Best WeChat Alternatives That Are Not Chinese Apps


How many of you quiet remember using text messages with a 160-character limit, living with doubt of deliverability, paying SMS charges, and the problem is keeping track of chat? I post, for some, this might be nostalgic, but for millennials using messaging apps like WeChat Online, WhatsApp, this might be a joke. Directly with WeChat messaging application being banned, what will they do now?

Easy, we will look for an alternate chat application. We understand this, and Thus, to make the task easy here, we will assign the trusted and the best Alternatives to the WeChat Messaging App.


List of Best WeChat Alternatives That Are Not Chinese

With monthly user support of more than 1 billion, WeChat App is China’s most popular messaging application. Release in 2011, and the app became the world’s most extensive standalone mobile application in 2018. Users utilize it as a messaging, social media, and even a lifestyle platform. However, people look for WeChat’s alternatives, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Messenger – Feature-rich Chat App


Are you looking for a feature-rich, WeChat alternative? Good news, now your search has come to an end. So, Messenger integrated with Facebook works as a social networking application and a chat app. Using this application, you can stay in touch with your friends easily. And, the recent Messenger update allows users to host a video call with up to 50 people. Well, This is more than WeChat’s 9-member limit, and it also allows making payment. Now, All this makes Messenger a strong contender as a WeChat Alternative.

WhatsApp – Best Messaging & Video Call App


The third app that we hand-picked is an app that doesn’t need any introduction. Facebook owns it; WhatsApp is a well-known messaging and chats application. With over 3 billion active users, this chat app dominates the global market. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to WeChat that no only has similar features; however, it is also secure, WhatsApp is the answer. Using this app, you can make a video call, group calls to up to 8 people, send GIFs and do lots of more. One of my preferred features of this application is allowing users to set videos or images 24 hours as a status.

Skype – Best Video Calling App


You can find many video calling applications on the market, but none can match Skype. Currently, Zoom became quite popular as a video conferencing app but couldn’t match Skype. Besides making phone/video calls using Skype, you can chat and send instant messages to your friends. So, In addition to this, you can share images, schedule a call, send emojis, etc. if you are using Skype. This makes it one of the great WeChat Alternatives.

Telegram – Secure Messaging App


Though not as popular as WeChat and WhatsApp, this chat messaging app is the most secure. So, With 400 monthly active users, Telegram stands strong in comparison with iMessage. To give additional securely, this trusted security messaging application brings together 256-bit symmetric AES encryption and 2048-bit RSA encryption. Apart from offering data security using this WeChat alternative, you can organize a group chat with up to 200,000 members.

Viber – Best Voice Calling App


In terms of WeChat Alternative and popularity WeChat Alternative, Viber is excellent. With over 1.5 billion users, Viber stands strong against WeChat. So, Operated by Rakuten, the Japanese company, this messaging application supports multimedia like WeChat and allows users to chat with friends via video, sticker, GIF, and text. Moreover, you can make the group chat with up to 250 members & stay in the loop with likeminded people.

Signal – Open Source & Secure Messaging App


If WeChat is blocked for you & you no longer trust Chinese applications, use Signal, an end-to-end encrypted chat app. This service is so secure that even the company behind the Signal cannot read them. Using it Signal, you can send text messages, attach files and photos, create groups, and make video & voice calls. This application does not show any ads and is the safest WeChat Alternative for you.

Line – Popular Social Networking App


With 700 million users, Line is a popular social networking application. Equipped with all essential tools that support communication, this substitute to WeChat is impressive. So, You can make a group call with up to 200 people using it, and it has the biggest library of stickers. Well, All this makes it a better alternative to WeChat, and the capability to make international calls to landlines & smartphones at lesser rates is fantastic.

Jitsi Meet – Well-Known Messaging App


Popular as a video conferencing application, this another WeChat Alternative allows making video calls with a complete team. So, Not only this, but Jitsi Meet is also fully encrypted. Using this, you can share desktop, edit documents, invite users, send or receive reports, and emoji. Moreover, it is an excellent alternative to Zoom.

iMessage – Apple’s Secure Messaging App


Available for only Apple devices, this messaging application works well as an Apple’s trusted application, and it offers data security. iMessage is a seamless chat application that includes features like Animoji, Memoji, and effects. Using this app, you can manage messages via gestures. So, This makes iMessage simple to use and a great alternative to WeChat for iOS users.

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Final Words :

With this, we come to the end of our list of best WeChat Alternatives. You can decide anyone based on your choice. does not promote any application. Therefore, it’s your choice. You can pick any from the list of trusted WeChat Alternatives. Additionally, please let us know which one you used and why in the comments section.

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