10 Free Movie Apps To Legally Streaming Movies

We all love watching movies, & with the advent of online streaming services, we can manage anything and everything with just a click. Sadly, Lots of online streaming services are paid ones, and it gets costly, having to subscribe to multiple services. You don’t have to disturb about spending too much money. So, We have done our research and found some great Movie Apps that let you watch movies for free. Also, these apps are legal to use, so there is no question of piracy. Therefore, here are the best free Movie Apps to watch tons of free movies without any issues in 2021. 

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10 Free Movie Apps To Legally Streaming Movies

I have shared the ten best free Movie Apps. All the mentioned applications are officially available on the AppStore, and Google Play Store, so no need to side-load the applications from third-party stores. Several apps have a different premium plan, so if you find the service cheap and exciting, even you can subscribe to their paid services to get more content. Well, now having said that, let’s begin with the list. 


Movie Apps

Hotstar is the most popular free movie app for Indian consumers. It’s a paradise for Bollywood and regional movie lovers. The Hotstar is owned by Star, which is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios. Should such a great studio behind, you can access almost every new movie you are looking for. This offers a wide selection of movies, both free and paid. While most of the latest movies are paid, the free collection of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies are not too bad either. Suppose you opt for the premium plan, you also get access to new international movies, series, and many more. After all, for Indian consumers, Hotstar is a must app to have, and you should check it out. 


Movie Apps

Yidio is the best app to consume movies and shows from multiple streaming services. This is an aggregator where you can watch movies from various online streaming services in a single app. This has support for more than 300 services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now, etc. While there are many free movies available, you may need to subscribe to premium content providers to access their content. Although Yidio has an extensive collection of movies, I think you will love the content given that it’s completely free. 


Movie Apps

Tubi is an excellent free movie app, hands down. Not at all other open Movie Apps, it offers recently launched movies free of charge. Tubi has such a comprehensive collection of fresh content because of its partnership with many prominent Hollywood studios. Well, Some of them include Paramount, Warner Bros, etc. The best about Tubi is that it’s completely free, and there is no hidden credit card or subscription requirement. So, Talking about the content, the collection of movies is simply breathtaking. Here, From different genres to Anime, you have everything at your fingertips. Now, All you necessitate to do is register for a free account, and you can watch tons of hours of free content. Plus, go for it, and you will love it to bits.


Movie Apps

The Popcornflix is a great free movie app to consume movies on the go. First of all, it is available to users worldwide, unlike Sony Crackle, so that’s awesome. Secondly, the application has a wide range of free movie titles, and you can watch them without any limitation on quality. The significant part is that the app performs well, even if you have a slow internet connection. Popcornflix has a partnership with many Hollywood studios, so you will likely get exciting movies as they release. Aside from studios, Popcornflix also features a lot of independent cinema which is great news for indie movie lovers. Generally, Popcornflix is a great app to discover and watch movies for free. 

Sony Crackle

Movie Apps

Sony Crackle is another excellent app for watching movies for free. This Sony Crackle is an online entertainment arm of Sony Pictures. Thus you get access to hundreds of complimentary movies along with high-quality original content. Apart From, Sony Crackle also features a good selection of anime movies, making it an excellent place for anime lovers. Well, I found Sony Crackle to be best for action and thriller genre of movies. So, Simply put, you will get access to almost every movie from Sony Pictures studio, and that’s great. But, do note that the service is only available to the US and Australia users. Nonetheless, if you’re from the said countries, you can get Sony Crackle and enjoy free content hours. 


Movie Apps

Vudu is another excellent app for streaming movies for free. This has some excellent titles and TV shows under its collection. Suppose you are wondering how does Vudu offer so much content for free then let me explain. This app is ad-supported, and you will encounter a few video ads before playing movies and TV shows. So, I feel it’s a fair trade-off for accessing the massive library of free content. Well, To give you a sneak peek, you get access to movies such as Undisputed, Rocky, Predator, Warrior, etc. Vudu features new movies similar to iTunes and Google Play Store, but those are paid ones so choose accordingly. Well, To sum up, if you love movies, Vudu is a great app to access tons of exciting movies. 

Pluto TV

Movie Apps

Pluto TV is a fantastic app to watch free movies on the go. So, You will be surprised to find the vast library of free content available on the app. To start with this, you have movies from Hollywood behemoth like Warner Bros, Fox Studios, Paramount and more. Viacom owns Pluto TV, so naturally, you would not find tons of famous movies anywhere. The significant part is that you don’t need to share your credit card details or register on the app. Here install it, and you are all set to watch free movies without any issues. Well, I would highly recommend Pluto TV for its diverse set of movies. Now, go for it, and you will love it. 


Movie Apps

FilmRise is a great ad-supported free movie streaming app that is legal. So, You can watch full movies and TV shows for free. This service offers content in HD quality which is excellent. The best part of the application is that you neither have to register nor have to input credit card details to use it. This is outright free. Plus, while it’s ad-supported, the ads themselves are not intrusive, allowing you to enjoy streaming movies and TV-shows in peace. The content catalogue is vast, and new movies and shows are added every day. Well, You will never run out of content to watch—a must-have app for any movie or a TV buff. 


Movie Apps

Voot is another excellent application to watch Indian content free of charge. This is a free movie app including several TV shows, Originals and a lot more. The Voot is part of Viacom18 studio, so you will find all their library of free movies and TV shows on the app. However, do note that ads support voot so you will occasionally encounter ads while streaming movies and shows. So, Talking about the library of content, it has movies from Bollywood to different regional languages. Well, Along with that, you get access to lots of live TV channels which are part of the Network18 group. To sum up, if you’re from India, Voot is a great app to watch movies for free, and you should check it out. 


Movie Apps

Plex is another best media server applications on the market. This primary function of Plex is to allow you to manage your offline media & make it Accessible for streaming across devices using its technology. This said, recently, Plex launched its own free movie streaming service that works worldwide and brings thousands of movies and TV shows. Also, all this is for free. So, To be clear, Plex offers a premium plan, but that’s for creating your online streaming server. This movies and shows that are available for streaming from Plex are free best alternatives to okfreemovies. This selection of movies might not be as long as some of the other free services mentioned in this list, but the quality is top-notch. You can even get to stream some relatively recent releases. Therefore, if your hunt for free movie streaming apps is still going on, don’t forget to try Plex. 

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Stream Unlimited Content with Free Movie Apps

Thus, that was our list of the best free Movie Apps you can install on Android and iOS devices. Contrary to popular opinion, many free Movie Apps let you stream movies and TV shows without any charge or playback limitation. Well, We have provided the apps which are free and legal to use. Then go ahead and install any of the apps to access tons of free content. Hence that is all from us. Suppose you liked the article and want to know more about free apps for other categories.

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