How To Enable 2FA On Fortnite? Step By Step Guide 2FA utilizes a 2FA advanced security layer for Epicgame accounts to secure and protect them from third-party access.’s 2FA safeguards your Epicgame account from being hacked by hackers or fraudsters using your Fortnite password and username. Additionally, when you enable Fortnite 2FA, you’ll be able to protect your Fortnite item stores, which will require real money, from being tampered with without your permission. Https:// 2FA security is the highest level of security, requiring a security token to conduct a transaction on the Epicgame platform and other comparable organizations like Wells Fargo.

The two-step authentication factor is a required component of Wells Fargo online banking to execute transactions when enabled. Fortnite 2FA Epicgame launcher has been proven to be 100% successful at safeguarding accounts against intruders and hackers. However, if you haven’t enabled the Fortnite 2-step authentication factor yet, here’s a quick way. This section will teach you how to enable Fortnite 2FA, which will help secure and protect your Fortnite account.

What Is 2FA?

What is 2FA? Or why is it important to set up 2-step authentication for your Fornite account? It’s another way to keep an online account safe. A 2FA is called a two-step security code. When you want to get into your online account, this feature is better than having a password that you can remember.

When 2FA is turned on, it sends a security code to the registered phone number or makes a voice call to complete an online payment. A real-life example of 2FA is the bank security token used to complete all online transactions. Even so, the 2FA Fortnite epic game adds an extra layer of security to all accounts that use the feature. So it’s important not to do that, despite the information that you don’t want to give out your 2FA information to a 3rd party. Then, if a 3rd party gets into your account, your information will be safe.

2FA Fortnite Requirements

You need to have the following things to enable on Fortnite 2FA.

1 – An Epic game account (username and password). 

2 – website portal. 

3 – This guide.

With the information above in mind, you can do what you need to do now. Follow this guide to activate Fortnite 2FA work.

Fortnite 2FA Authenticator Steps

There are three 2FA Fornite options that you can use to activate your account more securely with 2-step authentication. Those are:

1 – Authenticator App. 

2 – Scan the QR Code (Manual key entry). 

3 – Sign in with your security code.

Create A 2FA Security Code For Fortnite

You first need to create your 2FA Fortnite security code. Then, you need to activate it on your account or so that you can use it.

1 – Download the 2FA authenticator app on your phone. 

2 – Log in to your account. 

3 – Follow the screen instructions to complete your two-step authenticator setup and create your security code. 

4 – Done.

Fortnite 2FA Authenticator Option

Fortnite lets you make your 6-digit security code as your 2FA instead of having to create a code or call someone to tell you your code. Then again, there are many options to choose from when setting up your authenticator app on the game Fortnite.

1 – Google Authenticator 

2 – Last Pass Authenticator 

3 – Microsoft Authenticator 

4 – Authy

Enable 2FA (Code)

Well, here is how to activate and enable 2FA in the account.

1 – Go to the website. 

2 – Enter your Epic game username and password. 

3 – Click “Log in.” 

4 – Verify the “Fortnite Captcher” challenge. 

5 – Navigate to “Profile >> Account settings.” 

6 – Click on “Password and Security.” 

7 – Click “enable authenticator app” under “Account Security.” 2FA

8 – Type the “Security code.” 

9 – Click “Activate.” 2FA

10 – Done.

2FA security code: When you next want to make a transaction on your account, you’ll have to enter this code again.

Enable 2FA Email Authentication

1 – Go to 

2 – Log into your Epic game Fortnite account. 

3 – Verify the “Fortnite Captcha” challenge. 

4 – Navigate to “Profile >> Account settings.” 

5 – Click on “Password and Security.” 

6 – Click “enable email authentication” under “Email authentication.” 

7 – Type the “Security code” sent to your “Email.” 2FA

8 – Click “Continue.” 

9 – Done.

The next time you want to sign in to your Fornite account, an authentication code will be sent to the email address linked to your account.

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