11 Best Self-Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

Self-Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

End-to-end encryption is one of the security features that instant messaging apps have. However, it doesn’t protect the chats stored on your phone. For example, it’s easy for your family to read WhatsApp messages if you often share their access to your phone and use it. To deal with this, users can use app lockers, which will make other people suspicious. It’s at this point that the self-destructing messaging apps come into play. Self-destructing messaging apps for Android can be found on the Google Play Store. They automatically delete messages when they are read or after a certain time has passed.

11 Best Self-Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

This post will share a list of the best Android apps for self-destructing messages that can automatically destroy messages when you don’t want them to. So, let’s look at some of the best self-destructing messaging apps for Android.

1. Snapchat

Self-Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

A self-destructing message was first thought up by Snapchat, which was the first app to do this. It should be at the top of the list. It’s a place where you can click, change, and share images and short videos. The app lets users send short text messages that are automatically deleted after being read by the person they were sent to. As well as that, Snapchat has a lot of other useful features for its users, like making your account public, making a Snap streak, and more.

2. CoverMe

Self-Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

You can use CoverMe to send and receive private messages and calls from a second phone line. It is a private messaging app. CoverMe’s private messenger is end-to-end encrypted and gives you full control over your messages. When the recipient reads your messages, you will be read right away. In addition, messages can be self-destructed with this app. After they’re read, they disappear from the app and can’t be seen again.

3. Telegram

Self-Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

In terms of instant messaging apps, Telegram is one of the best. It can be used on Android and iOS devices. In Telegram, there are a lot of security features that make it safe. These include screenshot protection, self-destructing messages, and end-to-end encryption, among other things. For example, users need to start a new “New secret chat to send a self-destructing message on Telegram.” The messages were protected with end-to-end encryption in the secret chat and had a timer that would kill them if they were read.

4. Wickr Me

Self-Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

One of the best and most popular private messaging apps on the Google Play Store is Wickr Me. The good thing about Wickr Me is that it has many important security features like device-to-device encryption, private groups, private chats, and more. Wickr Me also has a customizable Expiration timer that can be used to set the expiration time for all messaging content.

5. Dontalk

Self-Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

Not as many people use this app as the other apps, but it is still a very powerful app. Even after the recipient reads the message, it is a great app because you can even make it self-destruct after the recipient does so. It will happen automatically after a certain amount of time. Another interesting thing about this app is that you can even get back all the messages that you’ve deleted. Finally, the whisper is a great feature of this app. People in groups can send messages to each other, but this feature makes it possible even when there are many people.

6. Confide

Choosing a safe messenger app is important when you are looking for one. You should give Confide a try. The security features of Confide already have many users excited about them. Confide destroys the messages you send and receive by end-to-end encrypted. It also deletes the messages as soon as they are read. Confide also has other security features, such as protection against screenshots, the ability to rescind messages, etc.

7. Signal Private Messenger

As someone who wants to keep their messages private, Signal Private Messenger might be the best choice if you want an Android app. Instant messaging, HD Voice, and video calling are some of the features of the Signal App. Signal Private Messenger also lets you send messages that disappear after a certain time.

8. WhatsApp

The best app for instant messaging on Android is WhatsApp, and it’s the best one. The instant messaging app lets you make calls, send features and share files. In the last few months, WhatsApp added a feature that makes messages disappear after a certain message of time. You can turn on the feature in the app’s settings. Every message you send will be deleted after seven days as soon as the setting is turned on. The new version of WhatsApp also has “View Once.” This lets users send photos to chats and groups that can only be seen once.

9. Dust

You can use it today, and it’s one of the best and most popular Android messaging apps out there today. The app has many unique features that other messaging apps don’t have. For example, you can recall any message, see if someone has taken a screenshot, etc. In addition, it will automatically delete a message after 24 hours.

10. Messenger

Another great app on the list is the Facebook messenger, which recently added self-destructing messaging features to the app. It’s pretty easy to send Disappearing messages with the Messenger app on Facebook. Of course, you need to start a Secret Conversation and set the timer if you want.

11. Privacy Messenger

You can get it on the Google Play Store. It’s a private messenger app. The messenger app has everything you need to change the stock messages. It has a private box where you can keep your private messages, like emails. Not only that, but it has an SMS blocker and messages that disappear when they’re not read.

Conclusion: Self-Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

This is a list of the best self-destructing Messaging apps for Android that you can use now. Any other self-destructing Messaging apps for Android that do this? Let us know in comment box below. If this article was helpful to you, I’m glad about that! Let your friends share, too.

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