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Downloading and torrenting stuff from the storehouses of Torrent has never been considered secure or safe. It’s like 1 day you discover an amazing site to download TV series, movies, & games, and the very next day, it’s all gone. One such instance is of PirateBay and Kickass Torrents, and their online presence can never be guaranteed. Another such example is of TorrentKing site. 

TorrentKing promises a large variety of TV series and movies for streaming as well as downloading. Keeping that in thought, below, we have presented a list of Best Alternatives to TorrentKing. Let’s have a glance at all of them. 

What is TorrentKing? 

TorrentKing hosts torrent files. It is an online search engine. TorrentKing updates its database every day. It can discover new stuff with the aid of DHT, and it also pairs it with other related stuff that is available on other sites. Torrentking offers a large collection of TV shows and movie content for its audience. Their movie collection owns 500k movies available for download and 70k+ movies available for free streaming online. 

Many people prefer to use TorrentKing instead of Piratebay and Kickass Torrent, which are 2 of the largest search engines of Torrent available online. But, given that torrenting stuff is similar to piracy, this website will sooner or later go down. Well, That being said, you never know when you will be received by the disappointing message of “404 not found”. 

But if TorrentKing is down before that occurs and you are not an expert in using the Proxy servers of TorrentKing, don’t bother. We have made an extensive list of torrent search engines that offer a large collection of movies to watch online and further download. All this for cost-free as well as in HD quality. 

Before beginning, we wish to mention that streaming, sharing, and downloading pirated content is banned in the USA and European Union, onward with some other countries. If anyone is found pirating content, they can end up facing fines and rough lawsuits. Our guide only serves as a source of info on TorrentKing alternatives and in no way promotes pirating content. 


The List of TorrentKing Proxy/Mirrors

These TorrentKing Proxy/Mirror websites are the clones of the original domain These torrenting Proxy/Mirror websites will have the same design, Torrents, and updates as the original domain, just on a different domain. Suppose you are unable to browse torrenting at any time you can simply utilize one of these TorrentKing Proxy sites below to unblock it.

Torrentking Proxy/Mirrors Website URL mirror unblock unlocked
TorrentKing US Proxy
TorrentKing Proxy Mirror UK Proxy unblocked proxy
Torrentking Alternatives

Best Alternatives and Sites Like TorrentKing 

Presented below are the best TorrentKing alternatives, according to us. Let’s have a look. 


IsoHunt gives peer-to-peer services and end-to-end data encryption to its users. It stands for 1 of the best websites like TorrentKing present online. The content at IsoHunt is updated regularly. The content is sorted into many categories: TV shows, movies, music, games, and much more. 

The website comes in handy in situations when sites go down as it gives a stable connection. It is very aggressive with ads compared to Kickass Torrent and Pirate Bay, making it a significant turn-off. 


LimeTorrents is very simple, yet it serves a huge variety of content that other torrent sites offer. Users can use LimeTorrents to find popular TV shows, movies, documentaries, anime, games, music, and much more for individuals. Customers can search by new torrents, popular movies, alphabet, and much more. Also, this website provides Proxy alternatives, too, in case it goes down. 

It is to be noted that customers can sign-in and login to make contributions to Limetorrents. Although it is unnecessary to use it to download TV shows and movies, it is deserving not to promote or support adult movie searches. So if someone seeks 18+ content, then they will have to search somewhere else. LimeTorrents has been running since the year 2009, and it is free of cost. 

That being stated, you do not need to sign up to the site or add your credit card information. The site is solely run by advertisements that the site itself admits are often disturbing, misleading, and at times malicious. So, Most of the time, they are pop-ups, and LimeTorrent recommends not to check them. These advertisements primarily support the site and keep it working. But this cause does not make them any less annoying whatsoever. 


Zooqle is a decentralized Google. Nevertheless, Zooqle is more focused on TV series than movies. With that being told, it is expected to find HBO’s latest mini-series Chernobyl that honestly shows a catastrophic story & the final season of Game of Thrones, a popular medieval fantasy show. Users can also download movies from various genres that include Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, and more. 

As suggested earlier, it is decentralized. Zooqle requires data for registration. It gives a robust encryption algorithm for password protection along with 24-hour log deletion since the last login. That being stated, using this particular network, nobody can track you. And, of course, it is supported through ads. Hence expect irritating pop-ups. 


When PirateBay, TorrentKing, & Kickass Torrent do not work, 1337x come to the rescue. 1337X possesses almost all TV series and Hollywood-grade movies. But that’s not all. 1337X has a simple-to-use User Interface that makes it very simple to browse through the latest torrents and find upcoming movies. Further, this site not only has TV series and movies, but users can also find videogames, software, and many more. 

Other sites like TorrentKing, 1337X are equipped with ads to support their presence online. But it might not own as much stuff as compared to the other torrent engines. Although what it gives is more than enough to meet your requirements. 


TorrentRover is the best Alternative to TorrentKing on our list. Aside from its website, TorrentRover also arrives as a desktop app that helps its users search for movies. What makes TorrentRover different from its rivals is its ad-free experience. However, to compensate, the site has started a page for donations to help it run and continue providing online content to its visitors. 

Customers can use TorrentRover for searching TV shows, movies, videogames, music, and many more. The only disadvantage of TorrentRover is that it goes down now and then. Although it gets back up, it still makes it an unpredictable alternative to TorrentKing. is 1 best alternative to TorrentKing and another name for Kickass Torrents. It is the biggest torrent search engine next to Pirate Bay, and it works very accurately as an alternative to TorrentKing when it runs. Similar to its relevant PirateBay, Kickass Torrent has also experienced numerous cyberattacks to shut it down. The owner and creator were even pursued and then arrested after a legal purchase has been made online. It gives much different content that includes TV shows, movies, videos, games, tutorials, books, music, and programs. 

The point that makes it better than PirateBay is that it gives a meta connection for its users to download torrent in their ways. Well, Another thing that makes Kickass Torrents stand out from its rivals is that it does not give any of its torrents or even its used torrents from other torrent search engines. 

With the freshest online content updated on the website every day, Kickass Torrent’s database grew extensively. If anyone wishes to contribute to this website, Kickass Torrent also offers an option for uploading files online. If we talk of convenience, Kickass Torrent content is free and is supported through a limited number of ads. But there is no want to worry about any irritating pop-up ads. The only unfortunate drawback is that this website often crashes down, and there are many copies of Kickass Torrent, which makes it hard to identify which one is fake and which one is original. serves YIFI movie content. It presents a huge movie library containing various movies and TV shows that classify in 720p, 1080p as well as 3D quality. The movies are classified into various genres that include action, fantasy, comedy, horror, drama, and much more. 

The prime aim of is to offer high-grade films of excellent quality and to restore the original repository YIFI movie. To support the site’s work, the site runs various ads so that its users will have to fight with them before downloading the movies they like. Aside from all the features, users can also register on this website and grade the movies too. The available movies also have a summary, as well as the IMDB score. 


RARBG is a retro site, and it is a great alternative if you are searching for a fast TV show or movie download, and all the other alternatives to TorrentKing do not work. RARBG owns a huge collection of anime, movies, manga, TV shows, music, documentaries, and much more, divided into several categories. But, it is to be noted that this website does not get updated regularly. 

Therefore, a lot of posts are ancient. Furthermore, now and then, the website goes down. Besides, its retro design is not comforting to everyone’s eyes. However, do not worry. There are a lot of good things regarding the website. It has many customers who seed content, so when someone finds some torrent they want, it should not be too hard before it’s downloaded. 

Also, RARBG includes a blog with news on the new TV series, movies, and other stuff that the website offers online. RARBG has been helping torrents for download since the year 2008. So it is not wrong to assume that it is the pioneer among all the torrent search engine sites. 

The Pirate Bay

PirateBay is a user-contributed torrent search engine. It is 1 of the most famous torrent-storing sites. Despite facing many shutdown issues & huge lawsuits, it has remained to rise from the ashes of failure and Givingnew, extensive, and frequently updated online content. 

It produced TV shows, movies, music, games, tutorials, documentaries, anime, and much more for more than ten years. It’s counted with the leading programs and parents of most of the pirating sites. Pirate Bay also has many disadvantages that can discourage people from using it. One such drawback is that it does not provide its customers with any meta link whenever there’s an effort to download a particular torrent. 

It suggests that the content is forced into the BitTorrent customer and downloaded to the system without the torrent files existing saved previously on the user’s computer. Furthermore, the site gets discontinued more often than not since it is continually under the government’s attacks. 

There were also times where police even broke into the facility of PirateBay and arrested people who were running on the maintenance of the website. The site doesn’t give pop-up ads & has very few ads compared to other websites mentioned on this list. 

How to Unblock TorrentKing

There are many ways you can employ to unblock TorrentKing when your ISP blocks it on Government orders. Amongst them below are the most recommended ones.

Tor Browser

TOR is a private network of individual PCs connected to browse the internet anonymously. You can utilize the TOR Browser to unblock any geo-restricted websites like Desitorrents easily. So, To unblock Desitorrents, type in the URL in the browser address bar and click on Enter. 

Web Proxy

Well, The very first thing that comes to mind when accessing any blocked website is a third web Proxy and another VPN apps. But, the proxy sites don’t provide you the security & slow down your internet connection sometimes. They might have malicious scripts that can make really harmful to your PC.

Unblock via VPN

So, VPN is a more secure way of browsing torrent websites. The VPN is not only unblocks blocked websites at the same time it provides extra security while browsing these sites.

Final Words:

Please keep in thought that the government and the ISP are tracking our every move on the internet. Ensure that you use a suitable VPN to keep your privacy. In case if you chose to pay a visit to a site that hosts some copyright infringement content. Thank you for reading!

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