How To Quickly Fix Fortnite Lag?

Fortnite is among the most popular games, with millions of players online anytime. So how can you get a competitive edge when so many players vying for the top rank in Fortnite, particularly when lag is a factor?

Fortnite Lag Causes

Fortnite Lag

A variety of factors might cause your latency problems.

Throttling By ISP

Throttling occurs when an internet service provider (ISP) purposely slows down your internet connection, depending on what you’re trying to perform. ISPs often use this move to preserve data allotments during excessive consumption. According to ISPs, the goal is to alleviate network congestion; however, this is only sometimes the case.

Obsolete Software

It is critical to keep your software up to date to keep yourself from new security threats. Given the size of Fortnite and the number of daily active players, it is not surprising that constant enhancements are required.

Loaded-up Servers

One of the millions of daily gamers actively competing at any given moment, congested servers may cause your Fortnite lag. In other words, a server cannot handle the number of gamers.

Inadequate Internet Connection

From router location to cable quality, your home internet connection may influence your Fortnite experience in various ways. Malware, bandwidth-hungry apps, and exceeding your data limit are all possible reasons.

ISP Issues

Your ISP may be the source of your Fortnite lag troubles. Unfortunately, you have no say in the matter. Check your ISP’s website using your mobile data to see any disruptions.

How To Quickly Fix Fortnite Lag?

As previously said, it is critical to maintaining your software up to date to protect yourself against problems such as newly found viruses, software vulnerabilities, and exploits. This also includes maintaining your smartphone’s operating system up to date.

1. Update Drivers

Well, the network and graphics drivers on your desktop or laptop should be maintained to date to prevent incompatibilities that might cause latency or FPS drop problems. Make the manufacturer’s website for driver updates for your graphics card.

2. Use Ethernet Connection

For devices that allow it, such as Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox, switching from a Wi-Fi connection to an ethernet cable may give a more stable option for improving your internet connection.

3. Change Graphics Settings

You may alter your visual settings to lessen possible processing loads. However, if your system meets the following fundamental conditions, it should not be the cause of any Fortnite lag you experience. To modify your video settings on Windows, launch Fortnite and go to Settings > Video from the main menu.

4. Use A VPN

When playing Fortnite, you may use a VPN to avoid server congestion and ISP throttling. In truth, VPNs provide several benefits for online gaming, like DDoS protection and lowering ping to make every millisecond count.

5. Switch Platforms

Fortnite allows players to play together, enabling cross-platform play across various devices and platforms. If your laptop doesn’t support Fortnite, you may play on your smartphone or desktop. Consider using a gaming console instead of a laptop or smartphone, which should already be set for the best gaming experience, especially if the software is updated.


This blog assists user in resolving the lag experienced by many Fortnite players. You may check each of the solutions given above one by one to see which one reduces Fortnite lag the most. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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