How to Use WhatsApp Web on Windows PC and Mac

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp (WhatsApp Web) can be used on your Desktop and Laptop computer by WhatsApp. Below are the steps for using the WhatsApp Web on PC and Mac.


Use PC and Mac with WhatsApp Web

The outstanding feature of the WhatsApp is that it works immediately on your PC or Mac without having to download WhatsApp messaging software onto your computer.

The drawback is that you still need an active WhatsApp account smartphone to use the Web WhatsApp  on your MacBook or Windows computer.

WhatsApp duplicates or transfers your WhatsApp account from your smartphone into your Windows or MacBook’s larger screen.

Let’s go ahead and look at the steps to use the Web WhatsApp on PC and Mac with this understanding.

1. Get your phone with WhatsApp

You need an active WhatsApp account on your smartphone for the use of Web WhatsApp on PC or Mac, as mentioned above.

You can refer to our guide to settingup and using WhatsApp on Android Phone and WhatsApp on iPhone if you do not yet have a WhatsApp account.

2. WhatsApp Visit

Open your computer with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or Edge browsers and visit WhatsApp’s official WhatsApp Web page.

You will see the QR code on your computer’s screen when you land on WhatsApp’s official WhatsApp Web page, prompting you to scan your QR code.

3. Your phone Scan QR Code

1. On your phone, open Whats whatsapp > tap the 3-dot menu icon and choose WhatsApp Web in the drop down menu.

2. Next point your phone’s rear camera to the QR code on your computer’s screen.

3. Tap OK, GOT IT to scan the QR code when the QR code appears in the screen of your phone.

4. Start Using Computer WhatsApp

Once you scan the QR Code on your phone, you will see your WhatsApp Account and Messages on your computer screen immediately.

Now, as on your iPhone or Android Phone, you can start using WhatsApp on your computer.

The benefits of WhatsApp Web 

1. It’s faster to type your computer on a full scale keyboard than to type on the phone.

2. In comparison with a phone, your desktop has more processing power, memory and speed. You can send, receive and download images and videos more quickly.

3. Without worrying about the storage limit, you can download media directly from your PC.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Web 

1. Unless you use this solution, you will still need your mobile phone with an active WhatsApp account. On PC Without Mobile Phone, use WhatsApp.

2. You may end up using data on both your phone and your computer without making sure youmake on your phone via the WiFi Network.

3. Using emojis is not convenient as they are not mapped to your keyboard. You can still add them manually via the web interface Emoji keyboard.

4. You cannot block users directly via the Web interface with WhatsApp. In addition, while using the web interface, you cannot change your profile or profile status.

5. You cannot start a new group chat or leave an existing group chat with Web WhatsAppinterface.

6. It is advisable not to use the Web  WhatsAppon a public computer – You can certainly use it. But make sure you leave the public computer with WhatsApp logout. 

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