How To Add, Activate, And Cancel CBS All Access On Roku

CBS All Access On Roku

A home called the Roku Channel Store has a lot of free and paid TV shows and movies. In other words, it can’t be hacked, so it doesn’t work with apps like Firestick or Android TV. However, its own app store has a good number of streaming apps. CBS All Access on Roku is one of them. I think it’s a good app because it lets you watch a lot of different things, like live TV, movies, original shows, and so on.

There is also a dedicated Roku app for CBS All Access, but it can also be used with different streaming service subscriptions. Among the things you can get on Roku are Hulu Live TV, fuboTV, AT&T TV, and YouTube TV. Well, People who watch a lot of TV and movies can save money by doing this. For $6 a month, CBS All Access has a limited commercial plan and a commercial-free plan for $10 a month, both of which have a lot of shows.

How To Install CBS All Access On Roku?

Follow the steps below to download CBS All Access on RokuOS.

1 – With Roku connected to Wi-Fi, press the Home key on its remote to access its home screen. 

2 – Choose Streaming Channels options using the down arrow key of the remote. 

CBS All Access On Roku

3 – When Roku Channel Store opens up, select the Search Channels option. 

CBS All Access On Roku

4 – Now, key in the app name CBS All Access by navigating on the on-screen keys. 

5 – From the suggestions list, you should go ahead to choose CBS All Access. 

6 – On its app info window, click on the Add Channel tab to download it. 

7 – After the installation, you should click on the OK button. 

8 – Tap on Go to Channel to open the channel on Roku.

How To Activate CBS All Access On Roku?

In order to use CBS All Access on RokuOS, users need to activate sure the service is set up. The steps are as follows.

1 – Tap the Roku remote’s Home button and select CBS All Access from the list of channels installed. 

CBS All Access On Roku

2 – Note down the activation code displayed on the Roku screen. 

3 – Now, open a browser on your phone or PC and go to 

4 – Type the activation code shown on Roku TV and press the Activate button. 

5 – With this, CBS All Access app gets activated on RokuOS. 

6 – If prompted, sign in to your CBS All Access account with the necessary login credentials to start using it.

How To Cancel CBS All Access On Roku?

You can stop your CBS All Access subscription by following the steps.

1 – Launch the CBS All Access channel from the Home screen of RokuOS. 

2 – Select Manage Subscription and click Cancel Subscription. 

3 – If you see a confirmation prompt, choose Cancel Subscription. 

4 – Lastly, select the Done option.

Well, These were all the steps you should follow to install and access CBS All Access on Roku compatible TV. If you don’t want to access the subscription, then sign in with your cable TV provider to get it for free. We hope you find this class useful. People who have questions about this topic can ask them in the comment box below.

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