How to Make Streaming Online More Economical

Make Streaming Online More Economical

Probably, no one needs to tell about the streaming service Netflix anymore. This is a world-famous online platform that allows you to watch the most popular movies made by famous Hollywood studios, as well as small but talented cinema companies from around the world.

The only problem with Netflix the high prices. Not everyone is ready to pay from $ 8.99 (Basic plan) to $ 10.99 (Standard plan) per month for watching TV shows and movies. There are several ways to make watching Netflix more profitable and economical:

Change your location using a VPN

You will need an online service that changes the IP address of your computer to the IP address of another country – a virtual private network (VPN). There are quite a lot of similar services on the software market today, so you can choose any, at your discretion.

After installing and activating the VPN, you need to choose a virtual server located in Colombia, because, for citizens of this country, Netflix rates are significantly cheaper:

– $ 4.95 for the basic plan.

– $ 7.88 for the standard plan.

Next, we go to the site of the Columbia Netflix and register an account. After that, you need to pay the monthly plan with a bank card. That’s all – you can disable the VPN, you will not need it anymore. Next, you can use your account data on any device.

Possible problems with changing the Geolocation

Note that you need to use a VPN to change the IP address, but not a proxy server as most try to do. The Netflix site can easily detect that you are using an anonymizer or proxy, and block you from accessing the platform’s resources. This is a well-known fact and all services like Netflix do not like it when you use proxy servers to hide your real IP address.

Most people agree that the best tool to access Netflix is a VPN. It offers server networks around the world that act as multiple proxies. It encrypts all data transmitted between your device and the VPN server, hides everything you do online from prying eyes, including your own Internet service provider. This will allow you to easily bypass the Netflix proxy server error, because information about what you are watching on Netflix, and what Netflix service you are connecting to, remains confidential.

Netflix Roulette

How else can you save money on streaming online? How about a round of Netflix Roulette? On you can view movies and TV shows in a random selection with big discounts.

Download TV shows and movies on your computer or device

If you want to download your favorite TV series or movie to your laptop or smartphone, almost all of Netflix’s own products have a download button for offline viewing. This feature is offered by all official Netflix apps for Android and iOS. The download button for movies is located under the description “My list”. For TV shows – next to the play button. When the download is complete, a blue smartphone icon will appear.

Listen to the site’s content with Netflix-Title

Most movies and TV series are available to listen to on Netflix. Thanks to the audio descriptions that can be found when playing under the language settings, you can simply turn off the display and listen.

Offer Netflix your movie preferences

Each user can send requests for specific movies directly to the Netflix team. Just enter the name of the movie in the form, send it, and wait.

Netflix secret codes

With a number of hidden codes, you can select movies by genre or actor at once. Just enter the following URL in the browser panel:, where “xxxx” should be replaced with the code. For example, code 7424 will take you to the anime genre, 10702 to funny spy movies, and by entering code 47465 in the form, you can move to the world of classic Westerns.

Share a Netflix stream with your friends

Want to enjoy movies with your friends from a distance? With the help of the online service Rabbit, you can connect to a video chat for general viewing of movies or TV series. The service is available for iOS, Android, and in the Google Chrome browser.

Read movie reviews

Those who care about other users ‘ opinions about movies can download the Netflix Enhancer plugin. In just a few clicks, you will have access to professional reviews from the IMDB database for all Netflix movies and TV series.

That’s all – take care of yourself and your money!

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