How To Download FaceBook , Twitter And Instagram Videos

Many times we find some videos that are cute, dunny, and way too good never to see again. We might save them on Instagram for later use, but we cannot download them on our phones to show them to our friends as per our convenience without any internet connection. Many people find various ways to save them but rarely know how to download and keep them on their drives.

That is why today, we are going to be taking a look at video downloader for PC that provide us with the luxury of downloading videos from these social media sites.

How To Download Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram Videos

1.    Using Twitter Video Downloader

This website is the simplest way to download videos from Twitter because all you have to do is copy and paste the URL link. Many people have used this trick to download images, videos, trailers, and GIFs exclusive to Twitter. This method has allowed them to save a lot of time in searching for the clips while also not wasting internet data.

All you have to do is open the tweet that you want to download the video or the image from, copy its link or the URL. Click on the copy link option by clicking the down arrow option beside the tweet. That will let you copy the URL without having to copy the link inaccurately from the search bar.

Paste the link by going to the website link given above, and then you will be taken to a page where you’ll have to select the quality of the video that is to be downloaded. Select the quality you want and then click on the download button. The download time will vary according to your internet speed and the accuracy of the link provided.

2.    Using FBDown

Although Facebook has a save video option, you can only view the videos while online and with a stable internet connection. Otherwise, the quality of the video deteriorates, and it keeps lagging and stopping in-between frames. That is why we recommend downloading the videos you find amusing or essential.

The downloading steps for Facebook videos are just the same as well. You need to click on the three-dotted menu, and that opens up a drop-down list that mentions options like copy link, saves, hides, and reports video, and following the uploading channel. Click on the copy link option; this copies the URL accurately.

Go to the link mentioned above and then paste your copied link into the address bar provided(It should say” Enter Facebook Video Link”). After the website processes your link, it should take you to its download page; you will have options for selecting the video’s quality. Be sure to decide to choose the best quality since there is virtually no frame skipping in them.

This is one of the best video downloaders for PC regarding Facebook video downloads. It provides quick services but also has a high rate of video downloads and is used by many.

3.    Using W3toys

Like Facebook and other social media websites, Instagram also lets you save the video you watched. In fact, it has a separate folder for the saved videos for you to watch later and send to your friends. This allows you to share images and posts but does not give you the option to download them. This can be a drag since most news and trailers tend to release first on Instagram.

Copy the link by clicking the three dots menu and then paste it in the website’s address bar. After pasting the link, click on the download opinion below, which will open up another window to give you different download options regarding other quality options. The opened window will then show you multiple downloading options.

Prioritize selecting high-quality video options to make sure you can get the best frame rate and high definition quality. This video downloader for PC and smartphone is one of the best for downloading videos consistently without any problems and will quickly let you download any video you like.

Many people use this to search for songs that they have found on Instagram, and it is highly convenient.


These three video downloaders will let you download social media posts, GIFs, and images from their respective social media sites but are sure to access all of them through your PC or laptop since it’s more convenient and not many websites provide support for smartphones.

The sites given are absolutely free and easy to access; all you need is a stable internet connection. However, the download will take some time as there is lag sometimes regarding host issues and servers. We hope you got to know more about downloading videos from social media through this article . have a nice day!

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