The Best Netflix Alternatives Satisfy Your Inner Filmophile


Accept it, when it comes to calling out the Best Streaming Services on the Internet, Netflix is a name you definitely can’t deny. Preferably spending $100 and more for a bloated bundle of TV Channels, some of us prefer to throw together on streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and others.

However, Netflix is not the only streaming choice in the market to satisfy your inner filmophile. So, There are ample streaming websites like Netflix featuring great content and that do support mobile phones, TVs, and also other media players. Now, you can try them to watch your desired TV Shows, Movies, and favorite videos for little or no cost.

Best Streaming Services Like Netflix Top 5 Alternatives

Either you are just a little tired with Netflix catalog or looking for some new content to search into, consider checking out specific paid and free Netflix Alternatives.




Are you looking for a free Netflix alternative with a large selection of free movies in multiple genres? Try Popcornflix! The platform doesn’t ask for any registration, enjoy your favorite movies or TV Shows in seconds. Although the Netflix alternative is ad-supported, so you have to go for a few commercial breaks, but you will surely find an extensive selection of free movies. This service features popular genres including, comedy, horror, drama, romance, sci-fi documentaries, action, and much more.

Aside from featuring a lot of choices in every popular genre, Popcornflix has plenty of cartoons that show that you might never have heard of it. This streaming service has a separate website as well named as Popcornflix kids that stream shows and movies for children only.



Assuredly, HBO shows can easily attract the binge-watcher inside you! But sadly, the cable networks won’t allow you to go as per your will and watch your favorite shows every time. A well-known standalone streaming service provided by Home Box Office, HBO Now can be your latest savior. It provides a fantastic collection of all-time favorite series like Game of Thrones, True Blood, Deadwood, Silicon Valley, and counting.

Now We are Talking about the subscription plan; this Netflix alternative charges $14.99 per month, including a one-month free trial. With it, you receive all the HBO Now’s shows, sports streams, documentaries, movies, and much more. Now HBO also provides great cross-platform support without any device limit. Therefore, enjoy your favorite content anytime and anywhere with HBO Now.

Hallmark Movies Now


Huge fan of classic Hallmark movies? Then this platform is designed only for you! It is one of the best Netflix alternatives to watch family-friendly movies, including Hallmark originals. This platform continuously adds new shows, movies, and the latest content each month. This streaming service has excellent platform support, and you can get it for Roku, Fire TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, Apple TV, and other iOS and Android devices.

Among the Hallmark movie collection, users can enjoy watching timeless classics like Sleepless in Seattle, Dirty Dancing, and West Side Story. Shows like Frasier, Last Man Standing, The Golden Girls, and other old-time hits without being too heavy on pockets. It does a yearly subscription worth $59.99 & a monthly subscription costing around $5.99.



Crackle is another popular free Netflix alternative owned by Sony! This popular streaming service allows users to watch their favorite shows, movies, and other content for free on PC, phone, or tablet. Crackle features categories like Original Movies, Crime Movies, Thrillers, Comedy, Action Movies, Dramas, and more. This platform also features an exciting collection of old television series including All in the Family, Who’s the Boss, Malcolm and Eddie, 227, and much more.

As long as the Netflix alternative is free to use, it is based on the Promotion model for watching both TV shows and movies. Talking about the video quality, honestly, it is not that great to experience but features an excellent quality similar to a regular DVD. Like Popcornflix, this streaming service doesn’t ask to register, but if you do, later you can watch specific R-rated videos, and you also get the facility to create your list of Watch Later videos.

Sling TV


Besides more than 2.47 Million subscribers, Sling TV is another excellent Netflix alternative to choose from! This platform lets you leave cable TV and allows you to stream popular TV shows and movies along with living TV programming like CNN, Fox, ESPN, and more. This service is permitted in two tiers, Orange and Blue. Sling Orange endures the cheapest way to watch live ESPN and CNN shows.

You get History Channels, Cartoon Network, Bravo, Fox Sports, and much more by Sling Blue Package. Sling TV is available to stream online, and you can download its app for iOS and Android. It is compatible with TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, and other devices too. This streaming service is cheaper than about any of its opponents, and it is the most expensive package that costs $40/month.

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Final Words :

This is It Communities, and These Were Some Of Our Favorite Netflix Alternatives! Netflix is assuredly one of the most common streaming platforms out there, but that doesn’t mean you must stick to one choice for watching movies and TV shows.

All the streaming, as discussed earlier services, keeps you updated with the latest entertainment shows and movies, with a relatively low-price label than Netflix. So, Do let us know which Netflix Alternative you analyzed streaming? And if you have any other ideas that could be a perfect fit to be connected in this list, feel free to advise them in the comment section below!


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