On Snapchat, What Does GTS Mean? Here’s the Answer

What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat

Sending snaps on Snapchat is critical for users to engage with their friends and followers and share their everyday activities. Additionally, users utilize this platform to take selfies with fun filters, transmit videos messages, create Bitmoji avatars, and play games. To keep communication brief and concise, users frequently employ slang, and one such slang is GTS, which may sound perplexing to novice users. If you do not understand the message, continuing the conversation will be tough. As such, we’ll clarify what does GTS means on Snapchat in this post. Additionally, we reviewed some additional acronyms to understand you in understanding.

What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat?

As a general meaning, GTS on Snapchat means “Good Times.” There are many ways to say that life is going well or having a good conversation with this slang. Some of the meaning, GTS means “Go to Sleep” if you look it up on Google. But that doesn’t mean the same on Snapchat.

What Does GTS Mean On Text?

Today, acronyms are very popular because the way we text has changed a lot in the last few years. Of course, it all started with the invention of the first keyboards that were made. However, these short words make texting easy because it takes a short time to show emotions. So, here are a few examples of what GTS means in the text.

Go To Sleep

It is, in fact, the original GTS that people used to ask someone to sleep. When the day is over, this acronym is still used in the text to end the conversation. It mostly shows that the person is tired and wants to rest.

Good Night, Take Care, Sweet Dreams

Well, the acronym can also stand for a good night, take care, and sweet dreams. You can tell that the person you’re talking to isn’t in a good mood or is very tired by how they look. So even if they don’t sound like the same thing, Go To Sleep and the GTS, in this case, almost sound like the same thing.

Google That Shit

This interpretation of the acronym is often used when someone asks a question about it. So, for example, when someone wants to know more about something or wants to make sure, you can say that you’ll GTS them.

Other Acronyms Meaning On Snapchat


GTG means for “Got to Go.” So, if someone has to leave a conversation or do some work while they’re away, they use GTG.


The LOL stands for “Laughing Out Loud.” Well, when a person sends LOL to someone, he is finding the conversation or something in the chat funny and laughing hard.


TTYL stands for “Talk To You Later,” which means that. So the word “TTYL” means that someone is leaving the chat and will talk to you later.

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Now, you know the most common Snapchat acronyms and what they mean. You can now have a real conversation with other people on the internet, and you don’t have to look up the Snapchat meaning words on Google.

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