21 TOP Trello Board Templates to Track Projects

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What is the purpose of a person or organization? Boost results, right? Trello is a flexible collaboration application that combines memos, wish lists, and to-do lists. It enables you to layer, structure, and organize workflows by allowing you to create and manage lists, cards, and boards. But are you finding it difficult to find a board that suits your needs? Now, we’ll discuss our picks for the top public Trello board templates that are tailored to business and student needs. Now, let the hunt begin.

21 Best Trello Board Ideas and Examples

Trello boards can help you organize and organize your tasks, activities, and goals in a visually appealing way, whether you’re organizing a party or developing an app. You can share your board with others with its interactive features, making it perfect for group projects. Let’s look at how to create a public Trello board before we get started with our list.

Public Trello Boards: What Are They?

Trello provides a variety of board visibility choices to accommodate various requirements. The Workspace, Organization, Public, and Private configurations are among them. Viewing public boards and taking advantage of Trello’s features and advantages is available to anybody with an internet connection. It is crucial to keep in mind that these message boards are not indexed by search engines like Google.

  • Public boards are viewable by anyone with a Trello account, but only members can edit them.
  • Voting and commenting on these boards allows the public to interact with them and offer insightful and helpful criticism.

Filed under Public Trello Boards, we have several themes for both students and corporations.

Business Trello Templates

Here are our top picks for templates that cater to different company sizes and classifications. Any of these can be selected as your top option. Remember to look for power-ups that can improve the performance of these templates as well.

1) Website Task Planner Template

The first on the list of Trello Board Ideas is Website Task Planner Template. For people or online businesses looking to establish an online presence for their company, the Website Task Planner Template is ideal. It comprises 10 steps, as stated in the authors’ description. It may be used to organize, create, test, and launch a website that looks professional. Plans, content collection, first site building, first draft, upgrades, email list setup, quality check, publishing, head pain reduction, and celebration are all covered in the website development card set that is offered.

2) Employee Manual

No matter how big the company is, monitoring its workforce is very important. An employee handbook outlines the policies, rewards and workforce benefits available to them. If your company employs many people, the Employee Manual Trello board can be a useful digital resource for you.

  • Drag and drop manual edits and continue.
  • Welcome a new hire on the card’s first day of work
  • Separate cards for different benefits, such as retirement, health, gym, and disability insurance.
  • Policies are provided regarding paid and unpaid time off, sick leave, vacation, and time off cards.
  • List of benefits and other information for remote workers
  • Guidelines and procedures related to official and unofficial travel expenses

3) CRM Pipeline Template

Any organization’s ability to succeed depends on how well customer relationship management is implemented. It entails getting to know clients’ requirements and preferences while building and sustaining strong relationships with them. Customer happiness is ultimately what drives revenue growth. For activities like these, the CRM Pipeline Template from Trello Team is an excellent choice.

  • Establish a pipeline to receive and process incoming inquiries and potential leads.
  • Notes and contact details on each lead’s card
  • Add emails, follow-up inquiries and other information to the cards.
  • Track business progress, deadlines, practices, and effective execution.

4) A CRM & Sales Pipeline

For sustainable and ongoing growth, you also need to balance customer relationship management and sales tracking. You also need to attract potential customers and generate leads. This is facilitated by a CRM and sales pipeline, which stores information efficiently and consistently.

  • Add a new card to the Crmble list to generate deals.
  • Import transactions from a spreadsheet using Excel or CSV.
  • With preconfigured fields, spreadsheet rows that have been converted to crumble cards can be moved and sorted.
  • Crumble dashboard to facilitate chart review
  • Includes Gmail-enabled cards to simplify email communications.
  • Short messages in card activities to monitor discussions
  • To link a user’s Google account and connect manually, use Google Sync.
  • Uploading a simple card attachment to Google Drive

5) Kanban Template

One of the most frequently used Trello templates for business is the Kanban template, created by the Trello engineering team. It works like a road map that breaks down the steps of a task, such as software development. The template is really easy to use and set up.

  • Put unfinished tasks in the backlog.
  • Software design tasks should be organized into a design list.
  • Unfinished nearby jobs can be found in the “To Do” list.
  • Active tasks are classified as to-do and are moved to code review when completed.
  • Testing is the final step, after which the finished product is moved to Done.
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Here are some more Kanban Trello templates:

6) Project Management

Project managers looking for a template for tracking tasks and team performance can refer to Project Management.

  • Project resources help in the organization of documents, drawings, references, planned meetings, schedules, etc.
  • All questions and doubts should go in a separate column called Questions for future meetings.
  • Assist in planning and scheduling tasks for upcoming and ongoing projects.
  • Pending is used to assess the progress of a task and to plan accordingly.
  • The word “done” is used to drag and drop when a task or task turns from a simple idea into a successful action.

7) Weekly Team Meetings Template

Team meetings are essential in a company setting so that managers and employers can communicate more effectively with workers and other team members regarding plans, goals, strategies, behaviors and other topics. Users can target an agenda for an upcoming meeting, keep track of topics discussed in these sessions, and maintain a record of previous meetings using the weekly team meetings board.

8) Product Roadmap Template

You may have heard the adage “a goal without a plan is just a wish” before. Planning is the foundation of performance, so let us introduce our newest Trello board concept: the Product Plan Template.

  • Users are able to discover and monitor any backlog of products in addition to monitoring corporate activities.
  • Properly prioritize upcoming tasks and establish a defined structure for the development phase.
  • Organize user experiences and feedback for easy access.
  • Note the steps necessary for development and design and record them in a checklist.
  • Additional tools like Zendesk, Twitter, and Intercom to add issues and requests

Student-Specific Trello Templates

Trello is a welcome discovery for students who also enjoy organizing things digitally. It helps both teachers and students by providing a wide range of templates for educational use. Let’s review some of these suggestions for Trello board templates.

1) Teacher: Weekly Planning

In any industry or company, planning is critical to the success of any activity or behavior. The same is true in education, where instructors must schedule their lessons and sessions. Instructor: The weekly organizing template, named after our selected Trello board concepts, is made up of cards that help instructors organize their behavior more effectively.

  • Make a board for each class.
  • Count each week in a given semester.
  • You can write the sessions and subjects that need to be taught in the cards.
  • The done list includes subjects covered.

2) Plan Your Life

Besides classes and tests, there are other things that require planning. As a student, you can often feel frustrated and frustrated with the many paths you have to travel, anxious to see who is next for your unachieved goals. There are new obstacles. It can be related to your social life, your career goals, money, health, etc. One of the best Trello templates for students that helps with journaling is the Plan Your Life template.

  • Self-awareness and affirmation to fit with your environment.
  • Decide what you want to achieve and put your goals in writing.
  • Mind mapping inspiration and ideas for success in all areas.

3) Plan your Studies – Vet Student

A specially created template called “Plan Your Studies-Vet Student Trello Board” helps veterinary students organize and monitor their coursework and make adjustments for exams as needed. This board facilitates monitoring of revision, self-study, course progress, and much more.

  • A to-do list to schedule specific tasks for later
  • Weekly schedule with cards for each day of the week.

4) Syllabus Template

Teachers and students can benefit from the syllabus template. It helps teachers to organize each component of a course. Instructors or professors can use this template to assign texts, homework, themes, and more to students. The professor or teacher can also plan the future structure and path of the course.

Special topics can be added to specific cards. These cards can be further separated into sessions, each session recording the tasks that were completed. Even children benefit from this as it gives them a better understanding of what needs to be taught and how far they have come.

Few Additional Trello Board Ideas

In addition to the corporate and student layouts mentioned above, we’d like to present you with more examples of the best Trello boards.

1) Social Media Marketing Board

Joining the Social Media Marketing Board is open to content creators that share their work on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. Every platform can be connected to a custom field for improved outcomes.

  • Resource lists include generators, inspiration, and social media-supported cards.
  • Pre-made cards for social media checklists, strategy workbooks, and manuals
  • Ideas cards for writing and saving jobs in different niches, such as community involvement, movies, blogs, and graphics.
  • A doing card for a list of scheduled tasks and things to be completed
  • After tasks are completed, they can be moved to the complete list.
  • Performance List is entitled to track the amount of engagement a post receives after it is published or uploaded.

2) Bucket List

Among the almost infinite Trello board ideas for every need, contentment is something that is still missing. Your Amazon wish list may contain items that you haven’t purchased yet but would like to. We also think that you have goals and aspirations that go beyond what you are doing now.

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You can use Trello’s bucket list template as a tool to list all your life goals and desires. You can explore, experience and realize your dreams thanks to it. Include aspirations, goals, what’s next, planning, and running courses.

3) Book Clubs

The Book Clubs Trello template is a great resource if you’re looking to network with other avid readers of all genres and languages. It’s a great way to keep track of and organize the novels you and your book club members want to read.

  • Species may be included in several lists.
  • Each genre may have a card with a recommended book.
  • Already-read books can be moved to the Done list.

4) Wedding Party

This is what every bride should have. It seems so, though. All the bride’s friends are connected to prepare for the wedding ceremony, pre-wedding celebrations, and wedding party thanks to the Trello template.

  • Prepared lists of occasions, such as showers, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties
  • A list of bridal tasks, including cosmetics, hairstyling, slideshows, and shoe-shopping cards.
  • The template is also available for use by the groom and his guests.

5) Getting Things Done – GTD

The Getting Things Done Template is a productivity tool that helps users keep everything in its ideal place. It was inspired by David Allen’s book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. This template works like a personal journal with multiple pages divided into slots and contains notes, sketched ideas, to-do lists, plans and procedures, plans, SOPs, waiting lists, and more. Something is involved.

  • Examples of power-ups are the ability to add custom fields and a calendar and map.
  • Projects, ideas, drafts, scheduled actions, pending columns, agendas, and completed activities can all be listed in the board’s columns.
  • Tasks are to be completed anywhere: on the computer, on a call, at home, at work, and other tasks are categorized on the board labels.
  • Users can prioritize tasks and track progress as well as areas of achievement using daily and weekly checklists.

6) Annual Life Goals & Planning Template

The year hasn’t been long, so there’s still time. It’s never too late to make plans, set goals and start. A user can create a list of annual goals using Trello’s annual life goals and planning template. Throughout the year, these objectives are broken down into smaller chunks based on availability and need.

Many small victories support one big success. If you have a sense of accomplishment after reaching monthly goals, you can stay on track and stay motivated. Performance monitoring becomes easy.

7) Ultimate To-Do list

It is important to have a well-structured framework for personal development. A finalizing to-do list is essential for our Trello board ideas. In order to finish their tasks and accomplish their objectives in both their personal and professional lives, it helps users maintain a work schedule. Just check the boxes, take the extras, and put them in order. You can write fresh concepts, schedule current and upcoming work, and keep track of prerequisites and waiting lists.

8) Podcast Workflow Template

These templates work really well for the Team Titans and Adaptavist Live podcasts. This is useful for planning the upcoming week’s episodes of the podcast and making notes about resources.

  • Other lists include materials that have been shortlisted and guests are expected.
  • Tasks related to promotions may be included in the final list.
  • It’s easy to copy and paste card titles from an exported Excel file into podcast episode information.

9) Meal Planning

The last on the list of Trello Board Ideas is Meal Planning. Health and nutrition go hand in hand. When health is the first consideration, proper diet cannot be compromised. A meal planner like the Trello board template is useful to ensure this. It allows the user to properly plan not only the food but also the things that go with it.

  • Saves time when planning meals for the week.
  • Create a master list for shopping, add a grocery list, and schedule the days of the week.
  • Note recipes and dinner suggestions under several headings, such as Easy to Freeze, Family Favorites, Quick and Simple, and more.
  • Add labels with filters, such as gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian.
  • Add a picture of the card cover to make it easier to find.

That’s it for the list of Trello Board Templates Ideas.


And that’s it! Whether you’re a student or an entrepreneur, we hope these inspiring Trello board ideas will meet your needs and keep you focused. Please try them out and let them help you increase your productivity. Please use the comments section below to ask any questions or give us recommendations.

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