How To Activate Hulu On Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, And Firestick activate

We are going to help activate with the help of the Hulu activation code and the activation website at Hulu allows you to activate the movie streaming service through a secure channel at on your home media players, such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and others. Again, you can do this through a channel that is safe.

Through, you can log in to your Hulu account, choose a device, enter the Hulu activation code and log into your TV cable provider. Then click on “continue” and “activate” to start streaming Hulu movies on the device you chose, and you’ll be able to watch them right away! This series will show you how to activate Hulu on your streaming devices that have an internet connection so that you can activate movies and TV shows. activate

Hulu Supported Devices

If you have at least one of the following media players, you can install the Hulu app, generate a Hulu activation code, and authorize the device on so that you can use it.

1 – Roku 

2 – Amazon Fire TV 

3 – Apple TV 

4 – Xbox One & Xbox 360 

5 – Android 

6 – iPhone and iPad

Suppose you want to watch Hulu videos on your Android or iPhone/iPad, download and install the Hulu app. After the app has been installed, log into your Hulu account and start streaming.

Install The Hulu App

In the following procedures, you’ll learn how to download and install the Hulu streaming app on all of your Hulu streaming devices. Activate on Roku

1 – Switch on your Roku and press the home button on the remote control 

2 – Navigate to “Roku Channel Store” using the remote navigator 

3 – Type “Hulu” into the search box under “Movies & TV sections” and click on the search button 

4 – Tap on the Hulu app from the result to start downloading 

5 – Wait for the app to download and install on your Roku device 

6 – Navigate to the Channel store and click on the Hulu app 

7 – Select the “Log In” option and click on “Activate on a computer.” 

8 – Open your browser and visit activate, and you will be redirected to 

9 – Sign in to your Hulu account. 

10 – Type the Hulu activation code on your Roku TV screen. 

11 – And click on the “Continue” tab.

The Hulu streaming app will start working on your Roku device in about 30 seconds, so don’t be afraid to wait. Activate on Apple TV

1 – Go to the Apple TV store 

2 – Browser for the Hulu app and install it 

3 – Open the app >> Log In >> Activate on a computer. 

4 – Open your browser and visit or 

5 – Sign in to your Hulu account with your login username and password. 

6 – Enter the Hulu activation code on your TV screen. 

7 – Done

The Hulu content will start to show on your Apple TV when you go to your app section and click on the Hulu app. Then, search for the content you want to watch, and it will start to stream. Activate on Samsung TV

If it’s hard for you to show a mobile screen on a TV screen, you might want to activate Hulu on your smart Samsung TV.

1 – First, press the home button on your Samsung TV 

2 – Navigate to the channel store and find the Hulu app 

3 – Tap on the app, download, and install it 

4 – Open the Hulu app on your Samsung Smart TV. 

5 – Select Log In >> Activate on a computer. 

6 – Write down the activation code and open your browser and visit 

7 – Log in to your Hulu account with your password and username 

8 – Click “Continue.”

Hulu’s app will ask for your activation code to start streaming live on your Samsung TV. Go back to the app and wait for it to ask for your code. If you have a new Samsung Smart TV that runs on Tizen, you can’t download or install the Hulu app. This is because there are some drawbacks to the Smart TV OS that Samsung makes. Activate on Fire TV

Those who want to use Amazon Fire TV need to follow the steps below.

1 – On the main menu on your Fire TV to search for the Hulu app. 

2 – Download and install the app. 

3 – Open the app >> Log In >> Activate on a computer. 

4 – Take note of the activation code on your Fire TV screen. 

5 – Go to on your phone or computer web browser. 

6 – Sign in to your Hulu account with your email and password. 

7 – Enter the Hulu activation code. 

8 – Done.

Well, In less than 30 seconds, you should be able to use the Hulu TV app on your phone or device. Activate on Xbox One & 360

1 – Install the Hulu app on your Xbox One or 360 from the Microsoft download store. 

2 – Open the Hulu app. 

3 – Tap on Log In >> Activate on a computer. 

4 – The Hulu activation code should display on your TV. 

5 – Go to activate on your computer or phone browser. 

6 – Enter your Hulu username and password to log in. 

7 – Tye the Hulu activation code on your screen, 

8 – Tap on the “Continue” button to submit it.

Soon, the screen that shows you how to use the Hulu app activation code will change. The screen will let you use your Huu account to play the game console. Activate Not Working?

Some people might not be able to use their Hulu activation code on the website or on the device they want to use it with. Well, From our research and at the time we have spent streaming Hulu on smart devices, here are some reasons why the activation code failed to work.

1 – Your Hulu free trial has expired. If your Hulu free trial has expired, the Hulu activation code will be authorized on the site, but you will not have access to the Hulu content. 

2 – You type the wrong Hulu activation code. The exact activation code that’s displayed on your device screen must be correctly typed before it works. 

3 – You selected the wrong device when you log into your Hulu account to authorize the activation code on If the device that generated the activation code for Hulu is Apple TV and you selected Roku, the activation code will not work. 

4 – Your internet connection is poor. Double-check to make sure that your internet is at the top of its speed; otherwise, you might encounter Error Code 5003 when you are streaming.

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