How To Download Twitter Video To Your Mac Device

Twitter is a social network genuinely full of life. This never-ending stream of tweets across all topics imaginable features witty quotes, refined sound clips, hilarious GIFs, and videos. You Mostly find yourself frequently, not having enough time to watch all the Twitter Video, so you want right then and there. Sometimes you might want to save some videos from Twitter to your laptop for your next flight or only to your phone to watch during your commute since user data is too costly. Luckily, that is not difficult to do if you know a few tricks. Use Twesocial to buy real Twitter followers.

How To Save Twitter Videos Now

When you want to download a video from Twitter, you must know that there is no built-in functionality that allows you to do so. Unlikely, for example, images, for which you can right-click and then choose Save Image to “Downloads.”

To save videos, you usually need to use a Twitter Video downloader, which could be a site or a standalone app. Let’s explore all the options.

Use an Online Twitter Video Downloader.

Arguably, the most comfortable option to save Twitter Videos is to go through a website specializing in it:

1. On Twitter Find a Video you had like to save

2. Click the share icon and then choose “Copy link to Tweet.”

3. Visit Site:

4. There Paste the tweet link into the field

5. Click Download MP4

6. This service will download the Video on Twitter to MP4 format in the Downloads folder on your Mac device

Only with all kinds of YouTube and torrent sites, online Twitter Video downloaders are commonly free. Why? And how do they make money? Unfortunately, they survive by showing you low-quality banners and opening new tabs full-on adware-looking content. So make sure not to click on anything and close all costs when your download is complete. 

Download Twitter Videos with an App

With the proliferation of suspicious content on online Twitter Video downloaders, native apps that do the same job efficiently and without tracking have become appealing. One of the best apps presently in the space in Downie.

Downie is a single-purpose Mac service with a mandate of making downloading videos from any online source, including Twitter, as easy as it could be:

1. Now Find a video you like on Twitter (or any other site)

2. Save a URL link to the Video via the share icon and then “Copy link to Tweet.”

3. Open Downie app and paste the link into the application

4. So The download will start automatically and be saved in your Downloads folder.

Since you might have various needs for your offline Twitter Videos, Downie lets you control all the process. So open Settings from the menu bar and then set your Video to specific quality and format. Moreover, here, you can only extract effectively, and audio listens to your downloaded videos as podcasts on your cell phone. 

Speaking of mobile devices, what is the best way of transferring your downloaded Twitter Videos from your Mac to your iPhone device? 

How to Save Twitter Videos to iPhone

When you download videos on Twitter, they are not the same as the TV shows you buy on Apple TV, so transferring them to your phone the old way would not be secure. Instead, you need a particular app like AnyTrans.

AnyTrans is by far the best application for making sure your phone and laptop are synced perfectly together. So With just a few clicks, you can not only transfer video files but also back up and manipulate content already on your iOS device. To download videos from Twitter to your cell phone:

1. 1st Open AnyTrans

2. Now Connect your iPhone via USB cable

3. Click App File Sharing in AnyTrans App

4. So Send all the videos to your cell phone

AnyTrans as a much better version of the iTunes (which is gone as of macOS Catalina) So that can cover for it and offer quite a lot of extra features on top. However, what if your Video is not supported by your cell phone? Then a power converter is a must.

Convert Video in the Blink of an eye

We don’t give them too much thought, and converters are essential in smoothing out our digital experience by removing such infuriating obstacles as formats not being supported.

So If you use Downie or any other high-quality Twitter Video downloader, the resulting files would likely be in MP4, which is excellent. If you got the Video from somewhere else in the format that your phone does not support, you want Permute. 

Permute is a blazing-fast converter for all digital things. It makes transforming files from any format into any format is a breeze.

1. So Drag your original file onto the Permute window

2. Now select the destination format from the dropdown box or then click Add Press.

3. Click the play icon to start the transformation. So The result would be saved in the same folder.

Most people wonder how to save GIFs from Twitter since they are treated as more like videos on the platform than images. The answer is Downie 1st, and then 2nd Permute.

When you want to save GIFs from Twitter, they will become MP4 files. So drop them into Permute and then select GIF Animation from the dropdown box to turn them into proper GIFs, SO now ready to be used anywhere. 

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Final Words :

Currently, you have the perfect toolkit to save All Twitter Videos and get them onto your devices in a flash. So Downie will help you with all the downloads, AnyTrans is your master transfer application, and Permute will smooth out any discrepancies in terms of formatting.


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