Best Free Online Learning Platforms You Need To Try

Free Online Learning Platforms

Education is one of the most powerful things a person can accomplish, yet the first thing that comes to mind is the expense. Thankfully, there are plenty of online learning platforms where you may learn completely for free. Maybe you’re looking to change jobs or want to assist your kids with their schoolwork and need a refresher. Whatever the reason, there is an online learning platform that can help you educate yourself on just about everything. Here are some of the best to consider.

Best Free Online Learning Platforms You Need To Try

The best Free Online Learning Platforms are listed here. So, let’s look at the list.

1. Alison

Free Online Learning Platforms

Alison is an online learning platform that aims to make certificates and degrees more accessible. It is an excellent option for a free opportunity to upskill or learn something new. Alison features nearly 4,000 courses on just about every subject you may choose from. There are courses for almost every subject available here, so you should be able to find just about everything you’re looking for.

The fact that Alison has no paid courses is fantastic. You’ll need to create an account, but after that, you must enroll in a course and start studying. It should be noted, however, that if you want to receive an official diploma or certificate for your study, you must buy the document and have Alison mail it to you. You will, however, be able to receive a learner record as a confirmation of completion regardless of whether or not you pay.

2. Khan Academy

Free Online Learning Platforms

Well, Khan Academy is a non-profit online learning platform accessible to anybody, anywhere. It includes a broad range of courses and educational levels. The courses mainly include middle and high school subjects, although there are also AP courses and various life skills courses.

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The impressive range includes subjects like Math, Science, Computing, Arts, and more. Depending on what you’re attempting to learn, each subject offers plenty of courses. The courses are digestible, with frequent quizzes and practice questions to help you evaluate your comprehension. What’s nice about Khan Academy is that it enables anybody at any level to lea, and so features teacher integration. This makes Khan Academy one of many wonderful tools for better engaging online students, and it may help you reach youngsters you would not have reached otherwise.

3. TED-Ed

You’ve probably heard of the variety of excellent TED Talks available, but did you realize there are plenty of other TED features you may need to be aware of? Take, for example, TED-Ed. TED-Ed is an online learning platform that aims to cover a variety of subjects in short, bite-sized features. The longest videos are about half an hour long, while the majority are under five minutes long. TED-Ed features approximately 2,700 distinct lessons that you may view, covering a wide range of subjects like psychology, health, and how your brain works, to name a few.

TED-Ed also features collections of videos on a specific subject, such as thinking like a Programmer, poetry collections, and climate change. On TED-Ed, you may also discover interactive activities. These experiences are diverse and include a plethora of various quizzes and videos that may be used to learn more about a variety of different subjects. Because TED is a non-profit organization, all these learning ways are completely free. This means you may freely switch between videos and lessons as appropriate without worrying about being blocked by a paywall.

4. Udemy

Udemy could offer what you’re looking for, whether you’re looking to upskill or have an interest you’ve always wanted to pursue. It is an online learning platform providing many free online courses to help you reach your objectives. Approximately 500 courses are accessible here, with a wide range of options.

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Udemy, in contrast to some of the other items on this list, concentrates on shorter lessons or courses. Most of these courses are a few hours long, so you can finish them in the afternoon or weekend rather than in a few months. This makes Udemy great for anybody looking for a fast approach to learning more about a hard subject. Although this is optional to learn with Udemy, Udemy also features premium courses that include greater assistance, such as direct teacher chat and a certificate of completion.

5. Coursera

If you’ve ever considered changing jobs but were put off by the thought of retraining, Coursera can help. Coursera is an online learning platform that features a variety of courses in which you may enroll to acquire online degrees and certificates. If you’re looking for a wonderful approach to producing the ultimate freelancing CV, add these certificates to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

The range of options on Coursera is impressive, and you may browse courses depending on the profession or vocation you’re looking for. It should be noted, however, that Coursera is not fully free. Some of the courses available need purchase; however, an impressive range of over 2,700 free courses is available.

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As you can see, there are various ways to learn that are completely free. Whether you’re looking to upskill, change jobs, or learn something new, options are available.

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