How to Recover Deleted Videos

Videos are very important part of our special memories and daily life as much as pictures do. As the technology is digital now and we can easily capture HD videos from our mobile phone easily, anytime. It’s really important that we keep our memories safe as well. But sometimes any kind of error may occur and you may lose videos from your computer or phone, so the best solution to this problem is to recover video. Many people want to perform video recovery but they don’t know if it’s possible or how to recover videos after losing them. In this article we are going to talk about everything related to video recovery and how to do it by using a first class tool. So let’s get into the details!

Part 1: Is It Really Possible To Recover Videos?

To be precise, yes it’s possible to recover videos because there is a technical loophole that’s available for manipulation in your computer or mobile phone storage. The thing is simple when you get to know the details but it’s no rocket science that video recovery or data recovery is possible.

Basically, when a video or file gets deleted from your storage, they are not totally vanished from the hard drive/SD card. The space taken by that lost video stays empty until a new video/file gets written into that space. This means, as long as the empty space stays empty and no new video or file is kept in that empty space, it’s possible to recover the video by using a good quality data recovery software. So if you can use a good free data recovery software and know how to get back your lost video by using that software, then it’s really possible to recover videos. You must not use your hard drive or storage after losing videos from it; otherwise it won’t be possible to recover those lost/deleted videos anymore.

Part 2: Why is Video Recovery So Important?

Video recovery or data recovery is important to us because we create those videos for special reasons. It can be for professional or personal use but still those videos are important to us. So if you lose any video from your computer or phone, there is no need to panic. As we all know, necessity knows no law. So experts have already created many data recovery software that are available in the market now. You only need to know which one is the best suited for your issue and use it to get back all your lost videos easily. If video recovery was not so important to everyone, then there was no need for any data recovery software.

Part 3: How to recover deleted videos on PC and Phone – EaseUS

Only a powerful data recovery tool can recover video from any kind of data loss situation. It doesn’t matter if you lost it for any technical issue or accidental deletion, only a great data recovery software can solve this issue for you. In that sense, we want to introduce you with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This data recovery software is undoubtedly the most advanced and powerful data recovery software available on the internet right now. The user interface gives a really simple vibe but it has many advanced functionalities that can solve any kind of data recovery problem any time. This data recovery software is not only for advanced users, but also newbie user as well. If you follow out guideline and use it for the first time, you’ll never know how fast you can learn using it and get back all the lost videos in no time. As it has all those interesting features, user friendly design and fast speed, it can be considered as a very powerful software to recover videos or any other data.


  • It can easily recover audios, videos, pictures, documents etc. including more than 1000 file types.
  • It can recover videos from many data loss situations including formatting files accidentally, accidental deletion, virus attack, partition loss, operating system crash etc.
  • It allows users to scan the lost data storage with 2 types of scanning modes: Quick Scan and Advanced Scan.
  • You can also preview the videos before you recover them to ensure full recovery.
  • This software is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

How to Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

Step 1: Select Scanning Location

First you need to download and install the software in your computer then launch the program. In the homepage of the program, you’ll get an interface like below where you’ll be allowed to choose the drive location where you lost videos. After you have selected the scanning location, click on Scan to start the scanning process.

Step 2: Scan Drive Location

Next, the software will complete a quick scan to display all the lost files from your selected drive location. After that, it will automatically perform a deep scan but take a little more time for this to display the lost files properly. You can also use the Filter option to locate videos easily in this case.

Step 3: Finally when the scanning process is finished, you will see all the lost files in your display listed by the program. Now you can easily preview and select the videos that you need to recover. To recover videos, click on the Recover button to start the recovery process.

recover video with easeus data recovery wizard


To conclude this whole guideline, there are various possibilities to recover videos when they are lost or accidentally deleted. To ensure that you get successful result every time and a full 100% recovery of those lost videos without losing file quality, you should use a tool that can give you the guarantee. So EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best choice for you if you want to recover all the lost videos in a few clicks. Instead of wasting time on other tools or methods, start using EaseUS from now on.

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