How to Fix CTF Loader Errors on Windows

CTF Loader is a most useful windows service that runs in the computer laptop or desktop background. The CTF is compressed to a simple program to be compatible with voice recognition and touch keyboard. The CTF Loader is perceived by many as malware or a virus, which is an understatement. This fact is that CTF is a program designed by Microsoft to run in the background.

So, Microsoft Office is integrated with several features that are used to perform several tasks. This use of touch keyboard and voice recognition is a program jointly with the help of Microsoft office. These programs require complex processes to function appropriately. The Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF) is responsible for translating from one form to another.

The CTF controls the voice recognition program that converts it into the written word. This program enables the touch keyboard to convert handwritten materials to the typed form. The CTF is essential to the functioning of other computer task-oriented activities. Well, The CTF program, in some cases, corrupts the functioning of the computer.

That inconveniences the user to conduct operations with ease. So, The reason why this appears may be due to Microsoft’s office being corrupted. In many cases, when Microsoft is not up to date, the CRT Error might appear on the screen.

The CTF error is caused when one of the languages to be translated is corrupted. This presence of malware or virus in the computer causes the error to appear. The CRF is not a threat to the computer, more so to the windows ten users. This defender provided by the package can regulate the errors and convert them into the most appropriate forms.


As well, To open the precise location of the loader is necessary for the users to know what it looks like by:

Step 1: First, Open the task manager and expand the process tab. Features will appear scroll to the bottom.

Step 2: Then, Select the CTF Loader option. Click the opportunity to open the display of the context menu.

Step 3: Next, Search for file location from the context menu. Windows will open a system directory.

Step 4: Here, Search for the ctfmon.exe file and click on it.

Step 5: Finally, Open the details from the properties option to know the origin of the file, that can enable you to determine whether to discard it or not.

So, From the properties, it is essential to note that the program is from Microsoft. That means that the program causes minimal threat though it can be eliminated if it causes the PC to slow or corrupt other programs.


The CTF can cause the productivity of the computer or laptop to decrease. Suppose that s the case, it is essential to disable this function to make the programs function most appropriately. It is necessary to temporarily disable these features to discover if it’s the one responsible for the computer’s slow functioning.

CTF Loader
CTF Loader Has Stopped Working

Disable CTF Loader on windows

It’s essential to disable the CTF when necessary by:

Step 1: Start, Search for This PC option from the computer or laptop. These options will appear on the search result below the option.

Step 2: Then, From the context menu, choose to manage options. These open the context menu with many features.

Step 3: NextRight-click on the services and applications option located on the left-hand computer management panel.

Step 4: Here, From the right-hand panel, double click on the service option and open the context bar that provides several features.

Step 5: Now, Scroll down to find the Touch and Handwriting panel services. Click to open the option.

Step 6: Choose the option and open the properties option to display the features of the program.

Step 7: This option Disable will appear after the start-up display option in the middle of the context menu.

Step 8: Finally, Click on the Stop option that appears on the display menu. This stop button directs to the OK button. Tap it and enjoy the CTF free computer or laptop.


If the computer is weighed down by the Microsoft functions such as handwriting services or touch keyboard its important to disable the CTR folder by:

Step 1: So, On the search bar at the start of the windows load, the word run to command prompt the programs.

Step 2: This run program will open to display the coding properties. This command will require to add features.

Step 3: Now, Type these command words Services.msc. Plus, press the OK button to load the properties.

Step 4: Here, From the window that appears, search for the Keyboard & Handwriting panel service and opens the option.

Step 5: Lastly, Open the menu’s properties to determine whether the option has been eliminated.

There is an expeditious way to deal with the CTF problems emanating from Microsoft’s torch and handwritten services.


As well, To delete the CTF causing files, the user can use two options, for instance.

Step 1: First, Open this PC option by searching it from the computer or laptop’s search window.

Step 2: Then, Click on this PC and go to the C:/Windows /SysWOW64 For the computers with 64.

Step 3: Next, Delete the ctfmon.exe files that are in this folder.

Step 4: Here, Open the properties to discover if the CTF is eliminated

The other Alternative is as follows:

Step 1: Open The PC option

Step 2: Tap on Win Key + F

Step 3: Then, in the search bar, type ctfmon.exe

Step 4: Here, delete all the files that appear.

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Final Words:

As mentioned earlier, the ways are among the many available methods of fixing the CTF Loader that may cause the computer’s low productivity. This CTF Loader is not much threat to the computer but can drive low productivity when it keeps on appearing. It Impairing is necessary to provide the user with an easy time to operate the computer.

If the need to use the Keyboard touch options, one can reinstall the program. This is necessary to ensure that Microsoft is functioning at its best. CTF programs are essential when the individual’s voice uses the computer requirements to be in written forms.

Each user needs to determine the use of the features before deleting them. Microsoft has a record of great products; hence the CTF Loader is less a threat.

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