

Having the title of being the original fiber optics provider, Google Fiber Speed Test proves to be one of the best Google-based network speed checking sources so far. Because Google Fiber Test is designed with Google Fiber, it is capable of testing any internet speed.  

One is supposed to click on the play button to start the speed check, and the result will quickly be displayed on the speedometer. Google also drops a link that contains some tips regarding internet connection and improving the speed.


  • It occupies an immaculate interface
  • It is also capable of performing a ping test other than doing a speed check
  • Unlike other sources, Google Fiber Speed Test does not offer any ads.


  • As it is not an independent service provider, there is a chance that this source is somewhat prejudiced

SpeedOF. me

It was being designed as a broadband speed test checker, SpeedOf. I am capable of checking the speed of any device, including mobile devices. It displays colorful graphics, which makes this website stand out amongst other internet speed checking sites. 

One of the useful features of this site is that it lets one compare the previous results with the recent ones by keeping a record of past developments in graphs. SpeedOf. I also indicate the time when the network connection is the strongest. 


  • It is optimized for Mobile and Computers both
  • Despite having such great features, the website is entirely free of cost
  • Data visualization is less tiring as it displays the result in colored graphics


  • The advertisements frequently popping on the website are very irritating

Online Speedtest by Ookla

As the name indicates, Ookla initially provides a free online speed test. Being the most reliable and oldest speed checking source, it is widely used worldwide to check internet speed. This is the easiest ways to measure performance and network diagnostics. All one has to do is click a button, and the result will be displayed on the screen. 

One of the best things about Ookla is that one can rely on the results because they do not provide any internet services, so their product is prejudice-free and accurate. Moreover, Ookla can be used anywhere in the world. Although it automatically connects one to the regional service, one also has gotten the liberty to change servers to whatever they want. 


  • It performs speed check without being biased
  • Besides speed check, it also serves as a ping test
  • It is used globally, which makes it more reliable 
  • It is entirely free of cost


  • The only drawback Ookla seems to have is the ads

Xfinity Speed Test

Presented by Comcast Cable Communications, Xfinity is a useful tool to check the internet speed for free. It is relatively fast and lets one have the result of their findings in few minutes. To provide much convenience, the website selects the servers itself, but one also has the freedom to choose it for oneself. 


  • It does not sponsor ads
  • Testing location can be changed to one’sone’s own will
  • IPv6 and IPv4 both are supported by it


  • It has a limited set of information as far as the IP address is concerned
  • It fails to have a graph view


NetSpot is considered perfect for assessing wireless network, their feasibility, and range. Moreover, NetSpot, by analyzing wireless radio frequency behavior, can also help check the optimal setup. NetSpot also assists in determining an ideal place from where maximum coverage can be obtained. Along with indicating the network speed, NetSpot also optimizes wireless network solutions through its data collection and data visualization software.


  • This not only tells the speed but also tries to solve network connectivity issues by acting as a troubleshooter. 
  • It is an ideal choice for business networks
  • It is free when used at home
  • It has a myriad of features


  • The interface is not user friendly and is slightly complicated
  • The additional features can be a little distracting

Verizon Speed Test

With over 147 million customers, Verizon Speed Test proves to be one of the widely used internet speed checking sources across the US. It is relatively easy to use and tells the momentum right away. The additional features also render tips and advice for boosting network speed. However, while opting for Verizon Speed Test, one thing that must be taken into consideration is its originality in giving feedback. Because of their status as internet service providers, there are chances that they might provide somewhat biased results of other data networks.


  • It is free of cost
  • The interface is entirely instinctual
  • It renders extra information too


  • The results are somewhat prejudiced
  • The advertisements are annoying
  • It is specifically designed for the US only


As its name indicates, Fast, handled by Netflix, is one of the fastest and easiest internet speed checking websites so far. This was initially made to fit whether the internet speed can handle the Netflix content; however, the speed checking result also indicates the network’snetwork’s speed. It works by measuring the downloading speed by merely testing the connection between the device and Netflix servers. This can all be done by only visiting, where the test result will be displayed on the screen. 


  • The interface is perfect
  • The test results are entirely secure as the tests run on HTTPS protocols


  • Unlike other websites, Fast does not seem to render extra information regarding troubleshooting or the ways to improve the speed

AT&T Internet Speed Test

Despite being a little out of fashion, AT&T Internet Speed Test is considered to be the most reliable internet-free speed check. The test result is displayed simply because of being old, making it easier for users to save the record for later users.


  • It renders download estimates for MP3 Files as well as video clips
  • It also offers upload estimates for picture galleries and even for Email


  • This does not present any information about the location of the test
  • It also does not offer any information regarding users’users’ IP address
  • It also keeps the Internet Service Provider anonymous


Compatible with IOS and Android, Meteor is deemed one of the most convenient and fastest free internet checking websites. To offer convenience to the users, the website provides a list of suitable applications for the device. Usually, the apps like Gmail, Facebook, Google maps, and 20 more are considered the apps ideal for users. 


  • Using it is just a piece of cake
  • Its graphics are elegant and vibrant
  • Results are not biased

Also, Check :

  1. Webkinz
  2. Dropbox
  3. Anime-Planet


  • Time-consuming

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