OneNote Sync Error 0xE40200B4 [Fixed]

OneNote Sync Error 0xE40200B4

OneNote syncing is not always a simple job. What should be a fast process can sometimes turn into a long search for the right solution.

Follow the steps mentioned in this guide if OneNote fails to sync up with error code 0xe40200b4.

How to Fix OneNote Sync Error 0xE40200B4

Note: See the health service page of Office 365. Check if there is any news that may cause this error about services.

Try again in 10 minutes.

Microsoft explains that the OneNote Sync Error 0xE40200B4 can happen if a surprisingly high number of requests are received on OneNote’s servers. Wait and try again for 10 minutes. The idea is to wait for these servers to stop being so heavily loaded.

Your notes will always remain safe. It is worth mentioning. Even if you get this mistake, OneNote will still reach the server until it answers.

Use OneNote for the Web

If the stand-alone application contains an error of 0xe40200b4, check if the web version is available for use. Some users were able to access OneNote with this workaround.

If you have luck, you can synchronize your notes with the web version of OneNote.

Restart Your Modem and Computer

When you talk of connecting your computer and modem to OneNote’s servers, it can be helpful. In this way, all temporary files that prevent a successful connection of your device to OneNote’s server are flushed.

Before you power them up again, do not forget to keep your devices unplugged for two minutes.

Close Background Applications

Additional background Applications could interfere with OneNote. Perhaps some of these Applications cause synchronization.

If 0xe40200b4 is the root cause of the error, background Applications should be deactivated.

Start the Task Manager on Windows 10 and press the Processes button. Download the programs on the computer, right-click, and choose Finish task.

It may also help to temporarily deactivate your antivirus.

Open Another Notebook

Some users could solve the issue by opening a new notebook. In your current notebook, try adding a section and a page. The connection should be refreshed.

Hit the Sync page button and see if the problem has been resolved with this quick remedy.

Repair Microsoft Office

Another potential OneNote Sync Error 0xE40200B4 solution is the Repair Office.

  • Start the application Control Panel.
  • Then go into the Functions and Programs.
  • Click on Microsoft 365/Office 365.
  • Click Change. Click Change.
  • Choose Repair Online.

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