Top 11 Image Viewer For Mac To Try

Image Viewer Mac

Images are a crucial part of the files that share the storage on your device. These images are more than simply pictures; they are a part of cherished memories. You may already be aware that you may open and view the contents of images stored in your storage. On Mac, you need a photo viewer despite macOS having an integrated viewer called Photos. Unfortunately, the tool provides less effective edit features than others. Hence, we have compiled a list of the best image viewer for Mac to assist you. Using these tools, you can view, manage, sort, edit, and conduct other operations.

Top 11 Image Viewer For Mac To Try

The best picture viewer or image tools for Mac are listed here. It would be best to read the descriptions of each tool. Then you can choose which one(s) you like the best to install and use as a macOS image viewer.

1. ApolloOne

Image Viewer Mac

The best picture viewer for Mac is ApolloOne – Photo Video Viewer. As its name implies, this tool works as a video & image viewer for your MacOS. The tool contains a slew of features that might ease your use. AplloOne, unlike other comparable Mac pic viewer tools, produces and saves a history of prior views. This enables you to access and open the most recently accessed files easily. With a Mac Book, you get the most out of the tool since it shows the images in the largest possible space. This improves the viewing experience.

2. Tonfotos


Tonfotos simplifies the management and viewing of your photo and video archives, making it easy to sort through large collections by events, dates, people, and locations. The platform ensures quick access to files stored on any device, from PCs to NAS systems. Its intuitive, AI-powered interface supports various image formats and cloud synchronization. Beyond viewing, Tonfotos offers advanced editing, secure sharing, and collaborative album tools. With customizable slideshows and smart search, it caters to all users’ needs and simplifies digital memory organization.

3. Picturama

Image Viewer Mac

If you wish for a tool that can accept numerous picture formats, Picturama is the best image viewer for Mac. This covers JPEG, PNG, RAW, TIF, WebP, HEIF, and others. You may download and use this cross-platform tool on Windows and Linux devices, much like the other handy tools recommended in this article. Advanced and simple zoom options are included in the tool. As a result, you can easily view the images in depth. Picturama also allows sorting images into numerous categories, such as dates, places, etc. The tool also includes some basic edit features.

4. Photo Mechanic

Image Viewer Mac

If you’re looking for a professional best image viewer for Mac, read this article. Then, in the Photo Mechanic app, you may end your search. This is the best tool that features more than just a basic viewer. The tool allows you to view, manage, organize, export, edit, and do much more with images. This tool was historically one of the most downloaded and trustworthy Mac image viewers. You can easily map out and label the metadata and other attributes of the tool with this tool. You may initially download and test the tool for free to see how it works. Then, if you like the tool, get the premium version.

5. Adobe Bridge

Image Viewer Mac

This can never happen while discussing the best image viewer for Mac and ignoring Adobe’s offering. Compared to other tools, the tool is highly advanced and offers the most editing and management options. You can also easily organize your image collection using Adobe Bridge. You may also use the app’s advanced options to create any digital item using your creativity. The Bridge uses clever metadata search features, making it one of the best Mac image viewers. You may easily share your project on other Creative Cloud Libraries using Adobe Stock.

6. XnView MP

Image Viewer Mac

The best picture viewer for Mac, XnView MP, is the most popular and downloaded program. XnView MP works as a manager, resizer, and viewer. The tool supports many features, including PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFF, WEBP, PSD, RAW, JPEG2000, OpenEXR, and others. If you wish to edit the images’ metadata, this might be an excellent photo viewer for Mac. The best part of the tool is its batch operations. XnView MP may be used to batch convert and resize numerous images. The inbuilt duplicate photo finder is something you should look into.

7. qView

The next name on our list of the best picture viewer options for Mac is qView. You can view and manage your gallery’s contents with this tool’s aid. The tool is entirely open source. Hence, you can easily alter the viewer to meet your needs. Furthermore, this Mac pic viewer has cross-platform capabilities. This enables you to download and use the software on Windows and Linux and apart from Mac. If you wish to open and view GIFs and other formats, use qView. You may also use the SlideShow function of the tool for more convenient image viewing.

8. ACDSee

If you’re seeking a free best image viewer for Mac, ACDSee is the tool for you. The RAW editing function of the tool is one of its best features. This means you can easily edit RAW images directly from your camera storage. In addition, the software gives you layered or numerous edit options. An Advanced Light EQ is included with the free Mac photo viewer. This tool option enables you to manage and modify the lighting in the images and brighten or darken them as desired. In addition, the tool has clever options to help you easily organize and view the images.

9. Nomacs

NoMacs is the next name on our list of the best free image viewer for Mac. The app’s transparent widget displays image attributes like metadata and thumbnails. In addition, the app provides you with a preview option. Apart from that, NoMacs is the best solution for searching for images in Zip files and Microsoft Word documents. You may use the free Mac image viewer’s numerous features to find the appropriate image. In addition, the clever but basic features to organize the collection make keeping and finding images fast and simple. You may also download NoMacs for Windows, Linux, and other operating systems as part of Mac.

10. Movavi

If you’re seeking an image viewer that offers more than just the basic features of the best image viewer tool for Mac, Movavi Image Viewer could be the right tool. Using this software, you may easily manage and organize many images on your system. In addition, the tool provides various clever editing options for your ease. Movavi is available for download and uses on both Mac and Windows PCs. Furthermore, the tool enables simple options to make by date and place. As a result, you may classify the images using the same criteria and find them if necessary.

11. Xee3

The best image viewer for Mac is Xee3. The software interface is basic but futuristic. With ease, even novices may make the most of this software. One of the best aspects of the tool is that you can easily download and use it on practically all versions of MacOS. The best photo viewer for Mac enables you to search through the images in your archive(s) and use them as needed. The tool supports practically all extensions, sizes, and formats of images. As a result, this might be the right solution for all your image viewing requirements. If you want a solution to organize your complete library in minutes, Xee3 is the tool to use.


Therefore, in the preceding portions of the article, we included some of the best image viewers for Macs. We hope you found the exact tools you were searching for. If you want more assistance or recommendations, please leave them in the comments below. If you like this article, sign up for our newsletter for frequent updates on our newest articles.

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