Kik Alternatives Best Messaging Apps to Chat With Friends

Kik Alternatives

Are You Looking Kik Alternatives? Kik, a free messaging app, has some other features, including video calling, stickers, and voice notes. It has over 2.5 million reviews and has about 2 million downloads on Google PlayStore. Text, photo, video, and many other kinds of messaging, such as emojis, can be sent to friends and family, just as on any other social networking platform.

It’s unique in that you don’t need a phone number (you may only pick a username) which makes it an enticing possibility for those who are concerned about anonymity. Additionally, Kik advertises its secure and untraceable communication, which is important for people who are looking for increased privacy. The app can even help you meet friends with shared interests. In addition to providing greater privacy, users can also take part in anonymous chats, chat groups of up to 49 people, and the promotion of chats, which allows individuals to follow and send chats to different companies in a variety of industries. They also feature minors’ protections with reference to the app’s use.

However, privacy features cannot be flawless, and they, therefore, may be considered a double-edged sword. One reason people are abandoning instant messaging services is that they could make this mistake. Internal dating features within Kik could create an unsafe environment or leave users vulnerable to indecent content. Cyber-bullying and other malevolent users may take advantage of this greater anonymity, leading to serious problems for all users, especially minors. If you share confidential information, it could cause you some real trouble. Kik confirmed that it was not closing in 2019, even if gossip around the topic was abundant.


Kik Alternatives Best Messaging Apps to Chat With Friends

But, many people have already started searching for other apps to replace Kik or Kik Alternatives. For those of you who may be reading this, we can assist you in locating other apps similar to Kik in this article, so let’s get started. Check out the depths of this article for more details on apps like Kik that don’t require a phone number. 

1. Google Hangouts

Kik Alternatives

Google Hangouts are obviously a part of the Google ecosystem. This is why any Google-related apps or functionalities would dramatically expand the potential of this messaging app. So, in short, Google Hangout is a good choice for the workplace environment.

Thanks to all the resources at your disposal, you can effortlessly handle any workplace responsibilities through instant and constant connection with colleagues via chat or video calls/conferences.

Google Hangouts on Air is a unique and convenient feature that enables the live broadcasting of video chats to Youtube. This is quite useful for delivering lectures or discussions. Furthermore, since Hangouts only requires a Gmail account, you can communicate using a phone number for communications.

2. WhatsApp

Kik Alternatives

WhatsApp is the indisputable world leader in instant messaging apps. A billion people worldwide use it, and no one is surprised that Facebook owns it.

You can engage in group calls and start chats with up to eight people, use your computer to send and receive messages, and share your location and status with your contacts using WhatsApp. You can also change your wallpaper, tweak notifications, and even broadcast messages to numerous people. Plus, the app keeps your messages and won’t lose any of them even if your phone is off.

Also, Whatsapp focuses on privacy. The website’s security mechanisms have been upgraded to safeguard its members. This could be why so many people are drawn to it. One key benefit is end-to-end encryption, which assures that your messages are entirely confidential and that only you and your receiver can see them, even if Whatsapp themselves intercepts them.

The system will not keep any of your data, and you can only communicate with those who have been approved. In addition to being secure, the app features two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access and an excellent feature to prevent unsolicited contacts. It is elegant, simple to use, and so appropriate regardless of where you are. Signal

3. Signal

Kik Alternatives

The most secure messaging app, according to Signal, is itself. How on earth? The Signal Protocol, which is a secure and open-source means of communication, powers it. It was the work of Moxie Marlinspike (a developer in the cryptography industry) and Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp.

Even government officials will be unable to obtain any information regarding you or your messages because it uses end-to-end encryption and doesn’t keep data. In addition, the fact that it is open source makes it far more secure, as programmers can review its code and confirm its authenticity. It still has all those great stickers and emoticons, so don’t worry.

4. Discord

Kik Alternatives

Discord is a chat program that’s popular with gamers. Despite their lengthy history, online games are still going strong. It has always been difficult to communicate with one another and even harder to schedule a get-together with other fans. Discord is a Best Kik Alternatives.

More than 250 million people have used Discord so far, and it’s an ideal method to chat and communicate with your gaming partners. It has a nifty user interface and is appealing to both kids and kids. It was first used mainly by gamers but is now used by many developers and engineers on open-source projects, who use it to communicate and collaborate.

5. Viber

Kik Alternatives

Who isn’t aware of Viber messaging nor recognizes the tone of its service? There aren’t many people, I’d say. Viber’s popularity is evident because it is pre-installed on many Android phones.

Viber is an excellent instant messaging service that also happens to be really convenient. Anyone who wants to obtain it can do so for free, and it is advantageous for terms of different backgrounds. It’s suitable for both younger people and businesses.

There is a multitude of organizations that rely on Viber, including sports teams, brands, and musicians, who utilize it as their major means of communication both internally and outside. To begin with, you get the typical messaging terms, text, picture, and video, but Viber may be particularly well known for free phone calls.

You can use stickers to make massive group chats of up to 200 people. You may also try Viber games to pass the time (or get addicted to). Japanese firm Rakuten just acquired Viber for $900 million, which boasts a user base of over 100 million. 

6. Telegram Messenger

Kik Alternatives

Apart from being a secure way to communicate with people, Telegram Messenger is also a nice and extremely secure app. Beyond its end-to-end encryption, one of its most exciting aspects is its cloud-based nature, which means you can access your messages on your PC, even if you’re using another device.

The option to delete messages on servers and on the other party’s end will be provided to you, thanks to the nature of its programming. The service also has a private chat option and a timed self-destructing message option.

It is without bounds when it comes to the type of media and messages, and it is ideal for more formal terms. And groups of up to 200,000 members can be formed for planning purposes. 

7. MeWe 

Kik Alternatives

MeWe is similar to Kik Alternatives. However, its features are lesser. It’s equipped with all the regular communication features, such as video chat and messaging, but it may also serve as a platform for open chat groups where stars, artists, and celebrities can reach out to their fan base.

Its no-politics, privacy-by-design platform can be used to share your projects securely. This product offers a nifty MyCloud function that allows you to manage your material. The improved permission control appears to be a good investment.

The app sounds like it will be great, so keep an eye on it, especially because it offers a trusted operating model and secure privacy protection.

8. Line

Kik Alternatives

A few details regarding Line Messenger: The app was built following the 2011 disaster in Japan. During this period, communication channels were down or otherwise unavailable. Thus Line, a company that provides Internet service, was founded.

Line Messenger has been highly popular in Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and of course, Japan. More than 220 million people are using it each month, indicating the growth of its popularity. Why or how, do you ask? More than likely, its functionality is why it is in use.

As a messaging app, Line functions like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. You may have fun chatting with pals and playing games on it all at the same time, thanks to the amusing and quirky stickers and emoticons.

Though it may be because of Line’s ability to access news, book a cab, locate discounts or stream music, or even make mobile payments. It’s convenient, and it’s an all-in-one texting app, excellent for busy people.

9. GroupMe

Kik Alternatives

Microsoft-owned and Skype-published GroupMe is a messaging app (which is also owned by Microsoft). Its widespread popularity with students is because it enables them to organize small groups and schedule activities through a calendar feature. Furthermore, this would permit users to transmit people and films as well as to invite others. If you have a computer or a mobile phone, the software can be used on either. You can also use it over SMS.

10. Messenger for Facebook

Kik Alternatives

But what about another chat app? Sure, Kik is fantastic, but here’s another option to consider. The messaging app, which replaced Facebook’s old messaging system, has been seamlessly incorporated into the Facebook platform. This is no surprise, given its meteoric increase in popularity following its inception and a permanent spot in the firmament. If you’re searching for a straightforward, no-frills instant messaging application, then you’ve found it. Easy to use, fun stickers, emoticons, and games are included, along with all the communication tools you need.

Great for video conversations, group chats, and if you need to mute or block certain contacts, you can do that. You may even send money using the app with its latest function. The software is straightforward to use, and the application is continually exploring methods to make communication simple while ensuring that messages and intentions are communicated accurately to your recipients.

11. TwinMe

Kik Alternatives

The tagline for TwinMe promises to “Own your life online.” The 1st thing that pops into my mind is privacy, and it is secure here, but they approach things differently.

They provide a mechanism for you to communicate contacts to everyone, including strangers, while also giving you the option to block those who are uninterested in you.

The peer-to-peer nature of the technology means that no server intervenes between you and your recipient. Both mobile devices remain aware of the messages. Be free and private while having the best HD video and audio conversations.

In a similar fashion to Kik Alternatives, TwinMe does not require phone numbers or email addresses to utilize the app. This app can serve as a substitute for Kik in terms of privacy and other relevant areas. “When you block someone you no longer want to talk to,” they say, “you can communicate spam, unsolicited calls, and harassment because of twinme.” 


Kik Alternatives

A Matrix-based messaging app, Riot. It offers secure communications in an open and decentralized network. You now know it is lightweight and features end-to-end encryption, the latter being meant for secure communication.

According to, their software is meant to serve as a platform for modern communication. The system allows you to set up a variety of spaces for teams and communities. People can be sure they can chat, share files, conduct phone or video calls, and hold meetings.

13. KingsChat

Kik Alternatives

Even while KingsChat may seem like a newcomer, it’s actually a veteran in the field with about one million downloads on Google PlayStore.

However, it truly doesn’t give anything fresh or unique to offer. You may be confident that simple chat was messaging, HD video, images, emojis, and sharing of your location are all available with the app like Kik Alternatives.

In the meanwhile, the developers must think outside the box and deliver a few updates that will set it apart from the crowd. Nonetheless, it still has all the core functionality of amessaging application and much more.

Even while the developers seem to be very dedicated to their app (as seen in the app stores’ attention), they are also extremely responsive.

14. WeChat

Kik Alternatives

Have you ever heard of WeChat? It’s China’s most popular messaging application, after all. Just like Hollywood, if it is a big thing in China, it will become big all over the world.

WeChat is in second place behind only Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, with approximately one billion users and Also Kik Alternatives. While Line chat is focused on offering free messages and video conversations, WeChat focuses on bringing an improved online experience to its fans. It has a way for people to pay via the system and arrange travel accommodations and bookings.

One of WeChat’s nifty features is its mini-programs, which may be thought of as apps within the WeChat app. Although you may believe that WeChat is a private social network, as it is subject to Chinese government surveillance, you should be aware that you have very little privacy here (unless, of course, you have nothing to hide and you couldn’t care less about privacy in the first place).

15. KaKaoTalk

Kik Alternatives

KakaoTalk is a Korean messaging app in the global market. The ad campaign was widely appreciated, and to paraphrase, was way memorable due to its charming advertising. Best Kik Alternatives.

The total volume of KakaoTalk messages on a daily basis is approximately 55 billion. This app is not only a terrific way to phone and chat with your contacts, but it has also turned into a great means of establishing new friends or reconnecting with old ones.

It comes with a shake and QR code option to let you communicate when your friends are close, as well as an easy-to-use feature that allows you to build group conversations. While the attractive ads won me over, KakaoTalk still had me. 

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