How to Send File Requests in Dropbox?

Dropbox and other cloud storage solutions are great tools to allow you to upload, store and even share files. This is great if you already have the file you want to upload to the cloud or share. However, it’s not so convenient if you want someone else to share a file with you. To allow you to receive files from other users, Dropbox offers the ability to request files from other people.

Tips: So, One thing to be aware of is that any files uploaded via the file request will count towards your storage quota. If you don’t have enough space left for the file to be uploaded, the user will see an error message, and the file will not be saved.

How to Send File Requests in Dropbox

To request a file transfer from someone else, you need to browse to the Dropbox website and sign in. From here, click on “File requests” on the left of the screen, then click on “New Request” on the right.


Sign in to the Dropbox website, then click “File requests” on the left and “New request” on the right.

In the request popup, you can enter a title and describe what the file request is for. You can also specify the folder to which you want any uploaded files to be saved. Once you are done, click “Create” to finalize the request.


Enter a title and description for the file request, then specify where you want the uploads to be saved.

You can share the link to the file request via email. To do so, enter the email addresses of the people you want to receive the offer. You will add a custom message to the emails being sent out. Alternatively, you can manually copy and share the link to the file request by clicking copy.

If you enter email addresses, click “Share” to send the email. Alternatively, if you want to share the link, click “Done” once you’ve copied the link you want to share.

Tip: Users don’t have to have a Dropbox account to be able to upload a document.


Please enter the email addresses of people you want to send the file request to or copy the link to manually share it yourself.

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Final Thought:

Cloud services generally let you save and share your files in and from the cloud. By following the steps in this guide, you can create and send a file request so other users can upload a file to your Dropbox cloud storage.

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