The Best Alternative of Remini Photo Enhancer

Remini Photo Enhancer has been the talk of the town for enhancing the blur photos without any hassles. But it’s not the only option for users who want to transform blurry, damaged, or old photos into clear and high-resolution pictures.

Sounds interesting, right!

Without any further ado, let’s review the best and most efficient alternative to Remini – photo enhancer that anyone can use with ease – regardless of their skill levels.

What is the Remini Photo Enhancer?

 Remini ai Photo Enhancer is a powerful, all-in-one program to enhance an image’s quality and resolution. With this app installed on your PC, worrying about low-quality photos ruining your gallery is no longer due. All it takes is a few clicks to upscale your favorite photos and make them look brand new.

Thanks to its sleek and modern interface, Remini has thousands of trusted customers across the word.

Main Features of Remini

  • Turns pixelated and blurted photos into HD
  • Repairs scratchy and old images quickly
  • Enhances your portraits and selfies with quite satisfactory results
  • Sharpens the out-of-focus pictures to make them appear neat and clear


  • Possesses AI-based repairing capabilities
  • Upgrades pictures low-resolution pictures in both size and quality
  • Also allows users to enhance videos


  • The free version offers limited features as well as bombards you with ads
  • No Windows version available; works only on smartphones
  • Sometimes, the images look overly enhanced
  • It can export the image up to 2080 x 2080 resolution which is not acceptable for professional users

The Best Alternative to Remini Photo Enhancer PC

If you’re a Windows user and looking for apps like Remini photo enhancer, then HitPaw Photo Enhancer is your perfect choice. Aside from offering all the features of Remini, this tool uses cutting-edge AI technology to enhance old and low-resolution images with utmost clarity and focus.

The software provides three models:

  1. General Model: upscale images of both real objects such as buildings, animals
  2. Face Model: enhance your portraits and selfies
  3. Denosie Model: upgrade animated pictures as well as deal with high ISO or low-light images

No other software till date provides such a friendly and advanced distinction for enhancing your favorite photos.

On top of that, Hitpaw doesn’t require you to go through any tech-savvy procedure and instead, offers one-click auto enhancement process to give you the best possible resolution.

Main Features of HitPaw Photo Enhancer

  • It can upgrade low-resolution and blurred images to high-definition with staggering quality
  • Offers three powerful photo enhancing models to sharpen images
  • Enlarges your photos without losing quality
  • One-click photo repairing process
  • It allows users to repair multiple images in one go
  • Real-time preview to see the results


  • Advanced AI technology that automatically detects and enhances the missing pixels
  • Supports 4k images
  • Removes noise from photos and make them appear life-like


  • Free version offers limited features
  • Compatible with 4 popular image formats

 Why is the HitPaw Photo Enhancer the best alternative?

Many enhancing software for the best Remini photo enhancer alternative but none of them comes close to HitPaw Photo Enhancer. Not only it supports 4k photos but also provides three advanced repairing models that allow even non-technical users to upscale their images effortlessly.

Similarly, this software is very easy to use, super-fast, and it enlarges photos without losing the original quality with just one click.

Check out how to use this remarkable software:

Step 1

Head to the official website and download HitPaw Photo Enhancer.

Or Click here to download

Step 2

After installing, launch the program and hit “Choose File” to upload your old image.

Step 3

Depending on your requirements, select a model on the right tab. After that, hit Preview to begin enhancing your photo.

Step 4

The program will take hardly a few seconds to upscale your photo. If you’re satisfied with the result, hit Export to save it.

The Best Alternative to Remini photo enhancer online


We have reviewed quite a few online photo enhancers and found out that Let’s Enhance Online is your best option to upscale any image without compromising on quality.

Don’t judge it with its simple interface, it possesses impeccable to turn ordinary-looking photos into breathtaking HD quality. What makes it so popular is its state-of-the-art Magic feature that enhances the photo four times of its original resolution.

Additionally, it allows you to treat many images at the same time via Batch Processing.  All these features make it a perfect online alternative to Remini – photo enhancer online.  

Main Features of Let’s Enhance Online

  • Upscale images with lossless quality
  • Offers presets to save time and effort
  • Upgrades pixelated images without making them too heavy
  • Using smart algorithms, it recovers and highlights the important details through the images
  • Magic feature to enhance 4 times the original resolution


  • Users can import photos from PC as well as Google Drive and URL.
  • Offers the feature of batch processing
  • Doesn’t lose the quality of image


  • Many users have complained of stuck issues during the photo enhancing process. The website gets very slow at times.
  • Mandatory login
  • Limited customer support service.
  • The free version allows you to enhance just 5 images
  • Many options like Save or Export are not clearly labelled. It may take a few extra minutes for the beginners to get used to its interface.


Why is the Let’s Enhance online the best alternative of Remini photo enhancer online?

Users are always cautious of online program because of privacy issues. But Let’s Enhance Online guarantees users’ data security and privacy. It offers an intuitive way to adjust the output settings to transform a low-resolution picture into a clearer and dazzling snap.

Users also get access to automated presets to maximize the image’s quality and resolution with just one click.


Here’s how to use this online program:

Step 1

From your web browser, head to let’ and login/signup with your Let’s Enhance account.

Step 2

Now, click anywhere on the website’s main page to upload your pixelated/old image.

Step 3

Once the image is uploaded, you’ll see the Output resolution and DPI.

After that, go to Smart Enhance and hit Start Processing to get started. Here, you can also tweak with output settings as needed.

Step 4

Once the image is enhanced, just hit the down triangle sign on the image thumbnail to download it.


To sum up, Remini is a powerful Photo Enhancer program but some of its features fail to appease the users. That’s why we reviewed HitPaw Photo Enhancer which is the best and most preferable alternative to Remini Photo Enhancer. Using this program, you will not find any trouble in enhancing your pixelated and low-resolution photos including their edges.

Similarly, Let’s Enhance Online is also a go-to option for users who want a basic-grade photo enhancing rather quickly.

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