Filehippo : Download Latest 2022 PC Apps & Software

Filehippo : Download Latest 2022 PC Apps & Software

Filehippo is a registration-free, non-Microsoft website that authorises the user to download the latest versions of multiple software free of cost. It furnishes cracked versions of different software for Windows and Mac. What’s more, it even keeps your system unrestricted of malware and redirect links. Our fundamental priority is to empower the users with quality software programs without the hassle of spyware – and unreasonable pop-ups. Thus, we assure to deliver a comprehensive virus-free and spyware experience.

On our website, you will find both old and newest versions of software programs. That’s because we bear in mind our user’s flexibility. For instance, if you update to the latest version of a particular software and end up not liking it, you can always go back to the old one. Furthermore, we provide download manager assistance to our users. This helps them pause/resume – or set a timer while downloading any application. As an evolving website, we believe in quality over quantity. Consequently, we ensure fast servers  to make your downloads quick and worthwhile.

Filehippo App Manager which can be rendered useful. However, while downloading our software program, if you had mistakenly downloaded this tool, don’t fret. While it does display unwanted advertisements and pop up ads, you can uninstall it by clicking on the control panel > add or remove the program. This would prevent an ad pop up on your application This tool enables you to check for updates every time you open the application. Thus, keeping you from the trouble of individually viewing all applications and programs

Software Available On

  • CCleaner

CCleaner is an optimised, highly-efficient program that eliminates all the junk files (caches, cookies, unnecessary data) from your computer. Unused data and temporary files seem to fill your hard disk, which impacts your system’s functionality. This software runs regular.

  • Avast Free Antivirus 

The Avast Free Antivirus is a free and powerful protection tool for your windows and IOS. However, it works for Windows 10 and below operating systems only. It is free software that provides the user with a plethora of features, including network scanner, malicious URL filter, password manager, antivirus, and so on.

  • Avast Secure Browser: 

The likelihood of malware and virus attacks while surfing online is inevitable. Hence, to prevent data exploitation and system corruption, you must install software that ensures the absolute protection of your device. Avast Secure Browser is a special web browser that provides additional safety to your computer system.

It is designed with built-in privacy and security features that allow the user to surf the web safer and better. checks and eradicates all the junk files. This in turn prevents your device from slowing down. Hence, install this application and keep your system all clean and tuned up.

How To Download Software

Step 1: Open any browser on your system

Step 2: Search

Step 3: Click on the link

Step 4: Find the app of your choice

Step 5: Click on the download section

Other Information ( is a website designed to offer various software (including the most recent version) for your Windows and Mac operating systems. It aims to empower you with the easiest method of downloading any software/program you wish free of cost. Unlike other unverified sites, it offers 100 per cent security to your system

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